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Reports by Arthur J. Weitzman

All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Free-Wheeling along the Dordogne or Recycling Cyrano de Bergerac
by Arthur J. Weitzman, tour started November 1997

The bicycles skidded to a halt. There he stood with his unmistakably immense nose in the afternoon sun in the Place Myrpe of Bergerac, the arrogant guardsman, poet, lover and lately matine idol of the silver screen-- Cyrano de Bergerac! Later at the Café Cyrano over some dry white wine from this picturesque region of France, the truth emerged.

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Bushwacking Italy, or il Dolce Far Niente on Two Wheels
by Arthur J. Weitzman, tour started 1997

Coraggioso, intoned the bar-keep as he pressed two steins of beer to a couple of very hot American cyclists escaping the gaudy sun over the Lombardy plain. It was a word (courageous) we heard often on our three-week bicycle jaunt from the French- Italian border on the Riviera to Venice on the Adriatic.

See all 2 reports by Arthur J. Weitzman