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Bike Trips in the Netherlands

From a posting of Jac Zwart ( to rec.bicycles.rides on 21 Dec 1994 21:04:44 GMT
The Netherlands have a lot of possibilities for bicycle trips, either organized or on your own, in groups or individually. There is a huge catalog (more than 200 pages) of all the trips (ca. 7000) organized by the Dutch clubs. Almost every city or village has a bicycle club. Those clubs have a national organization where you can obtain the catalog, due out at the end of February 1995. All the events that are listed are open to non-clubmembers as well.

Depending on the distance that you want to ride (usually varying from 50km to 250km) the amount of money that you pay is fixed and varies between fl. 4.00 and 7.00 Dutch guilders. In that amount is insurance included. You can ride in one of the groups that most often is formed spontaneously, or ride in your own pace.

When you prefer to go your own way, a good suggestion is to ride the 'Tour d'Auberge', a tour of 13 stages (max. but you can combine stages) along Youth Herbergs (modern) where you can spend the nights and have meals at affordable prices. Cycling this Tour will show you all different areas of The Netherlands and you will see more variation than you would expect. Especially the Limburg region (where the professional Amstel Gold Race is being held) has some very steep but short climbs. Unfortunately, the route desciption that I have is in Dutch but you could write the NJHC if there is an English version.

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Have Fun, Jac Zwart.