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Mountain Biking in Denmark

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Like almost everywhere else in Europe (except where Lucio is...) the weather has turned really ugly. We're all wearing warm outfits and because of that we're looking like astronauts. I remember a couple of days ago, when i was riding home from the trails. I happened to scare a couple of elderly ladies walking their (tiny) dogs, only because I was wearing my helmet, Oakley M-frames and brightlycoloured clothings. They thought I was some kind of lunatic (....guess I am...) who were going to steal their dogs or something.

Well, in my club it's time for the annual club-championships, which we are riding as a series of different rides every weekend. First we had a Xc-race and last weekend we held a dual-slalom race. In the weekend coming it's time for the downhill and another xc-race. At the time I'm at the 8th place in the all-over standings and I hope to go further up the list in the weekend to come.