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Austria (local)

This page lists all reports that for Austria only that do not involve other countries.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Vienna's critical mass 2019
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2019, submitted 20 October 2019
Europe: Austria

Participants: Heide, a very brave bicyclist; Iris, the tired bicyclist

Vienna's critical mass took place October 18th 2019. Assembly 17:00, Start 18:00. My ride, about 20 kilometers. As usual a high number of participants. Meanwhile the local police is good prepared and directs the riders safe throughout Vienna's roads. It reminds me on the city tours I have been riding in the US. Per example "Le tour de San Francisco". Iris, the tired bicyclist has got a hit from destiny: Parkinson disease. Riding under pain, but forgotten when with other riders and mood is good. You will not see to many Iris blogs in future. Good luck to our followers. Enjoy the pictures.

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Starting point
Old wine street Langenlois / Schiltern
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2017, submitted 26 October 2017
Europe: Austria

Queen weather in Austrias Waldviertel ("forest quarter"). - our Indian summer in the wine country, North/East of Vienna. An enjoyable ride.

Our tour started at Traismauer. Following the Danube trail west until Hollenburg. Crossing over at the bridge. Riding further West until Krems. The an uphill climb to Gneixendorf via "Bründelgraben". Riding on side roads to Langenlois. Lunch time at Langenlois! Continued riding on the "old wine street" (Bergstrasse Schiltern) towards Schiltern. And all the way back to Traismauer. Distance: just sweet 62 kilometers. here is my picture report. Good luck to our followers.

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Wine street logo
Bike & Hike the Ötscherland
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2017, submitted 23 October 2017
Europe: Austria

Long term weather forecast was promising. But nature is out of control...

Starting at misty roads South of St.Pölten heading for the sun at the Ötscherland area made our hearts sing. A three days tour. Mixed: biking, hiking, wellness. Mixed: race bikes and one e-bike. Mixed characters...

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Gösing - Natur - Mensch - Stille
Wiener Neustädter Kanaltour
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2017, submitted 19 September 2017
Europe: Austria

This has been the end of our "Paradiesroute" tour. Our train ended at Wiener Neustadt, so it was an easy decission to add this easy going 45 kilomters. Ending in a winery. So good to review a tour with a glass of wine in hand... ;-) Moreover, we arrived "dry" - no rain at all.

By train to Wiener Neustadt. Starting at Wiener Neustadt Hauptbahnhof. Heading for Mödling and further to Brunn am Gebirge. On paved roads to Lichtenwörth, then gravel roads until Leobersdorf. Here the paved roads starts again. We followed the Channel "Wiener Neustädter Kanal" side road. Enjoy the picture report. Good luck to our followers!

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Mur Radweg Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started July 2017, submitted 6 July 2017
Europe: Austria

There is no time to stall. we fade away too young, so much left ondone... Reason of the tour: I am still working on my white spots of my bicycling career... ;-)

Whenever you check the Internet you may read: "this tour is easy, as always flat, roads are paved all the way through, for familes, etc." Well, the tour comprises at least hundred poisoned stiffer rises (in German language "giftige Anstiege"). Most of them just 500 yards long, but... energy consuming.

we started a Tamsweg. Flat. Just before Murau the first gravel roads on forest roads (but compacted gravel, that's the good thing). And here we had our first stiffer rises... And they never ended. Just before Graz the last one...

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Tour de Mur
Bike Zellerrain - Hike Oetscher
by Iris Mueck, tour started May 2014, submitted 30 May 2016
Europe: Austria

It's time to report a tour from our homeland Austria. Since my last report concerning the Puerto Rico tour, there was silence in my reports. I am not getting any younger, any more mobil. I ride with pain, hike like an Egyptian... :-) Youngsters hike that mountain like ants. Me? I am a sort of limping around.

Well, we made the bigger distance by train (Vienna to Mariazell). But then: biking... The Zellerrainstrasse is a sort of challange. Starting at the train station Mariazell, we have been riding down to the lake Erlaufsee. A wonderful and paved path lead us there. The Zellerrainstrasse stated right on the Westend of the lake. Winding up to a height of 1.121 meters. The old Zellerrain road has been a gravel road with a pitch level of 22 % Today, the road is paved and the pitch level round between 15+ % I have been on my last sprocket ring. Enjoy the pictures of my report. Good luck to our followers!

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Our 2015 fall bicycle tour round the Austrian foothills
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2014, submitted 28 October 2015
Europe: Austria

You may see we had wonderful biking weather in Austria. With doing a part by train saved our energy. We started with the local train ''Mariazellerbahn'' at St.Poelten (Austria) heading to the town Winterbach, which is already rather elevated (round 500 meters). After a short ride, we found an inviting restaurant. As it was noon, we decided to to stay for a beer. Riding further leaded to an elevation of 1.110 meters. We have seen the first snow of this year. A colorful fall day was our award of all the little climbing's. The overall distance of our tour was just sweet 110 kilometers. Long enough to ride the last kilometers in dark. And the night has felt on the setting sun. Some pictures are exciting some not ... Anyway, you may see colorful fall pictures from our short Austrian ''Indian summer''. Enjoy the pictures and my report. Good luck to our followers.

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Austrian Indian summer
Bicycle tour Passau to Vienna (2014)
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2014, submitted 25 September 2014
Europe: Austria

We did it again...: as nearly every year, we did the fall bicycle tour Passau (Germany) to Vienna (Austria). This time our Group has been complete. Raimund, vulgo the Chefe has joined us. He came with the train to Passau. We have carried one of our bicycles to Passau. After many complaints, he accepted this bicycle.

Our faith have been not so good this day, as Heide was in charge to carry Raimund's bicycle to Passau. Unfortunately she left it at Wels were we changed the train. The bicycle has been leaning for hours unwatched at the platform. At Passau: a big surprise: of course - no bicycle for Raimund. Telephone companies made a good business. Our first attempt to contact the German trains station officer was "we have no contact to the Austrian railroad company - everything is automated"... . Finally Heide found a guy at the ticketing counter who has private contact with a guy at Wels, were the bicycle actually was. Success! his guy checked, and the bicycle was still there. Unbelievable in this times we life. Heide went back with one of the next trains to Wels, picked up the bike and followed us to our accommodation.

Our tour continued smoothly the next days in extreme good weather condition. We have modified our tour a little in order to check for "new" accommodations. Enjoy the taken pictures and the report. Good luck to our followers.

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typical bicycle trail at the river Danube
An easy going bicycle marathon at Stadtschleining (2014)
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2014, submitted 4 August 2014
Europe: Austria

The little city of Stadtschleining is located in the Southern area in the state of Burgenland.

The event committee organizes each and every year a bicycle event. Mostly 3 tours are offered. As we are in a situation of a lack of training, My spouse Heide and me have decided to participate on the most easy event which has been the "family tour". Distance 60 kilometers, total height 700 meters.

Enjoy the pictures and the self explaining report. Good luck to our followers!

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in velo veritas tour 2014
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2014, submitted 19 June 2014
Europe: Austria

It seems to be modern today, to organize very classic bike tours... The "In velo veritas" tour" is one of them.

As it wasn't so far from our place were we life, we decided to go. A wonderful day and a lot of people with good mood. This is what Organization said:

quote: Gefahren wird mit klassischen Rennrädern bis Baujahr 1987. Voraussetzung sind Riemenpedale und Rahmenschaltung. Offen Züge sind erwünscht! Nicht zugelassen sind Klick-Pedale und Brems-Schalthebel-Kombinationen. Zu den Rädern passendes Outfit wird geschätzt. unquote

Our Mercian tandem bike has been accepted. Because, there was a sort of dress code: the bike should have classic outfit (shifter on the frame, as in old days, pedals with straps..., etc.) We participated on the short tour - just easy 70 kilometers Enjoy the pictures and the report. Good luck to our followers.

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Tour signs
A tour through Austria 2012
by José Rössner, tour started July 2012, submitted 14 October 2012
Europe: Austria
language: en, de, nl

I started my tour through Austria July 23rd till August 16th 2012 in Bremgarten CH. Via Liechtenstein and South-Tyrol I cycled eastward, around lake Neusiedlersee to Bratislava. The way back; up the Danube, Salzburg, Zell am See, Gerlos and Arlbergpass to Feldkirch and via the valley Toggenburg in Switzerland back home.

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residual clouds while climbing the Silvrettapass
Breclav to Vienna tour 2012 - the idea of 'the green band'
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2012, submitted 4 October 2012
Europe: Austria

Do not miss this tour... Only 80 kilometers on hilly roads against the wind... We tried to find out, if there is a bike trail along the former 'iron curtain' boarder: 'the green band' Well, one says on their webpage clearly: 'the green band' is a good idea, which exists more virtual as practical...' That' s the way it is. We closed this missing link and enjoyed the tour! Breclav is a renewed, quite and biker friendly city! [...] Passed cities as Jedenspeigen, Durnkrut, Stillfried and Angern. Heide had many stops in order to collect a rucksack full of walnuts... We went on train at Ganserndorf in order to avoid to cross the city of Vienna at dawn time... Nevertheless, the tour was fun, even facing strong head winds. Enjoy the pictures and details of our tour. Good luck to our followers.

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March Thaya way sign
A tour to explore hidden Styrian summits
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2012, submitted 30 June 2012
Europe: Austria

Road bike Tour to Wildalpen (Styria/Austria). We ignored the very hot weather and made the tour... With light luggage we made this day 115 kilometers. Prime distance we did per train (Moedling to Payerbach). Then the bicycle...: 1st summit the Preiner Gscheid (height 1.070 meters above sea level) down to Mürzsteg and then 2nd summit: the Niederalpl. A 1.221 meters high connecting summit. For bicyclists rather steep and long (My estimate: 10% slope). My advise: avoid this summit, when not in mood... We have been heading for Wildalpen, found a perfect (affordable) 4**** hotel and enjoyed the evening on a natural pool. The little town Wildalpen is embedded in the 'Salza'-valley. The waters are wild. like the upper Enns river. We have seen many sport kayak riders. We consider to go again to this area, just to share the good times with the paddlers. No one would believe in us, saying, we have been riding home in one day. Hitting Goestling, Lunz, Gaming, St. Anton on Jesnitz, Frankenfels, Kirchberg, St.Poelten. At St.Poelten a bus has taken us back home. Nevertheless this day ended again with 123 kilometers. Hot, hot... Enjoy the pictures below. Good luck to all our followers.

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Anninger Rad'l gegen Wad'l die Zweite
by Iris Mueck, tour started February 2012, submitted 20 February 2012
Europe: Austria
language: de

Winter conditions on the Anninger Mountain (lower Austria) Enjoy the pictures. Good luck to our followers!

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Die Strecke
by Hubert Becker, tour started May 2006, submitted 10 February 2012
Europe: Austria
language: de

Eine Fahrradtour durch die Steiermark in 4 Tagesetappen über 290 km. Tagesetappen zwischen 51 und 90 Kilometern.

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Am Seebergsattel
Passau - Vienna, a very classic bicycle tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2011, submitted 7 October 2011
Europe: Austria

The very good weather in this years fall made us ride down the Danube valley.

Starting at the border city of Passau, whereas the river Danube enters Austrian territory, down to the Austrian capital city Vienna. A very popular bike path.

Very good direction signs, very good and easy to find accommodations and food supply. Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

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Danube valley bike path R1
Schneeberg Wechsel revival
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2011, submitted 8 August 2011
Europe: Austria

A tour, which has started with Californian blue sky... Ended in heavy rain. Nevertheless it has been a demanding tour, as the Pfaffensattel is steep (18%). Enjoy the pictures. Good luck to all our followers!

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Wachauer Radtage 2011
by Iris Mueck, tour started July 2011, submitted 18 July 2011
Europe: Austria

Wonderful weather conditions made us participate a wonderful ride... I am proud about Anne, my daughter, we have supported! Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

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A winner against herself
Bicycle tour to the North of the Austrian 'forest quarter' (Waldviertel)
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2010, submitted 20 October 2010
Europe: Austria

Extremly good weather called us to another late fall tour. By train to Retz and further with the 'Reblausexpress' to Drosendorf. Starting late, upon arrival at Drosendorf, we have been heading for Karlstein, whereas we had our lunch. Then we have been riding to Waidhofen an der Thaya. A hidden beauty... Continuing to Zwettel, were we had our night. Zwettel a 'silent' city. Day distance 90 kilometers only. The next morning has been frosty... As nice Zwettel was for a stay, to leave is strange: just high frequent highways The good thing: we hit the Kamptal dam in fall - a wonderful landscape picture has been our award! We have been heading for Krems. Luch at Senftenberg. At Krems we found access to the well known Danube valley bike path. We followed this way down to the suburbs of Vienna. Last stop: Greifenstein (whereas we have been entering the train again...). This days distance: 122 kilometers. Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

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passing the Kamp valley dam
Bicycle tour to the 'smallest city' in Austria
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2010, submitted 20 October 2010
Europe: Austria

A tour to the North Country... (were the winds hit hard the border line...) Hardegg, known as Austria's 'smallest city', was worth to go... I believe, we have been lucky catching the very late end of summer... The tour leads us to the North border (Czech) - only a pedistrian bridge is open for traffic. A romantic side way leaded us to Ciszov. There was a monument seen: The last piece of the 'Iron curtain' - see pictures. Thanks god this time has passed. We had a wonderful lunch at the city of Znojmo. Then, after, some good Czech beer, we travelled home (by bicycle of course) on sideways to Retz. To early to enter the next train back to Vienna... So, we followed the road to Hollabrunn and in the next Minute we caught at a train to our home, Brunn am Gebirge Overall distance of our day ride: 80 kilometers Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

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castle of the city of Hardegg
Bicycle Tour to the Austrian 'Waldviertel'
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2006, submitted 12 August 2010
Europe: Austria

This Tour is not so far from our home... The city of Gmünd may get reached in a day ride (round 200 kilometres). We pedalled via the city Krems on Danube, the Krems river Valley North to the city of Zwettl. At Zwettl a wide range of gastronomic offers awaited us. Travelling further to the city Weitra another highlight has been hit: a local brewery.

At Gmünd, just before the Czech boarder we found a hotel. The very next day, we have been riding South to the river Danube. It has been so hot, as our bike tire has been gluing to the melted asphalt... Nearby the Danube, at Waldhausen we found a natural public bath. Right in the in the dam area of the local river. Refreshed we continued. Passing the well known Wachau. Night at a little hotel at Spitz on Danube. Riding home was easy from now on... Enjoy the pictures! Good luck to all the followers!

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Iris look ... !
Danube from Passau to Vienna
by Wieslaw Kraus, tour started 2006, submitted 27 May 2010
Europe: Austria

European cycle route number one. I'm going with two of my children. The route I recommend to all. Goes exactly along the river and occasionally cross it by a bridge, then by ferry, which is the additional attraction.

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The Blue Danube ... below Passau
Donauradweg - Da Passau a Vienna
by Giovanni Pirotta, tour started August 2006, submitted 14 July 2008
Europe: Austria
language: it

Il primo viaggio interamente in bicicletta, la classica ciclabile del Danubio, 360 km da Passau fino a Vienna costeggiando il fiume, dormendo in bed&breakfast e campeggi.

Il diario di bordo e tante foto che raccontano questa fantastica avventura...

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Sulla strada per Vienna
by Conrad Philipp, tour started May 2007, submitted 31 March 2008
Europe: Austria
language: de

Einmal mehr kurzentschlossen entschied ich mich für eine kleine Radtour. Es war eigentlich keine Tour, vielmehr war es ein 1-Tages-Trip. Damit auch diese Etappe zur Herausforderung werden sollte, wählte ich die Voralpenlandschaft im Gebiet um Salzburg. Das Ziel war es innerhalb eines Tages mehr als 200 Kilometer zu fahren. Bei mehr als 2000 Höhenmeter ein durchaus hoch gesteckets Vorhaben.

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Austria Photos
by Ken Brown, tour started October 2002
Europe: Austria

A really beautiful collection of photographs from his October 2002 tour along the Tauern Radweg from Krimml to Salzburg to Passau, and then the Danube from Passau to Vienna. Includes a written account of the trip.

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The view was worth the climb
Austria Bike Tour
by Bob Parry, tour started August 1999
Europe: Austria

[This is our] online Austria photo album. We (Bob Parry, Ed James, Greg James and Bonnie Vargo) took this biking tour between August 11 to 26, 1999. We flew to Munich, Germany with our bikes packed in boxes, put the bikes together in the Munich airport and then took a series of five trains from Munich to Krimml, Austria for the beginning of our big adventure.

We traveled by bike from Krimml to Zell am See, to St Johann im Pongau, to Salzburg, train to Braunau, then biked to Passau (Germany), Aschbach, Linz, Mauthausen, train to Melk, then biked to Krems and Vienna. (Click map thumbnail to see trip map) Ed and Bonnie then continued for another week and biked into Hungary. We biked about 36 miles a day sightseeing as we went. We stayed in youth hostels and Pension's along the way. During the two week trip we biked about 365 miles, trained about 600 miles and flew about 10,000 miles.

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Radfahrer Willkommen!
Bicycle Touring on the Danube river in Austria
by Chuck Anderson, tour started 1998
Europe: Austria

The[se pictures are] accompanied by descriptions which give a general idea of what it's like to bicycle in Austria along the Danube River, and into the voralps (the fore-alps). For anyone considering such a ride (the Danube River Trail makes for an easy self-supported tour), I hope these pictures inspire you to follow through with your plan. For those who have been there, I hope it brings back memories. Enjoy.

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Sunset along the Donau River near Tulln, Austria © 1998 CL Anderson
St. Leonard - Passo Rombo (Timmelsjoch) - Obergurgl back and forward
by Marco Buffa, tour started July 1996
Europe: Austria

One day: 26 July 1996 from 09:00 to 15:30 - Km 90.

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by Stefano Gerosa, tour started 1995
Europe: Austria
language: it

See all 3 reports by Stefano Gerosa

La pista ciclabile dei Tauri lungo il Salzach
by Laura and Ivan
Europe: Austria
language: it

La pista ciclabile dei Tauri, dal nome della catena montuosa austriaca, si snoda lungo le valli dei fiumi Salzach e Inn partendo dalle cascate di Krimml, attraversando la città di Salisburgo fino a giungere a Passau (D), dove si congiunge con la pista del Danubio. L'itinerario di circa 400 km è stato da noi percorso in una settimana (AGOSTO 1999), dedicando un po' di tempo alla visita di cittadine e altri luoghi interessanti. Il materiale utilizzato per organizzare l'itinerario (in italiano) ci è stato fornito dall'Ente Austriaco per il Turismo.

Synchronicity is the Root of Coincidence
by Chuck Anderson
Europe: Austria

Nice pictures but not a lot about bicyles: ``On this summer sunday, after months of travel, I was riding my bicycle through lush, green, central Austrian farm country. The narrow unmarked country roads carried little traffic and provided enough space and quiet for me to stop whenever I wished to play my penny whistle or take pictures of poppy fields. As I was riding along, letting my mind wander across open fields, the steady spinning of my legs and feet, the rotating wheels and the rhythm of my own breath all fused together into a meditative gestalt - with me at the center.''

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Heide mountain bike trail tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started March 2014, submitted 26 March 2014
Europe: Austria

some of my followers expect that I am on big tour, most probably at South America - but I am not....

We expect to carry our recent bought ship home to Austria. The ship still rests at Frankfurt / Main (Germany). Needless to say, it is a costly and time consuming job. That's why...

I have not forgotten to train myself. One of the very typical daily tours lead me to the 'HEIDE' (a local recreational area) A trail, which starts right in front of my house and consequently ends here... Distance: a rough guess: 23 kilometers (about 15 miles) . Climbing, moderate, up to about 550 meters elevation. Duration: with a short rest and a beer: 2 hrs.

Enjoy the pictures and my report. Good luck to all my followers!

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downhill on the wine trail
A mountainbike tour to the Reisalpe (Lower Austria)
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2012, submitted 3 October 2012
Europe: Austria

The Reisalpe is rather high located (nearly 1.400 meters), and with a bicycle not easy to reach. We circled around to find a way up, which takes a while and made our day distance rather long: 55 kilometers. Some parts so steep, that we have pushed the bike upwards. I never have been riding so long distances on my most easy sprocket ring. Downhill has been another difficulty, as because of the steep decent, braking the bicycle made the rear wheel drifting... We have started at Wiesenfeld (near the city of Traisen) using the 'wrong' way up via Schindeltal, passed the Ebenwald summit, and later found the way up. We went down to Furthof and returned on the Traisen bike path back to Wiesenfeld. Our tour started 'wet' but ended in typical fall sun conditions. An evening break and rest at the restaurant of 'Mostheurigen Karner', located at the Hafnerberg road, near the little town of Noestlach rounded our tour. Enjoy the report and pictures. Good luck to our followers.

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Never give up - even when it's time
Mountainbiken in Tirol
by Landesforstdirektion Tirol
Europe: Austria
language: de

an excellent collection of mountain bike routes by the Landesforstdirektion Tirol - Landschaftsdienst.

Silvretta und Verwallgruppe
by Udo Landgraf
Europe: Austria
language: de

Jamtalhütte, Piz Puin, Inneres Bergle, Heilbronner Hütte, die Greitspitz, Silvretta-Skigebiet: six mountainbike tours with pictures.

See all 2 reports by Udo Landgraf


Rec.Travel Library: Austria
Europe: Austria
Radtouren in Austria
Europe: Austria
language: de

This site has a number of excellent tour descriptions at all levels in Austria, with maps and useful practical information.

Bodensee/Lake Konstanz

Cycling info pages

bicycle exhibition at Vienna's Museum of applied Arts
by Iris Mueck, , submitted 1 July 2013
Europe: Austria

We have been riding down to the city - by bicycle of coarse - and received a 5% discount on the entry fee :-) The museum itself has long tradition in Vienna. That's what has been found at the Internet:

The museum of applied arts Vienna has been founded in the year 1863. The building itself has been erected in the years from 1868 until 1871 by Heinrich Ferstel in cooperation with the art historian Rudolf von Eitelberger. At this time the museum bears the name of „k&k Museum für Kunst und Industrie“. As it has been the first museum of Vienna's Ringstrasse, the museum has been known as a prototypical of many art museum in Europe. In the years 1875 until 1877 a further wing has been added, which has been as well under the direction of Heinrich Ferstels. At 1907 widened the architect Ludwig Baumann the present complex to a further wing in the style of the Italian Renaissance at the side of the road 'Weisskirchnerstrasse'.

The exhibition has been combined with exhibits from the Italian artist Enzo Mark. The exhibition itself has been a sort of summery of various bicycle collections. Some interesting for me, some not. You may look at the following pictures and judge by yourself. Enjoy the pictures. Good luck to our followers!

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Tour du Monde
Critical mass day Vienna 2012
by Iris Mueck, , submitted 25 June 2012
Europe: Austria

A fun tour throughout Vienna. Hello friends, we had fun by participating this event. Even, we didn't follow the dress code 'naked'...

The tour started near Vienna's 'Russian memorial monument' at Schwarzenbergplatz. Took us all the way to the 'belt street' (Gürtel). We hit the old railroad station 'Westbahnhof' and have been riding back to the town center. A fun tour, in order to promote bicycling... Even Vienna's police has been smooth like velvet. I felt like in San Francisco... Enjoy the pictures. Good luck to all our followers!

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during the tour
Vienna's folding bicycle competition 2012
by Iris Mueck, , submitted 17 June 2012
Europe: Austria

A fun Tour inside the city of Vienna.

This event has been sponsored by British folding bicycle manufacturer. As Heide has one from this brand, she couldn`t be stopped to participate. Very hot weather conditions made it a very sweaty tour over paved and unpaved roads. Three rounds round the 'Lusthaus' at Vienna's Prater. In total just nine Kilometers... Heide has been recognized as the first women at the arrival. Enjoy the pictures. Good luck to all our followers!

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Heide rides her 'horse'

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