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(New) Cycling Map of France

From posting 3r1isi$ of Jean-Pierre Jacquot ( to the newsgroup rec.bicycles.rides on 7 Jun 1995 04:12:26 GMT
The IGN ("Institut Géographique National") has just issued a cycling map of France, with the help of FFC ("Fédération Française de Cyclisme") and FFCT ("Fédération Française de Cyclotourisme"). The references of the map are :
Number 906
"France -- VTT & randonnées cyclos -- Mountain biking and cycle touring in France"
The map (1/1 000 000) shows "randonnées" (generally loops from 100 to 1 000 km) selected by local clubs (for their touristic interest says the FFCT). The back of the map lists adresses of persons to contact for each randonnée (one person for each tour) and the adresses of the VTT centers affiliated to FFC.

I'm not affiliated to either organisation. Since the requests for information about cycling in France seem to be pretty common, I hope this piece of information may be of help.

Happy cycling,

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