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Reports by Henrik Sunden

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Faroe Islands 2003, a 3 day tour
by Henrik Sunden, tour started 2003

In 2002 I made a three day cycling tour on the Faroe Islands on the way between Iceland and Norway. The Faroese ferry Norröna makes a tour to Denmark, which leaves passengers to Norway stranded on the Faroe Island for three days. This year I had the same opportunity to do some cycling on these Atlantic Islands, and I chose to go north this year. This story just tells what happened.

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Iceland bike tour
by Henrik Sunden, tour started 2003

Featuring grandiose pictures. The purpose of this tour was to visit some very scenic places along the south east coast, to cycle north of Mýrdalsjökull to Geysir, and then further to Reykjavík or Selfoss. This should take some 12-15 days, leaving 5-8 days for some unplanned detour or a trip to the extreme west (Látrabjarg that is).

The tour was successful in respect of the cycled route and distance, but very unsuccessful regarding looking at the scenic landscape. June had been extremely warm, wet and foggy in the south east, and this weather continued long into July. The extra time were therefore used to spend some days in the north, as the weather usually is good in the north when it is wet in the south.

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North Iceland cycle tour
by Henrik Sunden, tour started June 2002

This is a diary style description of a Swedish cyclist's tour on north Iceland, essentially from Seydisfjördur to Ísafjördur. The aim was to go to several places along the north coast. Therefore smaller roads with little traffic were used to a large extent. The big and busy road no 1 (Hringvegurinn) was used more as a quick transport section between northeast and northwest Iceland.

[I] cycled to Hverarönd sulphuric mud pools (solfataras). The ground is unstable there and you cannot walk everywhere. Blue-gray mud is boiling and produces small or big (depending on water content) bubbles that burst. The ground is yellow and reddish and the noise from an abandoned hot water well is penetrating. The smell of sulphuric dioxide is everywhere.

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The author at Hverar
A 3 day tour of the Faroe Islands
by Henrik Sunden, tour started 2002

The bike tour on the Faroe Islands was a logistical consequence of the means of transport (ferry) between Iceland and Norway on the way home from a three weeks tour on north Iceland. The ferry makes a tour to Denmark and returns to Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands before departing to Bergen, Norway.

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