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UK (all)

This page lists all reports that for UK including those that involve other countries too.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Western Isles and Highlands 2000
by Andrew Clark, tour started 2000
Europe: UK

Ever since I bought my first ``proper'' touring bicycle I'd liked the idea of touring the Outer Hebrides and Western Highlands of Scotland. I'd done a limited amount of walking in Scotland before and had spent a few days travelling around Skye by car but I wanted to see more and a cycle camping tour seemed the best way of doing it.

[In 2000] I booked three weeks off work and bought a rail ticket from Liverpool to Oban and a ferry ticket that would allow me to travel from Oban to the islands of Barra, South Uist, Benbecula, North Uist, Harris and Lewis and finally back to Ullapool on the mainland from where I planned to cycle to Cape Wrath, the most North Westerly point of the British Isles.

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Land's End to John O'Groats
by Martin Wittram, tour started June 1999
Europe: UK
language: en, de

Travelling by bike in England, Wales, and Scotland. Another fine and very nicely illustrated report from the impressive collection of Martin Wittram.

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Scotland - Hebrides and Western Coast
by Jacqueline et Patrick Huard, tour started 1999
Europe: UK
language: fr

An excellent report, with lots of practical information. Even if you don't know French, look at it for the beautiful pictures.

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England by Tandem
by Joe & Carolyn Stafford, tour started November 1998
Europe: UK

Taking three weeks off to tour England by tandem was the trip of a lifetime. Great riding, good weather, and lots of help from friends along the way made a truly memorable experience for us. We planned relatively short mileage days and allowed several days off the bike for some typical ``tourist'' days.

The riding in England was superb. The route we planned took us to some of the most scenic and pastoral settings imaginable. Except for London, riding in cities, towns, and villages posed no problems for a tandem. Using England's trains for covering long distances was relatively easy, but required some planning ahead to be sure space was available.

© 1998 by Joe & Carolyn Stafford
by Angelo Bandini, tour started September 1998
Europe: UK

Total luggage weight was about 15 kilos, of course I had no sleeping or cooking gear. My beloved mount is an early 80' racing Vicini with Columbus SL steel frame and Dura Ace. Gearing is limited to 52/39 up front and a six speed rear cassette ranging from 13 to 23. Blindly overestimating my level of fitness I didn't even bother adding a 25 cog. At the time I thought that England was mostly flat...

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Europe by bike: London to Budapest
by Glenn and Sheila Ord, tour started 1998

Travel Notes:

  • Thumbs up to: French friendliness, secondary road system, campsites, the bread, wine cheese, pate, supermarkets.
  • Thumbs down to: the April weather, birds that chirp all night long.
  • Most bizarre sight: we spotted 3 English train spotters on holiday watching the trains go by.
  • The gift for the person who has everything: a waterproof baguette holder

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On Yer Bike! Northern Summer 1998
by Garry Budin, tour started 1998

The idea of cycling in Europe had hit me in England in June: I was cycling from my home in Oxford up to Yorkshire and persistently got lashed by wind and near freezing rain, a thought quickly formed in my mind: time to head south and do a proper cycle trip - to the sun.

From Santiago I headed west to Cabo Finisterre, and Galician equivalent of Englands Lands End, jutting out into the Atlantic, pointing to the American continent. One local I asked directions from said to me; 'Finisterre really is the end of the civilized world', and looked out west towards America. It was a longish days cycling, 140km, and into a head wind, but nice and warm, about 27 degrees.

Outer Hebrides (Scotland) Cycling Tour
by Patrick Fox, tour started July 1997
Europe: UK

After lunch I coasted back down the hillside and took the southern fork along Luskentyre bay. This led me on round the west coast of Harris, a superb landscape of broad sandy bays, interspersed with black rocky points and all backed by the rugged mountains inland. I made my gentle way along here, pausing in particularly attractive spots to study the geology or write a postcard.

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Visions of Snowdonia
by Milosz Wisniewski, tour started June 1997
Europe: UK

Cycling in the Welsh hilly land.

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Britain and Brittany by Bike
by Terje Melheim, tour started 1997

A family cycle tour in north-western part of France in 1997. We started the tour at Gatwick airport, and southern areas of England are included in our description.

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Europe Tour
by Erik Carlsson & Eric Salomonsson, tour started 1997

Europe Tour 1997 started in Nyköping (100 km south of Stockholm) and continued to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, the Normandy coast, Jersey and London, before returning to Sweden via Denmark totalling just over 4000 kilometres.

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P.J.'s Cycling Scotland Pages
by Peter Josef (P.J.) Meisch, tour started May 1996
Europe: UK

The splendidly organized (Ha, the Web!) report of an extensive tour of Scotland. A must-see!

Balloch, Lochearnhead, Oban, Glenfinnan, Sleat Mountains on Skye, Portree, Shiel Bridge, Inverness, Loch Lochy, Kingussie, Elgin, Fraserburgh, Aberdeen, Aboyne, Bridge of Cally, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Galashiels, Gretna, Parton, Ayr, Johnstone.

Riding the Waters - A promenade in the Inner Hebrides and Loch-Ness
by Jean-Pierre Jacquot, tour started 1996
Europe: UK

Family cycling at its best!

These pages are a little recollection of the holidays we took in the Highlands during 1996 summer. The main part of these Scotish holidays was a tour of the Hebrides and the Highlands. On our way down to France, we also made a stop to the Isle of Arran.

It was a leisurely tour: about 650 km (400 miles) in 14 days. Certainly not a great feat for Martine and me, but more so for Nicolas, who was 8 and rode all the way. [...] I've always found that planning a route is very easy, as soon as an organizing idea has been decided. For our first trip in Scotland, I settled on ``riding the waters'': ferrying to the islands, musing along lochs, and paying a due visit to the most famous of all. We don't regret this choice. We are now specialists in ferries (from liners-like to pedestrians-only) and it was fun to see Scotland from the sea also.

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A tour of Scotland
by Piaw Na, tour started May 1995
Europe: UK

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London to Rome
by Wayne Wakeman, tour started 1995

Wayne rides through France, and has a look at the Tour on the way.

See all 2 reports by Wayne Wakeman

London to Rome
by Wayne Wakeman, tour started 1995

Wayne rides through France, and has a look at the Tour on the way.

See all 2 reports by Wayne Wakeman

Cycling Tour Central England
by Bas van Oudheusden and Maria Salomons, tour started July 1994
Europe: UK

Our tour took us through several of the rural areas of central England, and we experienced very pleasant and relaxing cycling on the B and unclassified roads. This may come a bit as a surprise regarding that the area crosses the central urban and industrial belt stretching from Greater London to the Midlands (Birmingham).

A tour from England to France and Spain
by Sean Cleary, tour started September 1993

See also the Biking Gallery of photographs.

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Land's End to John O'Groats
by Peter Seaman and Martin Cockersole, tour started April 1992
Europe: UK

Includes maps, and plenty of pictures. One cannot make a 1000 mile bicycle trip such as this without a few amusing incidents. At Bettyhill on the final day we met a lady in a cafe where the following conversation took place Lady: ``So you are cycling. Have you come from far?'' Martin: ``No, not really. Only from Land's End''.

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Route around Slaidburn
Wheels and Rainbows Through Scotland
by Judy Colwell, tour started July 1991
Europe: UK

Menlo Park, London, Inverness, Aberlour, Aberdeen, Montrose, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Yetholm, Rothbury, Once Brewed, York, Sherwood Forest.

See all 2 reports by Judy Colwell

Land's End - John o'Groats, An East of The Pennines Route
by Ian & Steve, tour started June 1991
Europe: UK
The Rough-Stuff Fellowship
Europe: UK

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship is a cycling organisation dedicated to the pursuit of cycling on bridleways, byways, drove roads and tracks. The RSF was formed in 1955 and now boasts over 1000 members nationwide with local groups scattered around the country.

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship have a limited selection of off-road routes. These include: Eastern Alps, Central Alps, Western Alps, Massif Central, Pyrenees, Picos de Europa. These routes are listed in greater detail with maps descriptions of the route including exact position of the start and finish of each route. These routes have been compiled over the forty or so years the RSF has been in existence. It is important to note that the these routes have been completed by RSF members mostly using camping equipment and standard touring bikes, not mountain bikes.

Cycle Odyssey home page
by John and Daniel Gould

On these pages we will show you the cycling pursuits of John and Daniel Gould (from Australia) and our friend Peter (from Japan).Our challenge will be to ride from London to Istanbul through 12 countries in 2 months while having a great time and seeing the sights. Peter should be there to Italy and then its just 2 unless anyone else wants to join us. For father and son John and Daniel the quest will also try to raise money for Odyssey House.

On the Road to Nowhere - Nowhere is the Place
by Glenn and Sheila Ord

A site filled with tours all over Europe, Africa, Asia, and America.

See all 5 reports by Glenn and Sheila Ord

Core Rider - Als Fahrradbotschafter unterwegs in Europa - Die North Sea Cycle Route Opening Tour, Northern Arc
by Peter Spiegel
language: de

Wenn Ihnen in Norwegen jemand auf Ihre Frage nach Steigungen mit ``mostly flat'' antwortet, seien Sie gewarnt: flach hat in Norwegen eine andere Bedeutung als in den Elbmarschen. ``Meistens flach'' bedeutet in Norwegen: Steigungen unter Hundert Meter. Chris Heymans, einer der Organisatoren und Planer der North Sea Cycle Route, fuhr übrigens einige norwegische Strecken, auch solche mit ``stiff Uphills'', mit seinem Brompton-Faltrad (natürlich mit Gepäck). Es ist eben alles relativ. Relativ ist, europaweit gesehen, auch die Qualität der Radwanderwege. Eine in Deutschland unglaublich miese Qualität bedeutet im restlichen Europa das Gegenteil.

Sie sollten also, wenn Sie eine längere Strecke auf der North Sea Cycle Route fahren wollen, Ihre Vorstellungen von ``gut'' und ``schlecht'' in ``anders'' wechseln. Erfreuen Sie sich an dem ständigen Wechsel der Landschaften. Lernen Sie immer wieder interessante Menschen kennen und genießen Sie das Flair der Dörfer und Städte rund um die Nordsee. ``Jeder Tag ist wie Weihnachten, jeden Tag eine Überraschung''. Dieser Slogan passt am besten zur Northern Opening Tour durch Schleswig-Holstein, Dänemark, Schweden, Norwegen und Schottland.

In Vorupør werden die Fischerboote auf den Strand gezogen
Archivio salite d'Europa/European climbs
by Voronin
language: it, de, fr, en

Tabular data and altitude profiles of mountain passes all over Europe.

Ireland Diary
by Myra VanInwegen
Europe: UK

This has been a difficult trip, this touring in Ireland. Every day I've gone out on my bike, regardless of the weather. I've struggled against headwinds, winched up slopes that went on for miles. I've gotten wet a great deal, and gotten chilled quite a few times, only getting warm again by adding more layers and pedalling harder. I was really looking forward to this ferry ride back: a chance to relax and stay warm.

See all 2 reports by Myra VanInwegen

Farewell to the land of rainbows
Op de fiets
by Luc Oteman
language: nl

Several cycling travel stories and detailed descriptions with profiles of 17 of the most beautiful climbs in 7 different European countries.

Cycling in Scotland - Munros, Ferries and Suicidal Sheep
by Jan Kuchel
Europe: UK

The travelogue of a cycling trip in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

See all 2 reports by Jan Kuchel

Time for a new haircut
Blood, Sweat and Tears - Cycling in the mountains
by Luddo Oh
language: en, nl

Reports and pictures from various mountains of Europe, America, and Australia. Partly in Dutch.

See all 4 reports by Luddo Oh


Mountain Bike Trail and Tour Information & Reviews at
by mudhunny, tour started 2008, submitted 21 November 2008 helps mountain bikers find mountain bike trails around the world, offering photos, reviews, videos and the largest online catalog of GPS mountain bike trail maps. Huge online mountain biking community and active forums. now features mountain bike tour listings and reviews, come find a tour or share your experience of your recent bike tour with fellow bikers. Mountain Bike Trail Information
tour started 2005

Trailsource has started a collection, among others, of European Mountain Bike Trail Descriptions. Mountain Biking TrailSource is your online adventure guide to the best mountain bike trails around the globe! You'll find over 4,000 singletracks in 100 countries.

Wales Diary
by Myra VanInwegen, tour started July 2000
Europe: UK

I took a long holiday to explore bits of Britain by bike. Since I like off-road cycling at least as much as on-road, I used my old Trek hardtail. I put skinny slicks on it to cover ground quickly by road, and put knobblies on it for off-road use. [...] My first destination was Wales. I left from home on July 9th, heading towards Cardiff, stopping by the Forest of Dean on the way. I stayed at the Neuadd Arms Hotel for a week, and I participated in the Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championships. From there I headed north on the Lon Las Cymru (Welsh National Cycle Route and Sustrans Route 8).

See all 2 reports by Myra VanInwegen

The Lakeland Loop
by Alasdair Arthur, tour started 1996
Europe: UK

The story of a cycling trip around England's Lake District: Bowness-on-Windermere, Patterdale, Bassenthwaite, Buttermere, Boot, Whitehaven, Boot to the coast and back Boot to Bowness-on-Windermere.

Offroad Adventures
Europe: UK

An excellent site with many good trail descriptions in Great Britain, with some excursions to mainland Europe and Africa

This site is for all Mountain Bikers who love the challenge of an Offroad Adventure. Offroad Adventures - Online is an online resource packed with a collection of full ride reports, routes guides (some including maps), preparation tips, equipment, images to inspire and practical advice.

To get the most from Offroad Adventures - Online you will need to spend time to read the many articles written by Real Mountain Bikers, the equipment reviews and the advice given by riders who have ridden epics in the past.

© 2003 Offroad Adventures


Reiseberichte Wittram Braunschweig
by Martin Wittram
language: de, en

A large list of cycle tours, 30 at the last count. Most are in Germany, but others go all over central and northern Europe. See the overview page. English translations are available for all pages.

See all 27 reports by Martin Wittram

Zwei Räder für's Leben (Stord, Norwegen)
Singletrack magazine
Europe: UK

A quarterly magazine aimed squarely at trail riders in the best traditions of the magazines that have been and gone. We make no apologies for taking inspiration from MTB World and Max MTB. They were great mags, full of the sort of riding that the majority of mountain bikers have adopted as their lifestyle. In fact the buzzwords 'Inspiration' and 'lifestyle' are key to the philosophy behind the magazine.

Cycle Routes - SE Scotland & NE England
by John Brewer
Europe: UK

This site is intended to offer ideas for cycle trips in and around SE Scotland and NE England. The routes are not graded in any way but comments should give some idea of their nature. They are not meant to be prescriptive but are just suggestions - obviously you can adapt them to suit your own needs.

A collection of some 84 (as of October 2005) routes in the triangle Edinburgh-Carlisle-Newcastle. Click the number on the map to access the page for the relevant tour - you will get a detailed description and a map of the tour. A very fine job, John!

Cycling Plus
Europe: UK

An UK bicycling magazine. Articles, forum, tests, workshop, routes, race calendar, race results, ads. The routes are especially interesting and include East Anglia, Northumberland, New Forest, Hampshire, Kent, Peak District, Hebridean Islands, West Cork in the Republic of Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, and others.

UK Railways on the Net
Europe: UK

Journey planner, timetables, today's rail travel information, train operating companies, travel bureau links.

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