Hasi's Biking Paradise

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After being on the net with my German Radler Paradies for a while I figured out there are a couple of great international collections of bicycle routes (especially the Trento Bike Pages). To give them access to my tours I made this (a little bit smaller) English version.

Road Tours Starting in St.Pölten (Lower Austria)

St.Pölten is the capitol of Lower Austria, in the "flat" part of Eastern Austria, 60 km west of Vienna (on Western railroad and A1 Autobahn). But it's not really flat, the Alps start just 10 km south from here with small hills, getting higher soon. And there is also the Dunkelsteinerwald in the north, a hilly area with a lot of forest, the lovely Wachau - valley of the Danube with its winegardens, a lot of different landscapes, my paradise for biking.

I selected just the very best of my tours, you can find more on my German pages. With the maps, diagrams and tables it should be no problem to figure out the right way, if you are really interested.

Other Tours in the Area

...and last but not least, my favorite Bike-Photos

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