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North Atlantic Drift
by Peter Quaife, tour started July 2008, submitted 27 November 2008
Europe: UK, FaroeIslands, Iceland

A boat based tour of the North Atlantic involving bad roads, strong winds and some freakishly hot temperatures.

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On the Svalvogar Circuit
Tour Blog to include UK, Faroes, Iceland
by Jon Bradshaw, tour started June 2007, submitted 1 August 2007
Europe: UK, FaroeIslands, Iceland

Plymouth (UK) to Plymouth (USA), May to November 2007

Started Bakewell, UK and have completed half of the tour to inlcude cycling up the East of UK to Aberdeen, then Shetland Isalnds then a tour of the Faroe Islands and then a East West crossing of ICELAND to include the Kjlour Route. Currently crossing Greenland (unfortunately not on a bike but on skis) I then pick up my bike in Labrador (Canada) and cycle down through Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and then the US arriving in Plymouth Rhode Island in mid November. Then in late December I will complete the final leg of 270 miles non stop riding from Plymouth (UK) to Bakewell.

Faroe Islands 2003, a 3 day tour
by Henrik Sunden, tour started 2003
Europe: FaroeIslands

In 2002 I made a three day cycling tour on the Faroe Islands on the way between Iceland and Norway. The Faroese ferry Norröna makes a tour to Denmark, which leaves passengers to Norway stranded on the Faroe Island for three days. This year I had the same opportunity to do some cycling on these Atlantic Islands, and I chose to go north this year. This story just tells what happened.

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A 3 day tour of the Faroe Islands
by Henrik Sunden, tour started 2002
Europe: FaroeIslands

The bike tour on the Faroe Islands was a logistical consequence of the means of transport (ferry) between Iceland and Norway on the way home from a three weeks tour on north Iceland. The ferry makes a tour to Denmark and returns to Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands before departing to Bergen, Norway.

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View South from Borgin


Iceland on MTB
by Zdenek Horcik, tour started July 1997
Europe: Iceland, FaroeIslands

A report and pictures from [a] MTB trip in [the] not very often visited interior area of Iceland. There are some remarks to Faroe Islands there, too.

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Faroe Islands Tourist Guide
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History, language, houses, birdwatching, angling, art and culture, summer festivals, practical info, maps, and bicycle rental.

Faroe Islands Tourist Board
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