The west side of Col du Tourmalet viewed from the top -- the highest paved road in the French Pyrénées at 2115m (6939'). Source: Steven Hill,

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The Trento Bike Pages collect bicycle tour reports, mainly for road bikes, but also mountainbikes, as well as general bicycle touring and travel information, and bicycle club and organization listings. If you plan a bicycle tour, you'll find plenty of tour reports of people who have been there before. The Trento Bike pages got started in 1995 by Andreas Caranti, and have grown from a mailing list for the Italian Trento area to cover all of Europe, and now also Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. The Trento Bike Pages got a new maintainer in 2005. They are kept alive by people submitting tour reports, so please tell us about your own tours! Spread the word.

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Bogota to Quito
by Igor Kovse, tour started December 2016, submitted 10 March 2017

The need to travel ended definitely 300 years ago. At that time Gulliver in his four epic trips found everything that was still unexplored on Earth.: the islands of Liliput and Blefasku with dwarf inhabitants involved in endless wars over hard-boiled eggs, the kingdom of giants Brobdingneg, the chaotic country Balnibarbi with its lofty rulers on the floating island of Laputa and finally, the land of horses Huihnhnm's with their primitive human-like servants Yahoo's. If there is a truth in the saying that the real journey is the one from which you return changed, then the last Gulliver's journey was a hit in the black center. Literally in black, because after his return from a year's stay at honorable Huihnhnms he became pessimistic, he could not accept the coexistence with his English compatriots in which he saw only a poor cosmetic lifting of barbaric Yahoos. If you too suffer from Gulliver's syndrome, maybe from some journey or maybe you caught it at home while observing the world around you, then I have a therapy that will definitely improve your situation: go to South America.

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Puglia, dalla Valle d'Itria al mare
by Stefania Pastore, tour started 2014, submitted 10 March 2017
language: it

140 km in bicicletta con una delle associazioni più giovani e attive nel cicloturismo in Puglia.

140 km cycling with one of the youngest and most active associations in cycling in Puglia. Enjoy a good trip.

Spalato, Mostar e Sarajevo (II^ parte)
by Marco Zoffoli, tour started July 2016, submitted 22 February 2017
language: it

Continua il racconto-esperienza nei Balcani, con arrivo a Sarajevo e ritorno al mare con relax finale al mare.

Continues the story-experience in the Balkans, arriving in Sarajevo and return to the sea with a final relaxation on the beach.

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Spalato, Mostar e Sarajevo (prima parte)
by Marco Zoffoli, tour started July 2016, submitted 22 February 2017
language: it

Questo cicloviaggio ci resta appiccicato addosso diversamente dai precedenti. Quando penso ai momenti, ai luoghi particolari, ai volti incontrati e indelebili mi avvolge la malinconia. L'idea era quella di muoverci in terra balcanica e raggiungere alcuni luoghi simbolo di una tragedia che avevamo vissuto solo attraverso i media negli anni '90. Non mi sono reso conto che sono passati più di 20 anni dal termine di quel conflitto... forse perché in seguito si è incendiato anche il Kosovo e si è protratta la tragedia.

The idea was to move in the Balkan land and reach some places symbol of a tragedy that we had experienced only through the media in the '90s.

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non dimenticare Mostar
Lima - Santiago through the Andes and along the Altiplano
by Johan Bollaert, tour started November 2017, submitted 12 January 2017

We are cycling from Lima to Santiago on a Surly troll and adapted mountainbike. The aim is to take as many back roads or hiking trails as possible, even if it gets hard during rainy season.

The route went from Lima to Huancayo,to San Fransisco, Quillabamba, Cusco, Puno, Visviri. Wet and rained upon we don't know yet how it will continue...

Salkantay pass
Two Lonely Cyclists
by Erik Nomden, tour started August 2016, submitted 5 January 2017
language: en, nl

For the first time Margarita and I go will embark on bicycle journey together. It will be the first time for Margarita that she will do a bike trip of more than one day and it will be the first time that she will cycle on a fully loaded bicycle. We will first start to cycle along the Danube in Austria and then we will continue to follow the Danube in Germany or we might take in some foothills or mountains in the Alps.

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Margarita on the descent to Saalfelden, Austria
The backroads of Portugal
by Erik Nomden, tour started May 2016, submitted 5 January 2017
language: en, nl

Marco Duiker and I embark on a small bike trip through the rustic heartland of Portugal. Rural Portugal has always been the place for the saudade, the ultimate sense of melancholy and loss, but now the youth has almost entirely left the countryside of Portugal, it is probably stronger than ever before. Marco and I will take the small backroads to see and to feel the saudade of nowadays Portugal.

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Marco on the way to Monsanto
Erzurum to Yerevan
by Igor Kovse, tour started July 2016, submitted 30 December 2016

Once in a lifetime everyone returns to the basics. For example, by asking oneself how it all began? The Big Bang theory says it all started from the singularity and in less than a second everything we know today was created, including such complex organisms as, e.g. the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. Some people however doubt about it and, missing probably the spiritual component of the problem, resort to the age-old interpretation of the Bible. There the creator fixed everything in six days. But - surprise, surprise - just a few centuries later, the creator changes his mind and sends the Flood over his creation. They say that to err is human, but it is not really fitting for the creator. The thing was ripe for a thorough investigation, so I went along the path of Noah - to the research path in the Caucasus.

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Vardzia. Church cut into the stone.
Nationale Routen 7 und 9 von Veloland Schweiz August 2016
by José Rössner, tour started August 2016, submitted 27 November 2016
language: de, en, nl

Route 7 und 9 von "Veloland Schweiz", mit ein paar Abweichungen.

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Spiez mit den Thunersee
Prag - Zürich - Juni / Juli
by José Rössner, tour started June 2014, submitted 27 November 2016
language: de, en, nl

Am Vorabend bringt uns Gaby (Tochter meiner Schwester) bei strömendem Regen zum Bahnhof nach Zürich. Wir nehmen (meine Schwester und ich) den City-Night-Line-Zug nach Prag. Leider ist nächstes Jahr Schluss mit dem Nachtzug, sehr schade. Es ist angenehm solch eine lange Fahrt, ca. 12 Stunden, schlafend zu verbringen. Wir kommen etwas nach 09:00h ausgeschlafen am Bahnhof von Prag an.

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Karlsbrücke in Prag
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