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This page lists all reports that for Libya including those that involve other countries too.
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Sophos tour around the world
by Romain POISSON, tour started June 2008, submitted 27 September 2008
language: en, fr

Vagabondages autour du monde d'un apprenti voyageur.

Un ou deux ans de voyage au programme pour découvrir l'Europe du Nord, l'Asie et l'Afrique du Nord différemment.

Prochaine étape : la traversée de la Russie en hiver

Vagrancy around the world by a apprentice traveller.

One or two years to discover in a different way north Europe, Asia and north Africa.

Next step : from St Petersburg to Vladivostok during winter time

Shot in the Lofoten Islands (Norway) while i was waiting for a very small ferry (2 passengers) - I stayed over there for 24 hours :)
First Irish circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle
by Fearghal & Simon, tour started October 2008, submitted 28 August 2008

This November, Simon Evans and Fearghal O'Nuallain will begin the first Irish circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle. Their unsupported expedition will cover over 30,000km, passing through 30 countries and some of the highest, lowest, driest, coldest, warmest and loneliest places on earth. In doing so, they will be promoting the positive contribution that cycling can make to mental health and the environment, raising 100,000 euro for Aware and highlighting climate change.

Land-bound circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea

Welcome to the first "wired" human-powered (bicycle), land-bound circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea. The team have concluded their journey, but they are continuing to add reports to this site.


Avventure nel deserto Libico al seguito di una strana carovana
by Ambrogio D'Adda, tour started February 2002, submitted 26 August 2006
Africa: Libya
language: it

Grazie alla perenne ricerca di motivazioni, il Vezz, si imbatte nella presentazione di una gara affascinante, spettacolare e singolare.

Queste sono le mie impressioni sull'avventura vissuta nel deserto libico, al seguito di una strana carovana.

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