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Israel (local)

This page lists all reports that for Israel only that do not involve other countries.
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The Israel Ride - Biking the Holy Land
by Yoram Asidon, tour started May 2006, submitted 19 March 2006
Asia: Israel

[Commercial tour operator, plus general information.]

A unique and special tour crossing Israel hot spots. 2 weeks of travel (that are devided to 3 sectional rides) in which we will meet people, ethnic foods, culture, amazing historic sites and much more.

Cycling info pages

Bicycle traveling in Israel
by Alex Raisberg, , submitted 29 December 2005
Asia: Israel
language: hbr

If you are travelling in Israel, and you like cycling, you should do it around the Sea of Galilees. Here you will find a combination of road trails that will bring you to some holy places, like Kefar Nahum and Beit Tzaida. You will also will find lots of beautiful off-road trails in the nature resorts at the north side of the Kinneret lake, were you will cycle in banana, mango, lichee, and many other kinds of plantations. You can ride beside the Jordan river at its wild areas.

In Drachim Bagolan you can find very good mountain bikes that you'll enjoy riding on. We will help you with information, maps and any other assistance that will make your tour easy and safe.

Beit Zaida - Jordan River
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Europe: Israel
language: hbr

Organizations and clubs

Rechasim - mountain biking group from Israel
Europe: Israel
language: hbr
Carmel Mountain Bike Club
Europe: Israel

CMBC is happy to welcome new riders above the age of 14 who already have some off-road experience and are used to riding the sort of distances outlined in our schedule [...]