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Reports by Andy Meyer

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A Family Bike Tour Through Switzerland
by Andy Meyer, tour started June 2010, submitted 27 July 2010

This is our family trip with our son, and a loaded triple through eastern Switzerland. Biking with an eight year old, means more chances to stop and enjoy the scenery, but still be able to climb through the mountains.

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The family triple nearing the top of the Rhein valley
by Andy Meyer, tour started May 1999

Our last day of riding, from Alcobaca to Obidos, was a dream come true for touring. We rode to the Atlantic coast, where cliffs drop hundreds of feet to a rocky shore. Old windmills line the cliffs. Intense colors, wind whistling through the windmills, spectacular views, and a small winding road made for a memorable day.

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On the Atlantic Coast, by and © Andy Meyer