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Europe (all)

This page lists all reports that for Europe including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only Europe.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Cycling info pages (continued)

How to travel with your bike on trains in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic
by Brian Wasson, , submitted 7 November 2005

A Web site devoted to the challenges of getting you and your bicycle on a train and to your destination in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Specific ``how-tos,'' detailed photos, hints and tips, useful links, etc.

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Viking Tour 2006 - Noorwegen - 23/07/2006 - 28/07/2006
, submitted 1 November 2005
Europe: Norway
language: no

's Werelds mooiste fietstocht

Zesdaagse cyclosportieve en recreatieve tocht toegankelijk voor wielertoeristen en zij die willen wedijveren met ex-profs. Ontdek Geiranger, Trollstigen, Jotunheimen, Peak Road, Sognefjorden, Vikafjell, Eagles Road, Dalsnibba... 600 km en 11000 m hoogteverschil vanuit Aurland tot Åndalsnes. Een unieke kans om kennis te maken met een exclusieve meerdaagse tocht waarbij de wegen verrijzen uit de Atlantische Oceaan en klimmen tot de pieken in de wolken van West-Noorwegen. De etappes zijn voorzien van gechronometreerde zones, waarvan een klassement word opgemaakt, maar u kan ook gewoon recreatief deelnemen zonder tijdsopname. U fiets 'Touring Class' of voor de dames 'Ladies Class' naast de 'Competition Class' netjes in vijf leeftijdscategorien bij de mannen en de vrouwen onderverdeeld. De organisatie ``Re sykkelklubb & DBS Viking Tour'' zorgt voor transporten van bagage en bevoorrading zones zodat u zich kan focussen op de bergpassen, de fjorden, de watervallen, de gletsersn en de meren.

Biking in Ukraine: tips on where and how to cycle around Ukraine
by Rick DeLong, , submitted 17 October 2005
Europe: Ukraine

All about cycling in Ukraine. Routes and detailed info for Kiev, Carpathians, and Crimea. Trip reports and pictures of trips. General info on Ukraine, transportation, weather, getting your bike on the train, etc.

How to Bicycle In and Out of Paris
by Quoth May,
Europe: France

What you need to know about renting bikes in Paris; bicycling in Paris; subways, trains, and the RER; and cycling out of Paris. French pronunciation; French bicycle types and repair vocabulary; Road signs and their observance; helmets. How to get regional maps, lodging, and tourist sight information. Six bicycle routes and tours out of central Paris, avoiding almost all traffic: Detailed Directions and Photos. On the same site: Seventeen Best Bike Tours in France, Holland, Italy, Germany and Austria.

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French Trains - our experiences
by Darren Martin,
Europe: France

Eurostar, Paris Metro, TGV, local trains.

A law against cyclists in Spain
by Hildegard Resinger,
Europe: Spain

Henry Kingman's Vanity Page
by Henry Kingman,
Europe: France

This page has a report of the 1999 edition of Paris-Brest-Paris, a history of the Paris-Brest-Paris tour, and other material.

Biking in Abruzzo
by Angelo Bandini,
Europe: Italy

Situated almost in the center of the Italian peninsula only one hour away from Rome, Abruzzo it's one of Italy best kept secrets. Most of its economic life takes place on the coast facing the Adriatic Sea but its very heart lies among the many mountains ranges that run along its territory. Here you can find the highest peaks in the Apennines. Coast and mountains are fastened together by a green belt of gentle hills lined with olive trees and vineyards. Thanks to a foreseeing policy of land preservation now thirty percent of its territory is protected as National Park (4 right now) or wildlife reservation.

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Amsterdam - City of Bikes
by Scott Munn,
Europe: Holland

Then we saw the bikes. My God, the bikes.

How can I describe them? Should I even try? Well, why not. They were just normal bikes, after all. A bit clunky-looking. Fat and heavy, but not in a judgmental way. After all, they weren't meant for racing. They were meant for lumbering over cobblestones and kerbs and dumbstruck pedestrian tourists and tram tracks and probably along the bottoms of canals, should the need arise.

And they. Were. Everywhere. Even the city aquarium had one in a display tank, dangling like bait above a couple of uninterested fish, and graphically proving, to me at least, that the saying ``A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle'' really means something, at least to fish.

The Romania Pages
by Jeroen van Marle,
Europe: Romania

Romania is an amazing country. Most people imagine the country as rough, poor, violent, dark, or even asiatic. Dracula remains to be the first association with the word Transylvania [...] the black images linger in the minds of people who never were there, and don't consider ever going there. Maybe these pages about this special Eastern European country will enlighten a few of you, and convince you that Romania is a country to be experienced. Travelling there is partly stepping into another concept of time. Things seem to go slower than in our hurried West, and some regions seem to have decided to stop altogether for a century or two. Still, Romania is not a large open-air museum; it is on the move, and sometimes more dynamic than we'd expect. Since 1989 the inhabitants have got acquainted with the concept of freedom. Even though lots of people I spoke to were worried about their economic situation, most were happy to be able to speak aloud again after fourty years of pretty awful repression.

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The fortress-church of Homorod/Hamruden in winter
El Camino de Santiago
by Luis E. Arlegui,
Europe: Spain

El Camino de santiago is the most important pilgrimage trail all over Europe. Gotescalco, Bishop of Le Puy, was one of the first pilgrims as far as we know, he did the trail in 950 AD (more than 1000 years ago!!). The first guide of the CdS was written by Aymeric Picaud, priest of Potou, in the XIIht century: Codex Calixtinus. Today, the CdS is called also GR-65 in the International Code, GR means Gran Recorrido or Grand Randonne. It starts in France and ends in Santiago de Compostela.

Pictures from Albania
by Zdenek Horcik,
Europe: Albania

See all 2 reports by Zdenek Horcik

Ardeche, a fantastic area for bikers
by Frederic Berlioz,
Europe: France
Get your free Norwegian Tunnel Guide
by Ernst Poulsen,
Europe: Norway

Reprinted with permission from the Bicycle News Agency ©
Norway is not only the land of fjords and fjell. It is also the land of tunnels. Planning a long bicycle tour in this beautiful country may be just as difficult as planning a military operation. Overlook one single tunnel - and you are headed for disaster: a detour of 25-100 km before you reach the destination which was initially only 4 km away.

See all 6 reports by Ernst Poulsen

Cycling in Corse
by Lucio Cadeddu,
Europe: France

See all 5 reports by Lucio Cadeddu

Transporting bikes on trains
by Andreas Caranti,
Europe: Italy

A practical guide (not terribly up-to-date, though).

See all 10 reports by Andreas Caranti

Cycling Map of France
by Jean-Pierre Jacquot,
Europe: France

The IGN (Institut Géographique National) has just [Spring 1995] issued a cycling map of France, with the help of FFC (Fédération Française de Cyclisme) and FFCT (Fédération Française de Cyclotourisme).

See all 5 reports by Jean-Pierre Jacquot

Bicycles and Trains in France
by Gary Mak,
Europe: France

See also the important note on Bicycles on Trains in France, 1998 from Barbara Leonard's Bicycling à la Française.

Getting to Schiphol from Amsterdam
by Andy Thornley,
Europe: Holland

See all 2 reports by Andy Thornley

Books on mountainbiking in France
by Shaun C. Murray,
Europe: France
Cycling Ireland
by Richard Taylor,
Europe: Ireland

Once you get out of Dublin, not quite the right direction, but you will find Newgrange (a bronze age burial site within easy riding distance) well worth the visit. From then on, Ireland is your oyster. If you are trundling over to the west coast, make sure you bring your granny (gears)! Don't neglect the North if you have time, some of the most stunning scenery is in Antrim (and the toughest cycling).

Cycling in Norway
by Ernst Poulsen,
Europe: Norway

The first part of the article contains general usefull information of cycling in Norway. The second part is an account of my personal adventure in the summer of 1994 (Larvik - Geilo - Rallarveien - Sognefjorden - Bergen).

See all 6 reports by Ernst Poulsen

The Best European Bicycle Maps
by Ernst Poulsen,

This article gives tips on the best bicycle maps for most of the western-European countries. The information is gathered by members of the Danish Cyclists' Federation.

See all 6 reports by Ernst Poulsen

A [Very] Brief Report on Off-Road Biking in Denmark
by Mikkel Bech Frandsen,
Europe: Denmark

From the creator of the Trento Bike Pages: This article is a bit old, and may appear rather thin for the appetite of today's web surfers. Still it's one of the first articles to have appeared in these pages, so it will stay here anyway.

See all 2 reports by Mikkel Bech Frandsen

Winter Tips
by Sami Lampinen,
Europe: Finland
Mountain Biking in Portugal
by Nuno Nunes,
Europe: Portugal

Riding here is excellent because there are so many wild places to do it... He have got mountains, most of which are natural parks (and mtb is considered an ecological activity, bikes are treated as pedestrians when it comes to restricted trails, roads, tolls, etc.); we have a (very big) beautiful coast line; we have the planes of Alentejo (big spaces, almost all plain and mostly uninhabited) and many other places...

Cycling in the Netherlands
by James Mackay,
Europe: Holland

Provisions for bicycling in Netherlands presents an inspiring ``alternate reality'' to what is found in the United States. While not a complete utopia, bicyclists' needs are routinely accommodated in a culture that recognizes human-powered transportation as a legitimate mode.

Experiences with Trains and Ferries in Europe
by Sean Cleary

See also the Biking Gallery of photographs.

See all 4 reports by Sean Cleary

The Universal Packing List
by Mats Henricson

A prime example of how to make an excellent site out of a good idea. Although it does not covers especially bicycle touring, it contains much useful advice. The page will ask you for details about your planned trip and generate a detailed list of things to do and bring for that specific tour. No bicycle-related items though.

Bike Trip Equipment Checklist
by Glenn and Sheila Ord

Very detailed checklist for a very long (12000km) tour for two people, with equipment for tent camping and cooking.

See all 5 reports by Glenn and Sheila Ord

Africa by Bicycle Travel Guide
Europe: Algeria

Planning Your Own European Bicycle Tour
by Charles Hansen

Another American perspective to bicycle touring in Europe. Very extensive and detailed; particularly useful for the novice.

See all 2 reports by Charles Hansen

Packing List
by Carsten Gregersen

This is roughly what I bring along for three weeks of cycle touring and camping.

See all 11 reports by Carsten Gregersen

Armenia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Europe: Armenia

News and recent activities, In the news, International documents; current news, about Armenia, political structure, visa regulations, embassies and consulates, foreign missions in Armenia, conventions.

Rec.Travel Library: Belgium
Europe: Belgium
Rec.Travel Library: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Europe: Bosnia
Rec.Travel Library: Bulgaria
Europe: Bulgaria
Rec.Travel Library: Croatia
Europe: Croatia
General Information on the Republic of Croatia
Europe: Croatia
language: hr, en
Cycling in the Czech Republic
by Filip Kadlec

General, where to go, what to see, maps, language, trains, when to travel, accomodation.

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