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Europe (all)

This page lists all reports that for Europe including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only Europe.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Cycling the Northwest Coast of Ireland
by Klaus Offermann
Europe: Ireland

[...] we took the ferry to Rossaveal, which is at the southern coast of Connemara. Connemara is a mountain area with the well known Twelve Pins which are up to 2300 feet high. In spite of the mountains, cycling in this area is easy and a lot of fun. The roads are not very steep and usually between the mountains. Also, this area is sheltered from the wind by the mountains. Connemara is a must for all cyclists because of the beauty of the nature. If you use side roads you will encounter very quiet areas where you can cycle for miles and miles without crossing a town or village. [...] We set up our tent close to Lough Inagh where we found a beautiful spot with a little river that provided us with water for cooking and washing. Worthwile is also a little trip to Lough Fee, northeast of Lough Inagh. Connemara is also a highlight for photographers who should not forget to take plenty of filmrolls along.

Kerry e Cork
by Marco Guizzardi
Europe: Ireland
language: it

See all 6 reports by Marco Guizzardi

Galway e Connemara
by Marco Guizzardi
Europe: Ireland
language: it

See all 6 reports by Marco Guizzardi

Cycling Italy
by Eric McCaughrin
Europe: Italy

Includes Rome-Venice, Amalfi Coast (including a video clip), Genoa-Pisa-Florence, Aosta Valley.

Everything you have ever heard about bicycling in Italy is true. The weather, terrain, roads, and cities are all perfectly suited for bike touring.

See all 5 reports by Eric McCaughrin

Madonna del Ghisallo - Cycling Museum in Magreglio
by Marco Buffa
Europe: Italy

For those of you who're planning to go to Italy by bike and specifically to cross Lombardia region near Como's lake, you can't miss such a place: there are many types of reason that can get you to go there.

You know, this is an ascent that from both sides has the last part quite demanding although short: a good test to evaluate your ``grimpeur'' attitude. At the top look at right side of Como's Lake and at the two mountains named Grigne in front of you.

Even if you're not catholic, do enter the little church (free entrance) : it's also a cycling museum. It's up to you saying a prayer before starting the visit as a sign inside suggests. You'll find here the originals used by Bartali, Coppi, Merckx: looking at the Merckx one, see the gear he used ... There's also the bicycle Moser used in Mexico City in 1984 to improve hour record and last, sadly, the Fabio Casartelli's bicycle used in Tour 1995 (Fabio born not so far from here). Again there's a lot of original maillot (pink , yellow, rainbow) belonging to all time champions. Every year on december 24 there's a religious meeting celebrating great champions that are no more here in this world.

For three years ``Lombardia 's Tour'' has been choosen to be the last race of World Cup and even if its path has been changed, it always includes Ghisallo: take the opportunity to ride along a piece of one most popular Italian cyling races.

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Lago di Como
Flaminia Minor: da Bologna a Firenze per l'antica strada consolare romana
Europe: Italy
language: it

La Flaminia Minor, ancora oggi oggetto di studio, fu costruita dalle truppe del console romano Gaio Flaminio nel 187 a.C., due anni dopo la fondazione di Bologna avvenuta nel 189 a.C. Questa strada aveva il ruolo importante di unire le aree a nord dell'appennino con quelle a sud, partendo da Claterna (odierna Maggio, frazione di Ozzano) fino ad arrivare ad Arezzo.

Valsugana - Viareggio via Viú
by Alberto Pedrotti
Europe: Italy
language: it

Alberto has ``read all the books'' and writes beautifully (alas, in Italian). This travel story from the Alps in the North-East, West across the Alps, and then South to the Mediterranean on the coast of Tuscany, is a must.

See all 6 reports by Alberto Pedrotti

Un raid indimenticabile
by Lorenzo Arena
Europe: Italy
language: it

A tour of the Alps - 2190 km and nearly 50km gain in 16 days.

Now accompanied by a biggish Photo Album.

Passo Tre Croci
Toscana, Umbria, Marche
by Marco Guizzardi
Europe: Italy
language: it

Firenze - Siena - Montepulciano - Assisi - Gubbio - Urbino - Rimini. Km.: 550 - Giorni: 6 - Periodo: Maggio.

See all 6 reports by Marco Guizzardi

Rain, rain, go away...turning water into wine!
by Rick and Monica Pappas
Europe: Italy

Rick and Monica's plans are stymied by awful weather at first. But they make up for this with a great tour of Tuscany, including San Gimignano, Pisa, and then Trentino and Lombardia. Very nicely illustrated.

San Gimignano is the most striking of the walled cities. It has a skyline of towers built centuries ago that has earned the nickname of ``the Manhattan of Italy''. The town can be seen for miles and miles away and is truly a ``not to be missed'' site. Our maps paid off as we cycled over the seldom used back roads throughout the Tuscan region. We passed hundreds of manicured vineyards. We rode by ancient castles, olive groves and fields ablaze with sunflowers. We enjoyed the hills, the scenic narrow roads and the warmth of the Italian sun. At last the weather had improved!

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Leaving Turin
by Becana
Europe: Italy
language: it

A small guide to getting out of Torino without being run over by too many cars.

See all 3 reports by Becana

Between Dolomites and Alpi Carniche
by Andrea M. Gingo Deganutti
Europe: Italy

A two days ride among great mountains. Green meadows and scattered masi (wooden small houses for the storage of hay) is the characteristic landscape of Comelico valley; the road continues along the Piave river (mild climb) up to Salafossa mines (closed) and a tunnel puts us on the climb to Sappada. This reach of road is excavated on the rocky side of the valley which here is a very narrow gorge and there is the impressive sight of the Orrido Acquatona in which the river Piave flows on the bottom of the gorge (here very deep and narrow).

See all 2 reports by Andrea M. Gingo Deganutti

Sardinia by Bike
by Lucio Cadeddu
Europe: Italy
language: it, en

Has a section for on road and off-road tours in Sardinia (Sardegna)

See all 5 reports by Lucio Cadeddu

Patrick Schleppi's Bicycle Pages
by Patrick Schleppi
language: en, fr, de

Extensive data about Patrick's extensive tours in the Alps from 1991 to 2005: includes reports, maps, diagrams... a must-see for the Alpine cyclist. Contains a list of passes in the Alps and the Jura, true stories about cycling, and some pictures.

See all 6 reports by Patrick Schleppi

Patrick Schleppi at the Grimselpass
A Norwegian Summer's Ride
by Neil Critchley
Europe: Norway

After two successive summers spent cycling around the Alps and then the Pyrénées. I wanted to try somewhere different. I'd wanted to visit Norway for some time [...] As usual maps were studied, this process was more in-depth than normal since I had never been to Norway and didn't know where were the best places to visit. After much research and assessing the feasibility of several options, I decided to concentrate on the southern half of the country. This provided the opportunity to cycle over the high mountain plateau of the Hardangervidda, Norway's highest peaks in the Jotunheim and to navigate my way around Norway's most famous features - its coastal fjords.

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One of many majestic waterfalls on the edge of the Hardangervidda
If we run out of bread, we eat cake... - a tour of Karelia
by Frank Brächter
Europe: Russia
language: en, de

We wanted to visit the classical destinations of the Russian Republic of Karelia... But not in the usual way with a river-cruise on a vessel... We did it by bike!

A nice report, with plenty of pictures, and extensive practical information.

See all 2 reports by Frank Brächter

Valaam: small chapel
Voyage aux îles Canaries
by Hélène et Dominique Farcy
Europe: Spain

Pour renouer avec le voyage itinérant à vélo, nous avions choisi une destination qui nous offrirait les meilleurs ingrédients selon nous : du relief et du dépaysement, et de la chaleur. Pour les premiers points, nous ne fûmes pas déçus, nous n'imaginions pas par contre devoir lutter contre le froid?et même la neige !

Les îles Canaries, au nombre de sept, forment un archipel au large des côtes marocaines. Nous visiterons les trois îles situées le plus à l'ouest : La Palma, la Gomera et Tenerife, la plus étendue, et sans conteste la plus connue et fréquentée (un peu trop d'ailleurs sur la côte?).

Ces îles sont d'origine volcanique, et offrent parmi les paysages les plus spectaculaires au monde.

plage de sable noir volcanique au fond le Teide, depuis San Sebastian de la Gomera
Voyage en bicyclette de Losone (Locarno) à Palerme
by André Rudaz
language: it

iVoyage en bicyclette de Losone (Locarno) à Palerme via Bologne, Florence, Bolsena, Rome, Naples, Pompei, Paestum, Taormina, Cefalù.

L'idea di questo viaggio è da attribuire a Pietro Angeloni di Golino per degnamente festeggiare i suoi 50 anni. [...]
Il tempo è sempre stato molto clemente, senza pioggia, la temperatura sino in Calabria è stata piuttosto fresca ed il vento generalmente in nostro favore. La foschia e la parziale mancanza di sole ha un po' penalizzato la qualità delle fotografie (in particolare le vedute della Costiera Amalfitana) ma non si può avere tutto!
Man mano che si andava verso Sud il traffico diventava più caotico, il lato stradale meno pulito, i prezzi più abbordabili e la gente più calorosa.

L'idée de ce voyage est à attribuer à Pietro Angeloni de Golino qui désirait fêter dignement ses 50 ans. [...]
Le temps a toujours été clément, sans pluie. La température jusqu'en Calabre a été plutôt fraîche et le vent généralement en notre faveur. Le manque de soleil et une légère brume ont un peu pénalisé la qualité des photos (en particulier sur la côte Amalfitana), mais on ne peut pas tout avoir!
Plus nous nous dirigions au sud, plus le trafic devenait chaotique. Les bords de routes étaient moins propres, mais les prix plus abordables et les gens plus chaleureux. Cela se confirmait, on ne peut pas tout avoir!

See all 2 reports by André Rudaz

By Acquafredda near Praia a Mare
Europe: Spain
language: en, es, fr, pt, it, de

An information site in various languages run by the Xunta de Galicia. Annoying Flash animations all over the place.

From Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela
by Paolo Giaretta
Europe: Spain
language: en, es

The suggested itinerary follows the spanish part of the ``Camino de Santiago'' from the Ibaneta Pass (Roncesvalles) on the frontier between France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. It's 850 kilometres wich cross the whole northern side of Spain, from Pyrenees as far as the Atlantic region. 8 stages will be provided. The itinerary goes over an ancient pilgrinage route connected with the Catholic tradition of the veneration to the apostle St. James (Santiago), evangelizer of Spain, whose grave would have been discovered by a hermit in 813 d.c. in a place showed by a star rain (campus stellae).

Holland, Normandie, Bretagne
by Thomas Driemeyer

Many of the towns in the Normandie have unusually large cathedrals. Eu was no exception. The cathedral is built on a hill. There is a youth hostel built into the base of the hill under the cathedral. It was more expensive than average (FF 93) but definitely worth the price. The picture to the right shows the hallway leading to the rooms, each with a vaulted ceiling and its own bathroom. Recommended.

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Cycling in Scotland - Munros, Ferries and Suicidal Sheep
by Jan Kuchel
Europe: UK

The travelogue of a cycling trip in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

See all 2 reports by Jan Kuchel

Time for a new haircut
Bayonne to Gibraltar - A Fantastic Journey
by Alan and Pauline Lord
Europe: Spain

A Fantastic Journey is the only real description of this ride, because that is exactly what it was. A journey into territory far away from the normal tourist routes. Where the only indication of the 21st century was the motor car. And where English is rarely been heard, let alone spoken.

Following our long cycle rides of the previous two years and because bad weather caused us to call a halt last year near Bayonne, we decided to continue our ride to Gibraltar. However we decided to change the route to take in more of the real Spain. It may not appear to some to be the best route. It certainly was not the quickest. It did however encompass many places we wanted to see. Some were Towns and Cities, some were geographic places such as Parque Naturals and Mountain Ranges. Our route took us through the following major cities and towns: San Sebastian; Vitoria; Burgos; Palencia; Toro; Salamanca; Bejar; Trujillo; Merida; Constantina; Seville; Arcos de la Frontera; Tarifa; Gibraltar.

See all 2 reports by Alan and Pauline Lord

Daybreak at Toro from Duero valley
Cycling from the Baltic Sea to the Alps
by Karl Brodowsky
language: en, de, se

From the cycling pages of Karl Brodowsky: see the German Version for plenty of interesting reports in German.

See all 16 reports by Karl Brodowsky

by Martin Würfl
language: de

Many tour reports:

  • 2005 - Von Den Haag nach Berlin - unterwegs auf dem Europaradweg R1
  • 2005 - Quer durch den Thurgau nach Rohrschach
  • 2005 - Flotte Fahrt zum Bodensee
  • 2004 - Entlang der Flüsse Naab, Main, Tauber, Altmühl und Donau
  • 2004 - Von Zürich aus nach Aigues-Mortes ans Mittelmeer
  • 2004 - Mal eben um den Bodensee...
  • 2003 - Bretagne...ausnahmsweise mal mit Auto und Ferienwohnung
  • 2003 - Von Zürich nach Würzburg - Siebene auf einen Streich
  • 2003 - Neckarttalradweg
  • 2002 - Das Loiretal zum Atlantik
  • 2002 - Through the Valley of the Loire to Brittany (english version)
  • 2002 - Tour de Hessen
  • 2002 - Spritztour ins Elsass
  • 2001 - Von Zürich aus ins Loiretal
  • 2001 - Von Lausanne nach Olten
  • 2000 - Von Oberviechtach ins schweizerische Solothurn
  • 1999 - Fränkische Schweiz, Aischgrund, Taubertal und Jagst
  • 1999 - Von München nach Oberviechtach
  • 1999 - Stein am Rhein und Bodensee
  • 1998 - Bodensee und Hochrhein
  • 1997 - Fulda- und Weserradweg
  • 1997 - Von Zürich aus um den Bodensee und wieder zurück
  • 1995 - Von München aus ins Markgräfler Land
  • 1995 - Von Erlangen nach München
  • 1994 - Rundfahrt Altmühltal und Donau
  • 1994 - Donauradweg von Donaueschingen bis Regensburg
Martin Würfl
Ciclabile transdolomitica Italo - Austriaca: Lienz - Dobbiaco - Cortina d'Ampezzo - Calalzo di Cadore
by Stefano Lugli
Europe: Austria, Italy
language: it

Ogni descrizione, parola, aggettivo sulla bellezza dell' itinerario sarebbe superflua, essendo questi paesaggi alpini i più fotografati al mondo; mi limiterò solamente a consigliarlo ad un cicloturista allenato!

See all 10 reports by Stefano Lugli

Stefano and Gianluca in Sillian
Blood, Sweat and Tears - Cycling in the mountains
by Luddo Oh
language: en, nl

Reports and pictures from various mountains of Europe, America, and Australia. Partly in Dutch.

See all 4 reports by Luddo Oh

Trip report LF4/R1/Weser (Holland-Germany)
by Minko Oh
Europe: Holland, Germany
language: en, nl

Nicely illustrated. After picking up Yvonne, who's joining me on this trip, our first goal is to follow Landelijke Fietsroute (LF) 4. This is a sign posted bicycle route through the Middle of the Netherlands. The LF4 ends at the border and continues in Germany as Radweg 1 (R1). The R1 is a 275 km long sign posted route, starting at the Dutch border and ending in Hoxter on the Weser river (roughly between Hannover and Kassel).

See all 8 reports by Minko Oh

Rumänien by Bike
by Natalie Hesse & Markus Müller
Europe: Romania
language: de

Erst mitten durch die Walachei und dann ab in die Karpaten... Eine Radreise durch Transsilvanien und die Walachei (Rumänien).

Die Walachei liegt rund um Rumäniens Hauptstadt Bukarest und erstreckt sich bis zum südlichen Karpatenbogen.. Hinter diesem Karpatenbogen findet man dann eine große hügelige Hochebene nämlich Transsylvanien (zu deutsch: Siebenbürgen). Während die Walachei mit ihrer Hauptstadt Bukarest (früher war es Targoviste) eines der ältesten rumänischen Fürstentümer war, gehörte Transsylvanien lange zu Ungarn (auf Ungarisch : Erdely) und weist deshalb noch heute einen relativ hohen Anteil an ungarischer Bevölkerung auf.

Let the sunshine...
Biketour-tips: Pilis, Mátra
by Györgyi Gábor
Europe: Hungary

In the last few years the popularity of cycling has increased in Hungary, so more and more people are choosing biking to spend their spare time. With the growing popularity of cycling the local governments can only limitedly satisfy the claims of bike road-building. Although the length of cycle-roads increase a little from year to year. These roads are sometimes real roads, not the edge of tracks or parts of pavements, but in other cases they are separated with a line from the tracks or pavements.

Pilis is ideally situated for either cyclists to see Budapest or the bikers who are curious about Esztergom (church!!) and the Danube bend. We can find here roads with good quality, but the asphalted forest roads (without any traffic) are also good. The ascents [...] are generally 4-8% steep.

Mátra is the highest mountain-range (on a small area) of Hungary, its top Kékesteõ is 1015m above sea level. With the normal and forest roads, the Matra is in any case a favourable mountain-range for those who search after roads in forests, and who like the ascents. Eger, Parádfürdõ, Szilvásvárad, and the castle of Sirok are things that are worth seeing or cycling there for. At the south foot of the Matra are grown grapes.

See all 26 reports by Györgyi Gábor

A (pale) view of Budapest
Tour of the Alps 1960
by Jobst Brandt, tour started 1960

Jobst's 1960 tour started and ended in Tuscany. The Net was not in place yet, so the report had to wait...

See all 20 reports by Jobst Brandt

Tour of the Alps 1959
by Jobst Brandt, tour started 1959

Well, there's a first time for everybody, and Jobst too had to discover the Alps once. If you are looking for the inspiration to do it yourself, just go ahead and read this glorious report.

I had asked Mr Cinelli what the greatest road in the Alps was, to which he replied without hesitation, the Stelvio, but that I might not like it because it was unpaved. That especially caught my interest so here I was heading up the Valtellina at Tirano where the road to the foot of this great pass starts its climb.

I arrived in Bormio at 3:30 and decided to go to the top in beautiful afternoon sunshine. After a snack at the store I headed up the road that ran out of pavement at the city limit and became a coarse gravel and grey powdery road that, with a little rain, was pretty solid. I discovered that standing up easily caused wheel spin, so I pulled my straps tight and worked on a smooth stroke to keep traction.

Farther up the Braulio canyon the road went through several tunnels for avalanche and rockfall protection. These stone arch tunnels wind along the wall with ventilation holes near the floor that give a little light, and because they are not straight, I could only see where I was going from reflections from the wet floor. Everything was dripping and water rushed in drains under the walls. The amazing part is that these are one lane tunnels in which uphill traffic has the right of way, as is common here. Therefore, downhill drivers had to assess when to enter by watching what went in from below, something that is possible from the lay of the land.

I was discovering why Pirelli named their top racing car tire the Stelvio. This has a special meaning to people who know this road. At the end of the Braulio canyon the road goes up a wall in a series of traverses with tight hairpins to reach the upper Braulio Valley at Bocca di Braulio, that ends at a ridge over which the Umbrail pass from Switzerland joins the Stelvio, about three kilometers below the summit.

See all 20 reports by Jobst Brandt


Camino de Santiago Vía de la Plata-Camino Sanabrés (Sevilla-Santiago)
by Zinaztli, tour started 2014, submitted 30 December 2014
Europe: Spain
language: es

Recorrido en bicicleta de montaña con alforjas siguiendo la Vía de la Plata desde Sevilla hasta Zamora, para en Granja de Moreruela, tomar el Camino Sanabrés que nos conducirá hasta Santiago de Compostela.

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Heide mountain bike trail tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started March 2014, submitted 26 March 2014
Europe: Austria

some of my followers expect that I am on big tour, most probably at South America - but I am not....

We expect to carry our recent bought ship home to Austria. The ship still rests at Frankfurt / Main (Germany). Needless to say, it is a costly and time consuming job. That's why...

I have not forgotten to train myself. One of the very typical daily tours lead me to the 'HEIDE' (a local recreational area) A trail, which starts right in front of my house and consequently ends here... Distance: a rough guess: 23 kilometers (about 15 miles) . Climbing, moderate, up to about 550 meters elevation. Duration: with a short rest and a beer: 2 hrs.

Enjoy the pictures and my report. Good luck to all my followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

downhill on the wine trail
Travesía de la Comunidad Valenciana en BTT (Tortosa-Murcia)
by Zinaztli, tour started May 2013, submitted 20 January 2014
Europe: Spain
language: es

Itinerario en bicicleta de montaña con alforjas que partiendo de Tortosa, a orillas del río Ebro, cruza la Comunidad Valenciana de norte a sur por las montañas del interior, finalizando junto al río Segura ya en Murcia.

Circulando por sus comarcas interiores (Tinença de Benifassà, Els Ports, Alt Maestrat, L´Alcalaten, Alto Mijares, Alto Palancia, Los Serranos, La Plana de Utiel-Requena, Valle de Ayora-Cofrentes, Canal de Navarrés, la Costera-Valle de Albaida, El Comptat y El Vinalopó), a lo largo del recorrido se visitan gran parte de sus macizos montañosos (Benifassa, Els Ports, Maestrat, Penyagolosa, Sierra de Espadán, Caroig, Sierra Calderona, Sierra Mariola, Sierra de Aitana y Maigmó), y algunos de sus parques naturales (Tinença de Benifassá, Penyagolosa, Serra d´Espadà, Serra Calderona, Chera-Sot de Chera, Hoces del Cabriel, Serra de Mariola y Font Roja).

La ruta sigue fielmente el itinerario Travesía de la Comunidad Valenciana (Fredes-Pinoso), diseñado por Aníbal, incansable "biker", gran conocedor de la Comunidad Valencia y sin cuya aportación no hubiera sido posible, por lo que desde aquí quiero expresar mi más sincero agradecimiento.

See all 13 reports by Zinaztli

Travesía de los Pirineos franceses en BTT (Banyuls-Hendaye).
by Zinaztli, tour started June 2013, submitted 20 January 2014
Europe: France
language: es

Recorrido en bicicleta de montaña con alforjas que cruza los Pirineos de este a oeste, desde el Mediterráneo (Llança como punto de partida) hasta al Atlántico (y Hendaya como punto final). Toma como referencia la guía "La Traversee VTT des Pyrenees Françaises", de Georges Veron y editada por Altigraph Edition, siguiendo su mayor parte su itinerario principal.

Partiendo a orillas del Mediterráneo primero recorremos la región de Languedoc-Rousillon, cruzando sus departamentos pirenaicos (Pyrenees Orientales, Aude), donde visitaremos Côte Vermeille, Massif des Albères, Vallespir (Vallée du Tech), Massif du Canigou y Conflent (Vallé de la Têt)A

Ya en la región de Midi-Pyrenees (los departamentos de Ariege, Haute Garonne y Hautes Pyrenees), a donde entramos siguiendo el Sentier Cathare (por los castillos de Puilarens, Roquefixade, Montsegur y Foix), seguimos el antiguo Chemin de Piémot, que nos llevara por las Gorges de la Frau, l´Ariege, el Couserans (por el Col de la Core), el Valle de la Garonne (pasando por el Col de Portet d´Aspet), el Vallé de Ger, la Neste, l´Adour (cruzando les Baronnies) y la Gave de Pau.

Por último, y ascendiendo los puertos de Soulour y l´Aubisque, entramos en la Aquitaine (departamento de Pyrenees Altantiques), donde recorreremos Gave de Ossau, Gave d´Aspe, Béar, Pays Basque, la Soule, Bass-Navarre (pasando el Foret d´Irati), la Nive-Nivelle, para terminar a orillas del Atlántico en la desembocadura del Bidasoa entre Hendaye e Irún.

See all 13 reports by Zinaztli

Discover the South and North of Vienna by Mountain-bike
by Iris Mueck, tour started April 2012, submitted 2 May 2013

This has been a counter visit of of our German biking friends from Hamburg. Beate, a powerful riding lady; Norbert with an E-pedelec and a very good Li-battery has been accompanying us on our 3 day tour. My daughter Anne and her boyfriend accompanied us on our first day of riding. We ended the tour by riding through the Thaya national park, as our German guests decided to continue riding back home using some popular trails in Czech Republic. I am still impressed of the performance of our guests. They have been riding the national park trail with all their heavy luggage (which I called 'stone collection').
Enjoy the pictures and comments. Good luck to our followers!

See all 110 reports by Iris Mueck

Czech Thaya national park
Transmurciana. Vuelta a Murcia en BTT.
by Zinaztli, tour started February 2011, submitted 31 October 2012
Europe: Spain
language: es

Recorrido en bicicleta de montaña con alforjas por la Región de Murcia siguiendo el itinerario de la TransMurciana, a través de caminos históricos y rurales, especialmente por vías pecuarias y viales de uso compartido. Coincide en gran medida con los Caminos de la Vera Cruz, Itinerarios Ecoturísticos, Corredores y Vías Verdes, y los Senderos de Gran Recorrido que atraviesan el Mediterráneo (GR 92 y GR 7). Sin grandes desniveles visita la gran mayoría de los Espacios Naturales Protegidos murcianos, viéndose representados su gran variedad de paisajes.

Partiendo de Murcia capital, y tras cruzar el P.R. Carrascoy y el Valle, desciende hasta el mar cerca de San Pedro del Pinatar, para bordear el Mar Menor hasta Cabo de Palos. Sigue toda costa murciana, en gran parte por el GR 92, pasando por La Unión, Cartagena, Puerto de Mazarrón y Águilas. [...]

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Camino de Santiago Ruta de la Lana (Almansa-Burgos)
by Zinaztli, tour started April 2011, submitted 31 October 2012
Europe: Spain
language: es

Recorrido en bicicleta de montaña con alforjas desde Almansa, pasando por Cuenca, hasta Burgos siguiendo el Camino de Santiago-Ruta de la Lana. Incluye el enlace del Camino de Levante, en Almansa, con la propiamente llamada Ruta de la Lana, en Monteagudo de las Salinas.

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Transcantábrica en BTT
by Zinaztli, tour started June 2012, submitted 30 October 2012
Europe: Spain
language: es

Itinerario en bicicleta de montaña con alforjas desde Ponferrada hasta Espinosa de los Monteros, que recorre la Cordillera Cantábrica pasando por muchos de sus macizos montañosos más representativos. Sigue la ruta descrita por Juanjo Alonso en la guía Transcantábrica en BTT editada por la Editorial Desnivel, coincidiendo en gran parte con el recorrido ciclomontañero.

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