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MTB in the Netherlands

From a message posted to rec.bicycles.rides by Arno Vos ( on 9 Dec 1994 12:38:18 GMT
In one of the flattest parts of the world, there still are possibilities to MTB. One shouldn't expect endless rides, but still, for a day it's enough. To the northeast of Rotterdam you'll find an artificial hill, about 60m high and steep enough for exiting downhills. Ok, it's over before you know it, unfortunately there are not very much better spots around. The hill features a lot of trails, and there is also a somewhat smaller hill, especially for MTB, beside it.

Near to the hill described, you'll find the "Bergse Bos", a (again) artificial forest, with footways made of lava-stones; little red, round stones. On every turn both wheels drift away, and what makes it spectacular are the 80cm wide bridges without railings just after those turns.