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Reports by Scott Schuldt

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Iceland by Bicycle
by Scott Schuldt, tour started 1999

I made my first trip to Iceland in the summer of 1996. It was everything I had hoped for and then some. This web journal is about my trip in the summer of 1999. This time I had 4 full weeks. Again, as in 1996, none of my friends could make the trip so I would go it alone. This trip circles the main bulk of Iceland.

I traveled 2000 km by bicycle, covered a little distance by bus, camped every night, met some great people and once again had the time of my life.

Once again. a very fine report with pictures and maps.

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Western Iceland
by Scott Schuldt, tour started July 1996

Includes photos, route descriptions and tips for bike touring in Iceland.

Why Iceland? I heard that question more times than I could count before my first trip to Iceland in July of 1996. Well, plain enough, I didn't know anyone that had been here, I had at least a passing interest in viking stuff, and I was always interested in the far north (even if Iceland isn't really in the arctic). It also was a good time for an adventure. I'd been a good little worker boy for too long. And I'd been thinking about all those lengthy climbing trips I'd made back when I was fumbling my way through college. Anyways, I did it by bicycle and I had a great time. Have a look...

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