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Nongeographical bicycling information

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Nongeographical bicycling information

Understanding different bike steels
by Geoff Husband, , submitted 11 December 2017

There are many different sorts of steel tubing now available on the market. This is an overview of how they differ and what is best for touring.

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A Reynolds frame sticker
Steel Classics
by Sharon Jones, , submitted 30 April 2013

Classic steel frames gallery site from yesteryear site featuring beautiful lugwork and craftsmanship. Classic, mostly British, steel marques for all the Reynolds fetishists out there! Featuring a gallery of beautiful rare 531 frames and other exotics I've found on the internet.

Keep checking back for regular classic steel frame history and updates and we may even expand it to go across the channel and feature Italian and Belgian frames made in Columbus tubing!

Fixie Bikes
by Freddie S, , submitted 23 January 2012

Fixed Gear Advocacy site featuring beautiful rare fixie frames and bits I've found on the internet.

Also a handy Fixed Gear calculator that will even tell you your speed for a given cadence.

Keep checking back for regular fixed gear updates and ride guides.

A Guide to Bike Racing for Beginners and Competitors
by, , submitted 1 December 2011

Today, bike racing or cycling is a popular sport as well as pastime. Bicycles are versatile because they can be used for sport, recreation or transport. Bicycles were introduced to people in the 19th century, yet in such a short amount of time, there are already 1 billion bicycles on the road all across the world. In fact, for many regions in the world—especially the destitute regions—they are the main form of transportation.

  • Racing History and Basics
  • Types of Races: Ultra Marathon, List of Bike Races, Kinds of Bike Road Races
  • Tactics & Strategies: Aerodynamics, How to Draft, Racing Strategy and Technique, Cycling Race Tactics 101
  • Equipment: Road Bike Buyers Guide, How to choose the Right Bike, Bike Helmets, Taking Care of One’s Bike
  • Training: Training to be the Best, Ultra Marathon, Plotting Bike Race Training, Chart for Cycling Training
  • Racing Dos and Donts: Advice on Time Trials, Tips for Bike Racing, Tips for Cycling, Advice for Successful Cycling, 10 Tips for Beginning Road Racers,, Race Preparation Advice
  • Racing Safety: Cyclist’s Safety Manual, How to Not Get Hit by Cars, Cycling Health and Safety Tips, Cycling Injuries, Road Rash
  • Additional Racing Resources: Worldwide Bicycle Tour Directory Website, Bicycle Vacations in Europe (Italy), Bicycle Race Resource Page, Glossary of Biking Terms and Slang
Bicycle Traveler Magazine
by Grace Johnson, , submitted 25 September 2011

About Bicycle Traveler magazine:

Bicycle Traveler is a free international magazine on bicycle touring. It's full of entertaining stories and inspiring photography which will have you dreaming over new destinations, as well as information over cycling gear. The magazine can be downloaded at: .

Miscellaneous Bicycle Wisdom
by Igor Kovse, , submitted 5 November 2010

Do you need to pack a bike for a flight?
Or wondering how accurate your cycling computer is?
Maybe a ticking sound from the bottom bracket is driving you crazy?
Not sure which wheels ride better, 26'' or 700C ?
You're surprised how slow you are when riding in the mountains?
Or just can't find the cause for your latest puncture?

Maybe you'll find the answer in the Miscelaneous Bicycle Wisdom page.

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Average speed in the mountains
Tips for ultralight cycling
by Igor Kovse, , submitted 3 May 2010

Practically all touring cyclists seem to be weight conscious, both those who cannot survive without 40 kg of luggage, as others, who don't carry much more then a credit card. Earlier, I wrote some thoughts about weight saving on a cycling trip and for those interested, here they are.

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In Indian Himalaya, 2006
Retro Cycling Vintage - Everything about the golden age of road and mountain bikes
by Gus Daworth, , submitted 2 October 2009

A growing collection of history and nostalgia articles looking back to when bikes were made of real metal and Campagnolo still ruled the route. Submissions on a variety of subjects are always welcome.

gomapgen - opensource software to generate a google map that integrates the path registered by a gps system with pictures from a common digital camera
by Fabio Ferronato, , submitted 28 June 2009

gomapgen (GOogle MAP GEnerator) generates a google map from a gpx file and places photos taken by an external camera where they were taken, by comparing gps points time with picture time.

Useful for bike tour reporting (if you registered your tour with a GPS system)!

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example of generated google map
by Daniel Peterson, submitted 24 April 2008

Tour de Map is an open / free advanced network for all Cyclists.

Here everyone can draw maps, share GPS data, images, videos, ridelog and much much more!

The goal is to help cyclists to find or share ride locations and help companies to advertise without any cost.

Dekel Bikes - The Greenhouse For All the Bike Riders
by yaniv, , submitted 28 November 2007
language: en, hbr, fr, de

mountain bike riding guide with videos. article, photo gallery and the hand made carbon bike project.

[Features many excellent English-language mountain bike repair guide videos. If you can't read Hebrew, best start with the Sitemap and check out the videos.]

pictures from horashim wood israel
New Bike touring website
by Ray Swartz, , submitted 19 November 2007

The idea behind the website is to create an indexed, on-line bike touring archive of useful websites, discussion topics, personal insights, and travel journals. The archive is indexed by location and topic and can be searched by either or both. Currently, the archive has over 400 entries on over 60 countries.

The archive is designed so that anyone can enter information into it after a free registration. - Folding Bike Resource
by DrK, , submitted 14 August 2007

We are a unique resource for people interested in the world of folding bikes. Through our enthusiasm and passion we hope to excite you with the latest and greatest developments in the world of folders. In return, we would like to hear from you. We are interested in information on folding bikes, be it reviews, news articles, folding concepts or folding bike travel and tours.

The Science of Cycling
by San Francisco Exploratorium, , submitted 4 June 2007

The Science of Cycling is a large Web site - there are over 20 pages in six main sections, 20 audio and video clips, interactive javascripts, and lots of images.

  • Introduction -- What is the Science of Cycling?
  • The Wheel -- Why do road bikes have thin tires, while mountain bikes have fat tires?
  • Drives & Gears -- How do gears help make the bicycle so efficient?
  • Frames & Materials -- What are the best materials for frames?
  • Braking & Steering -- How do you stop and steer a bicycle?
  • Aerodynamics -- How does drafting help a cyclist?
  • Human Power -- Why is the bicycle the most efficient way to travel?
Exploratorium logo Marrying the mobility of cycling with the mobility of wireless technology
, submitted 31 May 2007 is a free web & wireless group for people to exchange information to cycling. It has a wireless interface to aid people while they are mobile. It provides an interface for listing locations pertinent to cycling (trails, cafes, bars, bike shops, etc.) and events (bike races, BBQs, Critical Mass rides, etc.).

[You need to register to use this site.]

Bicycle Maintenance Guide and Riding Tips
by Thomas Driemeyer, , submitted 24 May 2007

A manual of bicycle maintenance and riding tips, for those who want to repair their own bicycles, and ride effectively in traffic and on tours.

  • Wheels - fixing punctures, building wheels, adjusting spokes...
  • Steering: handlebars, headset, adjustment and repair
  • The drive train: brakes, shift levers, chain repair, pedals, shoes, derailleurs, saddles
  • Bicycle computers: computers, heart rate monitors, GPS navigation, taking good pictures
  • Riding: in town, long distance touring, group rides
  • Travel tips: packing list, airlines, shipping bicycles, panniers
  • Accidents: what to do

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