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Bike League Belgium-Flanders

By Walter Resseler (, Wed, 13 Sep 95 12:03:16 WET
Since the beginning of 1995 we started a bike league in Flanders under the name Fietsersbond. We are inspired by the Dutch Fietsersbond ENFB.

We want to work for the daily cyclist: people going to work, school and shopping. We think car traffic should diminuish. To reach this aim we want to influence our national government. Local groups of the Fietsersbond keep in touch with their local administrations.

Our ten point program looks like this:

  1. A master plan 'bike'
  2. Money and people
  3. Involvement and deliberation
  4. A bike friendly environment
  5. Zone 30 (km/h) in town and village
  6. Bike networks
  7. Store without theft
  8. Train, tram, bus and bike
  9. Mobility education
  10. Less cars, more bikes


In Antwerp we organize mass-rides since 1990. The last two years we had 30.000 participants. We called it a 'bike invasion' We plan more of this kind. Consult these pages the next months to read more.


Pay 300 Bfr (500 for families) on account 833-4632514-52, mention "lid fietsersbond"


Hopland 35-37
B-2000 Antwerp

Phone 03/231.92.95
Fax 03/231.45.79

Email [NEW]

You can reach us at