The west side of Col du Tourmalet viewed from the top -- the highest paved road in the French Pyrénées at 2115m (6939'). Source: Steven Hill,

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The Trento Bike Pages collect bicycle tour reports, mainly for road bikes, but also mountainbikes, as well as general bicycle touring and travel information, and bicycle club and organization listings. If you plan a bicycle tour, you'll find plenty of tour reports of people who have been there before. The Trento Bike pages got started in 1995 by Andreas Caranti, and have grown from a mailing list for the Italian Trento area to cover all of Europe, and now also Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. The Trento Bike Pages got a new maintainer in 2005. They are kept alive by people submitting tour reports, so please tell us about your own tours! Spread the word.

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Catania: Riding up to Aetna
tour started October 2003, submitted 24 September 2023

We started this tour after a very mild fall. We are two bicyclists Heide & Iris Flying in to the city of Catania Riding up to Aetna and further to Messina. We have even riding in Calabria. The Aspromonte mountain. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Good luck to our followers.

Loop in Austria and Czech Republic
by Ant, tour started August 2023, submitted 11 September 2023

Clockwise loop from Linz through Prague, Brno, and Vienna.

  • Just over 1,000 Km
  • Hilly
  • 12 stages
  • EV7, EV4, EV9, EV13, EV6 (Donauradweg), and sections of various other cycleways

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Tour of the Swiss Alps
by Nigel White, tour started July 2023, submitted 5 September 2023

A lightweight, hotel to hotel tour of Switzerland, returning to Geneva via the Stelvio, Garda and the Italian Lake District

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On the climb to Grosse Scheidegg
Anne's Wavhsumarsthon
by Iris Mueck, tour started April 2012, submitted 30 June 2023

Anne made a wonderful ride. See her award certificate. Ein fulminanter Zieleinlauf.

See all 119 reports by Iris Mueck

Riding to the West
by Iris Mueck, tour started May 1991, submitted 18 April 2023

An organized tour by an Austrian RAAM (race across America-) winner. Review of the bike Tour
The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now ret once, I had the chance to meet the RAAM hero. We stayed in contact... He has organized regular bicycle tours to the Western states of the USA. Enjoy the report and pictures Good luck to my followers !

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Round trip California, Utah, Arizona
by Iris Mueck, tour started April 1991, submitted 15 April 2023

In 1991 we did this beautiful roundtrip. I have been a sort of greenhorn. Nevertheless, I learned how to organize a trip like this. Enjoy the pictures and the tour. Good luck to all of my followers

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All my trials
by Iris Mueck, tour started January 2003, submitted 27 March 2023

All my Rides

viele Jahre erfreuete ich mich an der Teilnahme an Radrennen (Touristikfahrten)

Ich hoffe Ihr erfreut Euch an diesem meinem Beitrag. Good luck to our followers!

Siehe Bilder!

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Always ready for another bicycle tour
Loop through the Flanders
by Ant, tour started August 2022, submitted 28 September 2022

Counterclockwise loop in nine stages through the Flanders region of Belgium. Fine cities, excellent beer, and cobbled "walls" including:

  • Oude Kwaremont
  • Paterberg
  • Koppenberg
  • Taaienberg
  • Grammont (Muur van Geraardsbergen)

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Riding Stelvio on a Triplet
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2022, submitted 14 September 2022

A tour of Switzerland, Italy, and Austria on a triplet tandem (with support from an e-bike). As far as I know we're the first (and only) triplet to have done the climb on a triplet, with children under 11 (the children were 7 and 10 on the day of the climb).

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Approaching the Stelvio Summit
All my trials and awards
by Iris Mueck, , submitted 4 September 2021

This is a summary of my rides and awards (1999 - 2000) when I stopped to participate bike races. In case you are interested: I am riding bicycles since my age of five. A number of accidents I suffered... The latest is a femoral neck fracture. (Oberschenkelhalsbruch). Very hard to go back to normal life. But I am still going on. Enjoy the info! Good luck to my followers.

See all 119 reports by Iris Mueck

Greetings to all our bicycle friends
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