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The following was contributed by Shaun C. Murray ( on 6 Mar 1995 10:37:28 GMT.
Got a new Guide book last week for the region around Lake Geneva, the Haute-Savoie and Mont Blanc. It has 50 off road rides in it and looks quite good.

The authors are Didier Cassani and Jean-Marc Lamory, both professional local bike guides to that area. The descriptions are short but reasonably clear with a drawn map rather than copies of proper maps. I'm curious enough to do some of the routes this summer so expect a post holiday review.

Anyway, I thought I'd pass on the info as I know a few people were looking for routes in that area.

Haute-Savoie & Mont Blanc Mountain Bike Guide"
Didier Cassani and Jean-Marc Lamory"
Two Wheels
It's a paperback with 165 pages and cost me 8.99 UKP at the YHA shop in Covent Garden (London UK). At the back of the book, they also list 4 other books of interest to the UK mainly...