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A ride in the Schwarzwald/ Black Forest

By Michael Stiedl, Mon, 9 Sep 1996 23:10:04 +0200
Ttoday, after six weeks of hard learning for my exams I packed my bike in the back of my car and drove into the small town Enzkloesterle. This town is located in the northern Schwarzwald, about 50km south of Karlsruhe. The ride started from the parking lot with about 3 km of paved road. Then I went in a small path that went up the hill with lots of roots and loose rocks. I had to walk some sections, but it was a great exercise. After another 4 kms I had made around 300m of elevation and my shirt was wet ( It wasn't very warm today, around 10C , don't ask me what that is in Fahrenheit).I went on a forest road (I think you call them fireroads) that went slightly upwards for about 8 km with a great view over the Murgtal (on the other side are some famous mountains like the Hornisgrinde, Badener H=F6= he ,Schliffkopf).It wasn't very exciting to ride, but the views are magnificent.

But now came a 6 km singletrack that I have ridden before, but in the other direction. I was glad I took the bike with the susp.fork because there where huge roots ( about 25cm/10 inch high :))and large holes. This trail lead to the Kaiser Wilhelm Tower. For the first time after 25km I crossed a road. I stayed on top of the mountain for another 2 km, then went into a long downhill. It started with 2 kms of forest road, the came another 4 km of small singletrack. Well, here in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the south western state of Germany, riding on trails smaller than 2m is forbidden. Since my tires are 2.1 m wide, I am allowed to ride on every trail that fits under my tire! ;)

After this great downhill I had to go all the way back on a forest road, I.e. 500m elevation. I started getting tired because I didn't do any serious traning in the last three months, but I managed to do it. When I crossed the road again I thought that I only had to go down to my car, but after the next turn came another 150m of elevation. Finally I reached the entrance to the last downhill, the first part was another typical Schwarzwald singletrail with lots of baby-head-rocks and sandy ground which murders chain,brakes and rims. But today it was perfectly dry. The second part was a 70 Km/h forest road. I rode back to my car and was satisfied with me, but very exhausted.

I have done 53km with about 25 km of singletrack,1300 m elevation, in exactly three hours.