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France (all)

This page lists all reports that for France including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only France.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Francia 2008
by Leo & Kekko, tour started June 2008, submitted 26 December 2012
Europe: Italy, France
language: it, fr, en

[DOC] Per un paio d'anni, praticamente ogni domenica mattina durante il nostro giro in bici, il ritornello è sempre stato quello e cioè l'idea di un viaggio in bici che durasse qualche giorno e non solo le quattro, cinque ore domenicali.

Le strade di casa nostra ormai percorse in bici decine e decine di volte cominciavano ad avere l'orizzonte della cyclette in camera e dunque la domanda diventava sempre più martellante " Nemo in Francia in bicicreta ??" (Andiamo in Francia in bicicletta ??). Non ci è voluto tanto tempo per organizzare questo "over 50 tour" con lo spirito del cicloturista o ciclo viaggiatore e cioè con il preciso intento che velocità e media oraria non dovessero essere la nostra preoccupazione. Perché in Francia? Perché l'idea è nata per raggiungere la città di mia moglie Valence (Drome) un centinaio di km a sud di Lyon e perché in Francia si mangia bene e perché in Francia c'è del buon vino e perché in Francia i ciclisti sono veramente rispettati.

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I compagni di merende
Traveling around the world
by Laia i Marc, tour started 2012, submitted 3 December 2012
Europe: Iceland, France, Italy
language: ca
Cycling from Barcelona to Avignon and back through the Gorges de L'ardeche and Gorges du Tarn
by Ben and Beth Elderd, tour started September 2012, submitted 27 November 2012
Europe: Spain, France

When I begin the planning process for a tour, I usually start by looking at journals on Trento Bike Pages and 'Crazy Guy on a Bike'. If something peaks my interest, I'll check out the Web site for that country and also look at Google maps. As I progress I'll browse through the travel section of our local bookstore.

The great thing about touring is that every day is an adventure and every day offers different challenges. In spite of all the planning you do, what you expect and what you get are two different things.

Cycling through the Catalan region of Spain and the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France far exceeded all our expectations. It was a bike ride that combined beautiful scenery with historical sights. We had challenging cols, rode along the Mediterranean and through spectacular river gorges. Every day was different.

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The bridge over the Tarn River into the village of St. Chely
Provenza, Camargue, Luberon. 500 km. in bicicletta tra castelli, cavalli, fenicotteri e il vento per "amico"
by Beatrice Virga, tour started May 2012, submitted 2 November 2012
Europe: France
language: it

Miraggio tra le gocce: un bel casolare in pietra con persiane azzurre tipiche della provenza. E' l' hotel Carina, provo a fermarmi immaginando la scena dell'albergatore snob che non mi fa nemmeno entrare perché sporco il pavimento (ero da strizzare) invece mi accoglie una ragazza dai modi gentili che mi tratta da regina, mi fa accomodare la bici in un ripostiglio.

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TOUR GORGES ARDECHE 100 km in 2 Stages
by Vicens Borrell, tour started April 2004, submitted 17 October 2012
Europe: France

This is a round trip through the Ardeche canyon, which is very impressive. It starts in Pont Saint Spirit, next to the Ardeche river, and goes to Vallon Pont d'Arc, in the first stage of 50 km. This is the most beautiful part of the trip, passing next to the canyon, with impressive views. The second stages, returns through the other side of the river, more pacefully and visiting the Ognac groutes, very interesting.

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Lady CoMo of the Pyrenees
by Kern Deorksen, tour started August 2012, submitted 16 October 2012
Europe: Spain, France

A 4 week, self-supported tandem tour through the Pyrenees of Spain and France.

We travelled west from Girona (Spain) to Sabinanigo, crossed to France, rode 4 Tour cols, returned to Spain, and completed a loop via the Mediterranean. Daily GPS routes and elevation profiles are included, as well as lots of photos.

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The col from Sort to La Seu d'Urgell (Spain)
From Atlantic to Mediterranean Sea (Canal Midi and Lateral Garone)
by Vicens Borrell, tour started June 2009, submitted 16 October 2012
Europe: France

Cycling near the Garonne and the Midi Canal. The first part of the trip is through the hilly vineyard of Bordeaux, till reaching the Canal Lateral of Garonne to Toulouse and then the Midi Canal and finally reach the Mediterranean Sea at Marsellain Plage. The route changes from Atlantic weather to mediterranean weather so the vegetation changes every stage.

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Canal du Midi
A turn-b-turn cycle camping route in Brittany starting at Roscoff
by Breton Bikes, tour started 2012, submitted 14 October 2012
Europe: France

This is a lovely first tour for beginners or the more adventurous, looking to discover Brittany. It starts and finishes at the ferryport at Roscoff (Brittany Ferries) and is a week long, though obviously this can be modified. Detailed turn-by-turn instructions are given along with recommended camspites with contact details. Have fun:-)

200 cols tour
by Igor Kovse, tour started August 2012, submitted 7 September 2012
Europe: France

What was this day like? Considering that I climbed Mont Ventoux, it couldn't have been bad. It's really a fantastic climb! The legend, the magic, the must! It's the Lourdes for the cyclists of any religion. And what a descent! 21 km of mind-blowing pleasure. Enough to get me through few more cols.

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Looking from Col du Tourmalet westward
Cycling adventure from Morocco to Turkey via Europe
by Jordan Mann and Christian Eaton, tour started March 2012, submitted 28 June 2012

This is a tour from Morocco to Turkey via Europe stopping through Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Turkey. As of now we are in Croatia heading South. Enjoy and feel free to contact us or comment.

Cycled to the top of a fortress in Sintra, Portugal.
Tour des Alpes du Sud
by Hubert Becker, tour started July 2005, submitted 16 March 2012
Europe: France, Italy
language: fr

Une balade à vélo très exigeante en 7 étapes journalières, en somme plus de 450 km à travers les Alpes du Sud (France et Italie), des étapes journalières entre 34 et 92 kilomètres. Il y a 16 cols à surmonter, dont 15 sont plus de 2000 m.

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L'équipe sur le Colle dei Morti
Greedy Euro Bike Tour
by Marco Bacchin , tour started 2012, submitted 9 March 2012
language: en, it

Da lì a là is an Italian expression meaning roughly hither and thither, and this summarize my will, my restless temper of changing place every so often. I'm biking around Europe stopping from time to time when my attention is captured by an outstanding recipe a traditional food or a weird one. Pedalling alone is just fine, but together with other cyclists, especially from the country I'll be riding at the moment is just fantastic: less fatigue, more fun. You can get a look at the Euro-Tour map to get a gist of what'll be the route I'll follow in this year. If you're biking in the some zone, or nearby or you're going to start something similar and you'll like to have a ride together, let me know. Get in touch! Sys

Aquitania e Perigord tra corsi d'acqua e borghi medioevali.
by Stefano Cieno, tour started August 2011, submitted 7 March 2012
Europe: France
language: it

Due settimane in bicicletta lungo le vie percorse dagli antichi pellegrini. Pedalare in agosto nelle regioni francesi di Aquitania e Perigord significa immergersi in un paesaggio verdissimo e poco trafficato, con abbazie arroccate e villaggi medievali, ma vuol dire anche salire, salire e ridiscendere continuamente, sotto un caldo torrido al fianco di fiumi sinuosi ed affollatissimi. tappe del percorso:

  • Bordeaux - Arcachon km. 79
  • Moissac - Cahors km. 67
  • Cahors - Saint Sulpice km. 61
  • Saint Sulpice - Souillac km. 70
  • Souillac - Saint Ciprien km. 75
  • Saint Ciprien - Bergerac km. 58
  • Bergerac - Libourne km. 79
  • Libourne - Bordeaux km. 71

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A circular cyclecamping tour from Roscoff ferryport in Brittany - France
by Geoff Husband, tour started 2012, submitted 3 March 2012
Europe: France

This is a loop from Roscoff Ferryport to take you both along the coast and into the interior of Brittany. It averages around 30 miles a day and is ideal as a first tour - all campsite stops are marked and a google map included.

Have fun:-)

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Short tour of the Alpes Maritimes
by Richard Evans, tour started September 2008, submitted 11 February 2012
Europe: France

My tour of the Alpes Maritimes was the most spectacular of all ones I've undertaken to date. Travelling in the first week of September, the weather was good and the roads empty. As expected, the food was great. Some of the overnight stays, however, could have been better. If I had it to do again, I think it could be the perfect trip. Here you will find details of the trip, maps and recommendations on where and where not to stay.

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Tour of the Alps 2011
by Jerry Nilson, tour started July 2011, submitted 5 February 2012

Some of the climbs on this 3300 km tour of the Alps included: Kitzbüheler horn (1996m), Sella di (Monte) Zoncolan (1739m) from Priola, Passo del Cason di Lanza (1557m) (from east), Portes de Culet (1787m) from Morgins, Bäregg (2451m), Lago del Narèt (2313m), Sewenegg (1742m), Pertet à Bovets (1840m), Euschelspass (1567m), Edelweißspitze (2572m), Loiblpass/Ljubelj (old road) (1368m), Telegrafo/Punta Veleno (1156m) and walking up through the woods to Chalets du Charmant Som (1669m).

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climb to La Foilleuse from Monthey
Bicycle tour in the French Alps: completing the collection of paved ascents going above 2000 m
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started June 2011, submitted 2 February 2012
Europe: Italy, France

After my previous year, when I cycled up to all of the paved ascents of the Pyrenées above 2000m, for this bicycle tour my aim was to complete the collection of the paved roads above 2000 m in the French Alps. That meant visiting hardly known climbs, like for example Parking du Laus (2110 m) by Lac Allos, or Chalet Laval, Lac Besson (2090 m) above Alpe d’Huez, or the climb to Plan d’Aval and Plan du Lac (2362 m), about which there were no cycling informations on the internet, although it is a wonderful road. Besides these climbs I visited well known cols, passes, where I was indulging in nostalgia. Almost every 2nd day I had few hour long rain, and during the tour I cycled minimum 5 times in rain above 2000 m, but fortunately I was lucky on the „milestone-days”: when I climbed La Bonette (2802 m), Col du Galibier under clear skies and Col de l’Iseran. With cycling up to Courchevel (2030 m) I reached my aim: I cycled up to all of the asphalted roads of the French Alps finishing above 2000 m. The travelogue contains about minimum 15 minutes long videos about each day.

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Gábor Györgyi bicycling to Col de l'Iseran from South
Radtour um den Mont Blanc
by Hubert Becker, tour started July 2010, submitted 25 January 2012
language: de

Eine Rundfahrt um den Mont Blanc in 7 Tagesetappen über 500 km. Tagesetappen zwischen 49 und 126 Kilometern

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Col de Grand St. Bernard
By tandem-bike around the Mediterranean Sea
by Tandem Nostrum, tour started February 2011, submitted 27 December 2011
language: es

Estamos realizando el sueño de unir a los pueblos mediterráneos mediante la bicicleta, en concreto montados en un tandem. Salimos de Sevilla en marzo de 2011, a la vez iban floreciendo las revoluciones de La Primavera Árabe y Europa se tambalea. Vivir este momento histórico desde la bicicleta está siendo una experiencia sin igual.

Por ahora hemos recorrido la costa norte del Mare Nostrum y continuamos nuestro viaje en sentido horario. Un viaje donde lo principal no son los paisajes sino las personas.

8900 km solo, self-supported bicycling trip in western Europe in 2011
by Bart, tour started 2011, submitted 25 December 2011
The bike
Via Francigena 2011
by Paul Love, tour started September 2011, submitted 24 December 2011

This is a description of our 30 day (almost 2000 km) trip from Canterbury to Rome, on the Via Francigena by tandem. We found our way using paved roads on a diagonal route from Calais passing through Arras, Reims, Langres to Besancon. We crossed into Switzerland at l'Aubusson and St. Croix. One of the highlights was the 42 km climb over the Grand St. Bernard Pass from Martigny, Switzerland into Italy. The route then took us through the Val d' Aosta and south eventually to Pontremoli, Lucca, Siena, Montalcino, Bolsena, Bracciano and into the heart of Rome via the bike path along the Tiber River.

In a nutshell
by Nicolas Richaud, tour started October 2010, submitted 20 November 2011
language: en, fr, de

Hello, I am Nicolas Richaud and you can follow on my trip around the mediterranean sea. I am 26 year old in 2010: 20 in Nancy, city of Stanislas and Mirabelle; 2 in Bordeaux, city of wine; 4 in Munich, city of bier, I will now try during one year a nomads lifestyle. From Munich to Nancy around the Mare Nostrum I will bike about 15000km following Ulysses‚s footsteps.

I introduce you Buz, who will follow me during the trip
Photos, films and account of our journey cycling east around the World.
by Mary Thompson and Peter Root, tour started July 2011, submitted 5 November 2011

We are Mary Thompson and Peter Root. At 17.00 on the 12th July 2011 we got the boat to France with loads of stuff and two bikes with the intention to cycle east around the World.

Looking out over Lake Konstanz, Germany
London to Sydney: A guide to all things cycle touring
by Kat & Phil, tour started June 2011, submitted 1 November 2011

We are embarking on a cycle tour from London To Australia, taking in countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Along the way well be posting updates, stories, photos, cycle touring articles and advice as well as reviews of our equipment. Come take a look - we'd love to hear from you!

Kat at the Top of the Col du Tourmalet
Lungo la Loira: un fiume e cento castelli
by Luciano Zamperini, tour started May 2009, submitted 31 October 2011
Europe: France
language: it

Lungo la strada non mi resta che lasciarmi andare seguendo il corso della Loira, qui ampio ed accogliente, per farmi portare verso gli affascinanti castelli di Blois ed Amboise. Più discosto nella campagna (e purtroppo nei pressi di una centrale nucleare) è, invece, quello maestoso di Chambord.....

See all 3 reports by Luciano Zamperini

En Provence, in Provenza
by Luciano Zamperini, tour started July 2009, submitted 31 October 2011
Europe: France
language: it

L'incanto dei borghi arroccati su dirupi vertiginosi, il fascino ed il misticismo delle abazie benedettine rendono la Provenza una méta sempre desiderata. Un viaggio che, per quanto lo si ripeta, non delude mai.

Fa un caldo torrido in questo mese di luglio, in Provenza....

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Da Genova a Marsiglia, attraversando la costa azzurra
by Beatrice Virga, tour started April 2011, submitted 28 October 2011
Europe: Italy, France
language: it

A Maggio avevo voglia di mare, ma anche di pedalare: un collega mi consiglia la Costa Azzurra anche per il clima mite. Acquisto una cartina, segno le località che mi suggerisce, preparo il minimo indispensabile e prendo i treni che mi portano a Genova. Qui, un capotreno gentilissimo, ha voluto aprire per forza il vagone per le bici, solo che all'arrivo ci sono voluti 20 minuti e 4 meccanici per riaprirlo. Più che la gentilezza potè la forza.

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Solo, Atlantic to Mediterranean: Pyrenees & Corbieres Tour
by Suze, tour started September 2011, submitted 3 October 2011
Europe: France

In September 2011, I spent a leisurely, though sometimes challenging, three weeks riding solo across France, from Bayonne/Biarritz, on the Atlantic, to Narbonne/Gruissan-Plage, on the Mediterranean.

In between, there were three fabulous Tour de France climbs in the high Pyrenees; gorgeous valleys in their foothills; prehistoric and Roman ruins; medieval walled cities; romanesque cathedrals and abbeys.

I certainly won't forget the many wonderful, friendly, helpful, delightful people I met ... and the superb food I enjoyed along the way. The Pyrenees are for me a cycling paradise.

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Vallee d'Ossau
A Shortened Break
by Nick Altmann, tour started September 2011, submitted 29 September 2011

This is a report of a trip that was intended to be a solo ride from London to Athens over seven weeks. Unfortunately I was involved in a road accident in Germany after only eleven days that curtailed the trip.

Before this point I enjoyed fine scenery in such areas as Kent, the Ardennes, Luxembourg and the Black Forest, and passed through many attractive towns including Trier and Vianden.

Tour of the Alps 2011
by Piaw Na, Phil Sung, tour started June 2011, submitted 21 September 2011

Phil Sung and I travel the Swiss, French, Italian, and Austrian Alps, with a side trip to Germany. We were car supported for 2 weeks, and then self-supported for 2 weeks, with about a week's worth of hiking.

Colle de la Lombarde
Over Hondered Cols to PBP
by Igor Kovse, tour started July 2011, submitted 6 September 2011
Europe: France

Climbing is essential to the good cycling tours. You've got the motivation to climb the pass, you celebrate the victory at the top, you have the sense of achievement and you are rewarded with the thrill of descent. All of this while riding through beautiful and diverse scenery. In this tour I was reviving these feelings tens of times per day. Frequently I was overwhelmed by the intensity of the moment, a kind of hyper-consciousness, as if I was on adrenalin drug. This was not an isolated event, an exceptionally good moment when you say ''Wow, that WAS the day!'' - on this tour all of the days were like that. I never enjoyed cycling so much for so long.

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Cycling down the Pas de Peyrol (Massif Central, France)
Route des Grandes Alpes & Verdon
by Giovanni Pirotta, tour started August 2011, submitted 5 September 2011
Europe: France
language: it

An incredible journey, from Aosta in Italy we climb: Petit Saint Bernard, Iseran, Telegraphe and Galibier, Izoard, Col de Vars, Col de la Bonette, Couillole and Valberg, Toutes Aures and then into the Gorges du Verdon to reach the Mediterranean Sea in the last stage!!!

10 stages, 716 km, 16200 meter of elevation, the amazing landscapes of the Alps, a perfect wheater all the days and great fellow travelers are the ingredients for an unbelievable bike trip!!!

See all 3 reports by Giovanni Pirotta

Col de la Bonette - 2802 m
Tour in den Südalpen
by Hubert Becker, tour started July 2005, submitted 31 August 2011
Europe: France, Italy
language: de

Eine sehr anspruchsvolle Radtour in 7 Tagesetappen über 450 km durch die Südalpen (Frankreich und Italien), Tagesetappen zwischen 34 und 92 Kilometern.

See all 29 reports by Hubert Becker

At the Colle dei Morti
Cicloturismo Corsica
by cicloturismo - alessandro, tour started April 2009, submitted 22 July 2011
Europe: France
language: it

Corsica bike tour. 300 km 4 days

See all 16 reports by cicloturismo - alessandro

solo world bike trip
by peter skelly, tour started August 2007, submitted 25 May 2011

A solo,unsupported bicycle trip around the world.

The route is always open to change, the intention is to finish one day.

To explore new cultures, music, food, art, enjoy this wonderful blue planet and learn what I can.

A tour round the Mont Blanc massiv on a road bike
by Iris Mueck, tour started May 2003, submitted 13 May 2011

Time to report an 'old' tour: The tour round the Mont Blanc massive. Starting an Switzerland, via France to Italy and back to Martigny. Highlight of the Tour: the Grand Saint Bernard pass. See details: Good luck to all the followers!

See all 108 reports by Iris Mueck

Charmonix glacier
Jerry's Alps Tour 2010
by Jerry Nilson, tour started 2010, submitted 17 April 2011

After yet another accident (hit by a car on the downhill and hospitalised with 5 ribs broken at many places, whole in one lung, head concussion, etc.), I had one training ride in two months before leaving for this year's Alps Tour. The tour was, however, very successful and I had a record number of height metres in one day (8272m) on the 277 km ride of the Monte Grappa Challenge. The weather was lovely throughout even if a bit too hot many times. Great places were visited, but I had problems with photos and then dropped my camera on the ground and only had iPhone photos for the second half.

See all 13 reports by Jerry Nilson

Monte Rite 2165m (Cortina below)
A look into our 4 month long 2010 Europe Bike trip
by Nicki Owen and Ross Copley, tour started May 2010, submitted 15 April 2011

Hello, Our page is a blog that we kept on our trip. I kept it short and candid. Plus I've also included a map of our route and suggestions of good tour spots for others. Thoughts on the different countries we went through and brief info on our bikes and gear.

Ross in Cres, Croatia
An English couple's around the world bicycle adventure with no end in sight.
by Sarah ''Thumper'' Jones & ''Sat Nav'' Sam Stephens, tour started August 2010, submitted 6 April 2011

Follow the adventure as Sammy and Sarah head off the beaten track to find what the real World has to offer. This is the tale of two British cycling adventurers wanting to travel around the world and absorb new cultures.

Fuelled by strong will and a passion for adventure, ''2010 Till When?'' is our journey of a lifetime.

We update our page with tales, pictures and little videos of our trip so far, whilst giving our plans on the road ahead.

Thumper's secret weapon? A multitude of herbs and spices (I wouldn't leave home without them!) and Sat Nav Sam's? (amongst other instruments) a ukulele.

BicycleTOURing in the Pyrenées II. (France, Spain)
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 2010, submitted 9 March 2011
Europe: France, Spain, Andorra
language: en, hu

In 2010 my bicycletour went back to the Pyrenées to collect another paved roads going above 2000 m, to have all of them. By its start I cycled up to Mont Ventoux on its four different ascents in the same day to have the Galerien version of the Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux.

I saw 3 times the Tour de France: they were great feelings, unforgettable memories. I climbed legendary Tour de France climbs, like Col de Peyresourde, Aspin, Luz Ardiden, Aubisque, Pla d’Adet, Col d’Azet, etc. In Spain I was amazed by the huge rockwalls of the Ordesa canyon and the region of that and found wonderful (and one of the most beautiful roads) the East side of the Coll de Fanlo. In Spain with other ones I visited Cerler, Boi Taüll, a hardly known, but wonderful road to Presa L’lauset, then in Andorra 3 roads: one of them the legendary and nice Arcalis. I visited calm ascents like the idyllic valley of Lac Bouillouses and valley of Puigmal. After climbing Vallter I finished my tour in Barcelona.

The bicycletour was totally 2368 kms + 42996 m heightdifference.

See all 26 reports by Györgyi Gábor

Col de Peyresourde before the Tour de France caravane

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