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Sri Lanka Tour
by gianni filippini, tour started February 2016, submitted 8 March 2016
Asia: SriLanka

A Brompton Folding bike tour in Sri Lanka

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Tour of Gondwana
by Michael Ayers, tour started May 2005, submitted 20 January 2010

My goal for this Tour was to visit all of the major inhabited parts of the former supercontinent of Gondwana. Today, those places are mostly located in the Southern Hemisphere. Another aspect of my plan was to avoid long airplane trips by crossing oceans on container ships. That part of my Tour frequently caused problems, but I did hold fast to that idea, more or less. I traveled alone during 40 months and covered a little over 86,000 km by bike in 44 countries. My primary interest was the simple joy of cycling in new places, but I also concentrated on Natural History, Flora and Fauna, Ancient Sites and Diverse Cultures. My site contains sections describing Tour preparations, detailed logs, photos, posts written during the Tour, and a collection of essays written once it was complete.

Gyatso-La, at 5,220 meters, the highest pass of the Tour, in Tibet