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Korea by bicycle
by LL Goulet, tour started 2014, submitted 17 August 2014
Asia: KoreaSouth

With stunning scenery and dedicated bicycle paths, South Korea has some of the finest cycling. The '4 Rivers Bicycle Trails' project has given rise to an ever growing network of bicycle trails. With affordable accommodation and friendly Koreans, our cross country cycling experience was simply amazing.

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Tour de South Korea
by Conrad Philipp, tour started September 2005, submitted 31 March 2008
Asia: KoreaSouth
language: en, de, fr

a great report about south korea. i visit the country 2005 for a one month bike trip. the weather was hot, the people friendly...

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octopus at the east cost
Bicycle World Tour
by Eric Wehrheim, tour started June 2005, submitted 18 January 2008
language: en, de, sp, ko

This is our second big trip with bicycle. It just started 1998 from Germany over Africa up to Asia with the destination South Korea (2000). Now, again on the road, we are travelling by bicycle in South America. We are since 06/2005 again on the road.

Dies ist nun schon unsere zweite grosse Radtour. Es begann 1998 in Deutschland mit dem Weg nach Suedkorea und einem Abstecher in Afrika. Nun, seit 06/2005, sind wir mit unseren Raedern in Suedamerika unterwegs.

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Mun Suk & Eric with her bicycles
Cycling Home From Siberia
by Rob Lilwall, tour started 2006, submitted 23 January 2007

A 40,000 km. 3 year ride through 30 countries, from far eastern Russia (Siberia) in winter, to London England, via Australia. Trying to cover the whole route by bicycle and boat only. I have encountered plenty of good times and a few tough ones, noteably in Siberia (camping at minus forty), Papua New Guinea (pushing my bike down a beach as no roads) and Tibet (in winter).

In Siberia (2004)