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Italy (all)

This page lists all reports that for Italy including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only Italy.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Trails (continued)

Mountain Biking in Trentino-Südtirol/Alto Adige
by Andreas Caranti, tour started October 1994
Europe: Italy

A general introduction to this prime area for mountain biking. (This was the first report ever to be posted on the Trento Bike Pages.)

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by Andreas Caranti, tour started September 1994
Europe: Italy

One of my favourite trails, with a great singletrack section. The single track is really beautiful. It goes through a very varied terrain, slightly desolate at the start, then surrounded by sparse trees. A particularly nice spot occurs when crossing a creek near to a ``malga'', a wooden Alpine hut. At a couple of rough spots I prefer to walk for a few meters, so I have a chance for looking at the scenery. On such technical tracks I should really remember to stop every now and then anyway, to avoid the risk of looking only at the trail in front of me in search of the best path, and missing the scenery entirely.

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Alps Trip 1994
by Gavin Dixon, tour started July 1994

Inspired by the epic Alpine stages of the TdF and GdI that I see each year on SBS TV and by the personal accounts of Jobst Brandt, Mark Chung and others on the net, I made a plan for a two-week cycle around the Alps.

Dolomiten: Cortina d'Ampezzo und Arabba
by Udo Landgraf, tour started June 1994
Europe: Italy
language: de

Five tour descriptions: Monte Piana, Fanes, Drei Zinnen, Cinque Torri, Col di Lana.

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Bike and Board
language: de, it

The Bike \& Board site has the following goal: ``Das wollen wir mitteilen: in den Bergen gibt es viel mehr für die Seele als man denkt. Geht in die Berge und respektiert sie, seid wach und nehmt nach Hause ein Erlebnis mit, das dem Leben mehr Sinn geben kann.'' Among the mountain bike trail descriptions in Germany, Austria and Italy: Lagorai/Latemar (in German and in Italian), and Transalp 2000 (in German): an Alpine crossing from Germany to Italy.

Die Alpenquerulanten
by Florian Michahelles
language: de

Alpenuberquerung mit dem MTB bei zwei Wochen Regen. Nach einem Fruhstuck aus Wasser, Milupa-Milchpulver (ab dem 1. Monat) und Musli brechen wir auf. 340km, 11.000 Hohenmeter warten auf uns. This beautiful tour will take Florian and his buddies over Switzerland and Italy.

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Das Gute liegt so nah: MTB-Tour von Mittenwald nach Bozen
by Florian Michahelles
language: de

A mountain bike ride from Mittenwald to Bolzano/Bozen in five days

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The Stelvio Pass - Facts and Photos
by Otto Axel
Europe: Italy

This is one of the mythical Alpine passes, made famous by great Giro perfomances by Fausto Coppi and others.

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Lake Garda: Europe's best Mountain Biking?
by Kevin Hodgson
Europe: Italy

Here's a simple question for you. Where is the best mountain biking in Europe? Well, 'best' depends on what floats your boat; sun, singletrack, downhills with chair lifts? However, when I lived in Germany, I posed this question to several biker friends, and always received the same answer - ``Lake Garda''. I searched through magazines for the answer and it was once again ``Lake Garda''. I was starting to see a pattern emerging. Well, my mate Dickie was on a student exchange to Trento, which is close to Lake Garda, in northern Italy. Therefore, I decided to take a few days off work and head on over the Brenner to see what all the fuss was about. The visit also coincided with ``BIKE fest'' a weekend festival where thousands of German mountain bikers get drunk in a field beside the Lake, then try to ride 80 miles the next day.

The next day's ride was decided to be a 'biggy'. I had the 'Moser' guide book of Garda, which is in German only, and provides route cards, guaranteeing that you will not need a map. I always find guide book routes too easy, so I selected a 'very hard' grade: Monte Casale. Big mistake. We set off with just the route cards, into a nondescript Italian forest, with no idea where we were headed, except that it was 'very hard'. The forest tracks climbed incessantly, until we branched off onto some pleasant singletrack. Suddenly as Dickie rode through the forest ahead of me, he unexpected threw his bike to the ground and let out an uncontrollable string of expletives! I rushed up to him, wondering if he'd been bitten by a snake. The trees fell away in a 1000m pure vertical plunge to the valley far below, we were at the edge of the cliff we had seen yesterday, and Dickie had almost ridden over it! The singletrack then proceeded to wind its way precariously along the edge for a couple of kilometres, before climbing up to the summit of Monte Casale at 1632m.

In summary, I have no doubt that this area offers the best trails in Europe. Unfortunately none of the routes are way marked, and no English language guide exists for the area, meaning that you must rely on good map reading as a means to explore the area. See you there!

© 2003 Kevin Hodgson @ Offroad Adventures
Progetto Annibale - Traversata delle Alpi in MTB
Europe: Italy
language: it

Hannibal (not the one played by Anthony Hopkins) Project - MTB Alpine crossing.

by Florian Michahelles
Europe: Italy
language: de

Auf dem Ligurischen Grenzkamm durch die Seealpen von Ventimiglia nach Cuneo. From the MTB page of Florian Michahelles. Includes Praktische Tips und genaue Daten zur Tour.

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Mountain Bike Italian Links
by Massimo Peverada
Europe: Italy
language: it

Has links to lots of mountain bike itineraries all over Italy, and over 60 such (and counting) in or near Piemonte (Piedmont): detailed descriptions (in Italian) and maps - very nice job!

Mountain Biking in Sardinia
by Lucio Cadeddu
Europe: Italy

See all 5 reports by Lucio Cadeddu

Dolomites -Francis & Sheila' Virtual Alps
by Francis & Sheila
Europe: Italy

A great photo archive. Each page includes no more than 3 photos, on average, 25,000 bytes [...] We hope you enjoy them. There is a help page if you are having difficulty viewing the images. The photos are not of printable quality - if you wish to use any of these pictures in a hardcopy publication, please contact us and we will supply a high-resolution file.

See all 2 reports by Francis & Sheila

Sardinia by Bike
by Lucio Cadeddu
Europe: Italy
language: it, en

Has a section for Off Road Tours.

See all 5 reports by Lucio Cadeddu


Fahrrad Reisen / Bicycle Touring
by camino10, , submitted 13 June 2010
language: de, en

Travelogues, trip reports and travel photography: Crossing the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in Mexico, along the Mediterranean coast of Italy, France and Spain, bike tour to ancient Greece and Turkey, Island hopping in Mallorca, Corsica and Crete, Trans Alps Bike Tour

Reiseberichte und Tourenberichte von Fahrrad Reisen durch die Rocky Mountains in Kanada und die Sierra Madre in Mexiko, entlang der Mittelmeer Küste von Italien, Frankreich und Spanien, Veloreise bis Griechenland und die Türkei, klassischer Donau-Radweg und Elbe-Radweg, Radtouren auf den Inseln Mallorca, Korsika und Kreta, Trans Alps Bike Tour.

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Danube River Bike Tour
Bicycle Rides in Italy
by Gerald Soto,
Europe: Italy

Four rides in Toscana (May 1999):

  • San Gimignano-Volterra (May 7),
  • Chianti (May 8),
  • Pisa-Lucca (May 9),
  • Monteriggioni-Siena (May 10)

Four Rides in Dolomiti/SudTiröl (June 1999):

  • Bolzano to Marmolada (June 20),
  • Bolzano to Passo Mendola (June 21),
  • Tre Cime/Gruppo di Sella (June 23),
  • Passo Pennes (June 25)

See all 4 reports by Gerald Soto utilità ciclistica e turismo montano
Europe: Italy
language: it

La bici è un modo per scoprire le meraviglie naturali che arricchiscono le Alpi e l' Appennino, ed è sembrato giusto presentare una finestra abbastanza ampia (in collaborazione con Apt, Pro Loco e Privati) sulle varie località trattate. La parte di utilità ciclistica raccoglie ciò che interessa ad un appassionato: recensioni sulle riviste e sui nuovi prodotti delle aziende che collaboreranno con noi, mercato dell'usato, opinioni, link per i siti delle gare ed altro ancora [...].

[P]roponiamo itinerari per conoscere e visitare i colli ed i monti del Nord Italia. La descrizione degli itinerari trascende le tecnicità dei cicloamatori professionali proprio perché vuole rivolgersi a tutti, come una guida turistica. Ma ovviamente con le note della descrizione e con l'ausilio delle mappe, disponibili ormai per metà degli itinerari proposti, anche i più ``preparati'' possono affrontare l'itinerario con tutte le notizie necessarie.

by April Pedersen Santinon
Europe: Italy

This site offers a wealth of information about cycling in Veneto.

BiciVeneto is a homage to my two greatest passions: bici *(bikes, short for biciclette), and the Veneto region of Italy, my adopted home. It's an apt combination, because contrary to the common perception, all of Italy is not cycling crazy, and there are, in fact, regions where you will not encounter many cyclists at all. The Veneto, on the other hand, is a land of generations-old cycling heritage and traditions, and bicycling in all forms is a way of life. If you ask the Veneti why this is so, they will answer that cycling is a tough sport which demands hard work, stubbornness, and sacrifice, qualities which are an integral part of their character. The Veneto is arguably the most ``cyclistic'' of Italy's 20 regions: There are an estimated 25,000 licensed riders, belonging to several federations (in a population of 4.4 million).

Dream House, © 2001 April Pedersen Santinon
Vagabondo - the independent traveller's site
Europe: Italy
language: it

Questo sito si rivolge a chi ama organizzare i suoi viaggi per conto proprio, fuori dalle rotte del turismo di massa, senza acquistare ``pacchetti preconfezionati'' da tour operator od agenzie di viaggio.

This site is for those persons who like to plan their travels by themselves, out of the road of mass tourism, not inclined to buy something ready made from big tour operators.

by Dietmar Jaeger
language: de

An enormous collection of bicycle tours all over the world.
Eine enorme Sammlung von Fahrradtouren in der ganzen Welt.

I ``ciclogiri Clodiani'' dal 1985 ad oggi
by Claudio Colombo
language: it

Claudio Colombo has several illustrated reports of tours in Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland

Col d'Izoard
by Karl Brodowsky
language: de

A massive travel site, this guy has been everywhere.

Hier finden sich einige deutschsprachige Reiseberichte von Fahrradtouren, die hoffentlich unterhaltsam und informativ sind, aber auch vielleicht die eine oder andere Anregung für Leute geben, die selber einmal so etwas machen wollen. Für englischsprachige Radtourenberichte habe ich hier auch einen Anfang gemacht, ebenso für schwedischsprachige Radtourenberichte, wobei noch ein bißchen auf norwegisch und dänisch dabei ist, aber diese drei skaninavischen Sprachen sind so ähnlich, daß man entweder alle drei ein bißchen lesen kann oder eben keine davon.

See all 16 reports by Karl Brodowsky

Cycling info pages

Welcome to the Snow bord Tour at Corvara (Sella Ronda)
by Iris Mueck, , submitted 12 August 2010
Europe: Italy

Corvara, has been the starting point of several 'Maratona dles Dolomites', I have been participating. We said: we do the Sella Ronda in winter. On Snow board. The tour takes just 4 hours (if you are lucky on queues before the lifts...).

Worth to see the little city of Arabba, just before the Porte Vescovo. We made a side trip to the Marmolada (there are two ways of correct spelling: Marmolada and Marmolata - one is in local language 'ladinisch'). Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

See all 113 reports by Iris Mueck

what a scenic view !
Bicycles - World's Most Efficient Means of Transport
by Hostelio, , submitted 2 September 2009

Man on a bicycle can go three or four times faster than the pedestrian, but uses five times less energy in the process. He carries one gram of his weight over a kilometer of flat road at an expense of only 0.15 calories. The bicycle is the perfect transducer to match man's metabolic energy to the impedance of locomotion. Equipped with this tool, man outstrips the efficiency of not only all machines but all other animals as well. [...]

Bicycles are not only thermodynamically efficient, they are also cheap. With his much lower salary, the Chinese acquires his durable bicycle in a fraction of the working hours an American devotes to the purchase of his obsolescent car. The cost of public utilities needed to facilitate bicycle traffic versus the price of an infrastructure tailored to high speeds is proportionately even less than the price differential of the vehicles used in the two systems. In the bicycle system, engineered roads are necessary only at certain points of dense traffic, and people who live far from the surfaced path are not thereby automatically isolated as they would be if they depended on cars or trains. The bicycle has extended man's radius without shunting him onto roads he cannot walk. Where he cannot ride his bike, he can usually push it.

The bicycle also uses little space. Eighteen bikes can be parked in the place of one car, thirty of them can move along in the space devoured by a single automobile. It takes three lanes of a given size to move 40,000 people across a bridge in one hour by using automated trains, four to move them on buses, twelve to move them in their cars, and only two lanes for them to pedal across on bicycles. Of all these vehicles, only the bicycle really allows people to go from door to door without walking. The cyclist can reach new destinations of his choice without his tool creating new locations from which he is barred. [...]

The Twizi hostel directory - the cheapest places to stay on the planet
by Patrick Sexton, , submitted 6 January 2007

[The author travels around the world and reviews hostels, and has built up a large hostel directory.]

What are hostels?

The quickest answer I can give to you is that hostels are budget accommodations where you share a room with other travelers. To be more specific though and to give you a better idea of what to expect I will say that a hostel room is like a hotel room but instead of being just one bed there are a couple (or a few) bunk beds. There are also (gasp!) other people. People you do not know! These other people are travelers who are most likely very much like you in the sense that they are exploring and traveling and doing it as absolutely cheaply as possible. Hostels have been around a long long time. There are over 20,000 of them around the world. Hostels are very much a part of the culture of Europe, and are starting to be known in the USA as well. Hostels are a cheaper way of staying in a city where you do not live.

world map
Bicycle touring in Tuscany
by David Cleveland, submitted 28 December 2005
Europe: Italy

David has written a book on bicycle touring in Tuscany. The site offers many useful links for Italy in general, Tuscany, Umbria, Marches, and Lazio, and miscellaneous travel sites; as well as a picture gallery.

Biking in Abruzzo
by Angelo Bandini,
Europe: Italy

Situated almost in the center of the Italian peninsula only one hour away from Rome, Abruzzo it's one of Italy best kept secrets. Most of its economic life takes place on the coast facing the Adriatic Sea but its very heart lies among the many mountains ranges that run along its territory. Here you can find the highest peaks in the Apennines. Coast and mountains are fastened together by a green belt of gentle hills lined with olive trees and vineyards. Thanks to a foreseeing policy of land preservation now thirty percent of its territory is protected as National Park (4 right now) or wildlife reservation.

See all 2 reports by Angelo Bandini

Transporting bikes on trains
by Andreas Caranti,
Europe: Italy

A practical guide (not terribly up-to-date, though).

See all 10 reports by Andreas Caranti

Books (on-road and off-road)
Europe: Italy
Ciclopiste in Torino
by Becana
Europe: Italy
language: it

Bicycle paths in Turin.

See all 3 reports by Becana

Mountain Biking Guidebooks for Lago di Garda/Gardasee
by Becana
Europe: Italy

See all 3 reports by Becana

The Official Site of the Italian Railways (Ferrovie dello Stato)
Europe: Italy

With timetables.

Treno + Bici / Trains and Bicycles
Europe: Italy
language: it

Complete information, from the site of FIAB - la Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta.

Italian Tourist Web Guide
Europe: Italy

General information on Trentino
Europe: Italy
General information on Alto Adige/Südtirol
by Altea
Europe: Italy
language: it
Rec.Travel Library: Italy
Europe: Italy
Modena Mode
by Sue Darlow
Europe: Italy

Cycling photographer Sue Darlow has lived for many years in the city of Modena, where you don't have to be a cyclist to cycle.

The first time I visited Modena, a small city near Bologna in the plain sandwiched between the Apennines and the Alps, and famous for its balsamic vinegar, I cycled there from the airport. What a pleasant surprise. In addition to a lovely porticoed city centre painted in warm yellows and earthy browns and the magnificent marble Romanesque cathedral, the place was alive with cyclists. [...]

Now that I have lived here for so many years and observed the Modenese awheel, something has dawned on me: a 'bike culture' is not necessarily something that is self-consciously created by people who love and promote cycling, who know all about gear ratios, aerodynamics and frame angles and who dress the part.

Lycra what? © Sue Darlow
The Lead Goat Veered Off
by Neil Anderson
Europe: Italy

This is a book ``[detailing] the unusual happenings of Neil [Anderson] and Sharon while cycle touring the small Mediterranean island of Sardinia''.

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