The west side of Col du Tourmalet viewed from the top -- the highest paved road in the French Pyrénées at 2115m (6939'). Source: Steven Hill,

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Bahnwegtour to Grado - 2018
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2018, submitted 25 September 2018

A wonderful repeat tour among friends. In sunny weather conditions. As there is no time to stall.
we traveled by train to Tarvisio Boscoverde train station. The bike trail (Bahnweg) is right at the station. It leaded us on good marked roads down to Grado. At Grado we spent onw rest day with a swim at the Adriatic sea. Our return way has been different: To Udine by bicycle, further by train to Pontebba and then Passo Pramollo (Nassfeld) Riding down the bike trail "R3" (Gailtalradweg) down to Arnoldstein, whereas we caught the train.
Enjoy the pictures and my short report. Good luck to our followers.

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trail direction sign
Short tour of the Alps - Geneva to Grenoble
by Richard Evans, tour started July 2018, submitted 8 September 2018

A classic tour in five riding days from Geneva to Grenoble. The ride took in the Col De Aravis, Cormet de Roselend, Col d'Iseran, Col de Galibier, Col de Sarenne and Col d'Ornan. The page gives the route, the places I stayed in and place I ate at.

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Stelvio Cycling Day 2018
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2018, submitted 6 September 2018

We participated the Stelvio cycling day 2018. Road is closed for motor traffic from 8:00 to 16:00 hours
As there is no time to stall. we traveled by train to Landeck (Tirol / Austria). By Bus to Nauders / Austria With the bicycle down to Prad / Italy. Prad is the starting point for the participants. But, old and weak as I am we have been gaining height and distance (about 10 Kilometers) and went up to Trafoi, whereas our accommodation was located.
We accommodated at the Albergo Tuckett, Family Raffeiner. A rather old traditional hotel, but modernized and a wonderful owner lady who is known for her cooking in the whole area of Trafoi. Riding up from Trafoi in very wet and cold condition up to Franzenshoehe (about 2000 meters). Then the road has been closed due to bad weather. See pictures with snow.
Heide walked up the remaining 6 kilometers and as taken the pictures, Before you start to watch the pictures, get yourself a cup of hot tea... Enjoy the pictures and my short report. Good luck to our followers.

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Stelvio overview
Mountain touring with a 6 year old on a tandem
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2018, submitted 24 August 2018

From June 14th to July 3rd, Bowen, who at the time was 6 years old, and I traveled in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein on a tandem bicycle. We cycled 639 miles (1028km) and made 39,402 feet (12010m) of elevation gain. We had 5 train transfers, 1 taxi transfer, and 2 flat tires, with no days of riding in the rain.

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Piaw and Bowen climbing the Stelvio
Vltava Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started July 2018, submitted 2 August 2018

There is no time to stall...
A very stable blue sky weather invited us to check out for a new tour.
with the train to C. Budeovice
Following the Vltava upstream on bicycle trail Nr. 7
see details of my report
Hope you enjoy the pictures and details
Good luck to our followers!

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Trail Nr. 7
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2018, submitted 27 June 2018

This blog is made for interested bicyclists in order to check distances and accommodations. The inserted pictures round the blog. You know: We have to move, there is no time to stall. An interesting bike trail, which has to get done...

Total 318 Kilometer
no significant climb
Road mostly paved
Hope you enjoy the blog and pictures. Good luck to our followers.

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Main sign
Big Picture for Little Money
by Igor Kovse, tour started July 2017, submitted 20 April 2018

The best proof that there is no such thing as a "Master plan" in Nature is human evolution. When man rose to his feet and with a disproportionately large head significantly increased his center of gravity, the likelihood of falls and hip fractures increased by few tens of times. The evolution thus physically handicapped humans. Even on the intellectual side man did not perform as brilliantly as he likes to think. They don't say in vain that ten Doctors of Science can not answer the question of one chimpanzee. These are the fundamental issues that accompany me recently, when everyday human speech often seems a mere sound pollution to me. Like the noise of motorized leaf-blowers. That is why I had to leave my country this summer again, to keep my mind in a reasonably healthy condition. Just a small change was needed: the cycling journey to the Wild East, to Romania and Bulgaria.

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Transfagarsan pass - south side
Leh-Kargil & Leh-Manali
by Laia & Marc, tour started August 2017, submitted 7 April 2018
language: Catalan

Volem a Leh, capital del Ladakh tibetà, des d'allà pedalar fins a Kargil, en zona musulmana molt a prop amb la conflictiva frontera amb Pakistan. Tornem a Leh amb taxi i agafar les bicicletes altre cop per arribar a Manali creuant colls de més de 5000 metres d'alçada.

Dead Sea Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started March 2017, submitted 7 March 2018

A sudden decision to fulfill a long lasting dream

Escape from freezing Austrian Winter and drift like a thrift wood in waters of dead Sea. I found an little private room at Gil's Rooms at Newe Zohar. Located at the Southern end of the Dead Sea. You may find this place on Google maps. Samy, the owner has been very cooperative and helpful. He organized a shuttle from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport to Newe Zohar and back. Of course, there is a bicycle needed.

I have taken my Brompton folding bike with me. Without, I would have been lost. Roads are good and not always flat. The landscape is beautiful. Riding in this depression of about 400 meters below Adriatic Sea level makes just fun. The area of Newe Zohar is save. Too far away from typical political quarrels in this part of the world. The Eastern side of Dead Sea is Jordan. The do the same: offering a high number of resort hotels to tourists. This ensures piece. All the hotel are occupied by Russian tourists. Russian language is the second language in that area. It always helped to start talks with "strastwuitje". My room has been somehow in the middle of nowhere.

You should know, that Newe Zohar does not have a restaurant or a market. This is a place to relax. Made for Individualists like me. I am not unhappy as I was forced to pedal at least five kilometers in order to get a breakfast and shop daily needs. The hotel Lot coupon ensures an free entrance to the pool and beach.

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Israel Flag at Masada
The Red Island
by Erik Nomden, tour started October 2017, submitted 3 January 2018
language: en, nl

Madagascar is a unique island in every respect. Because of its geographical isolation for millions of years there is a unique and diverse flora and fauna. Besides, the people that inhabit the large island also have their own unique cultures, housing, arts and music. I have four weeks to explore the extraordinary island with Willem Hoffmans.

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Willem on the road from Toamasina to Soanierana Ivongo
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