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Portugal (local)

This page lists all reports that for Portugal only that do not involve other countries.
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The backroads of Portugal
by Erik Nomden, tour started May 2016, submitted 5 January 2017
Europe: Portugal
language: en, nl

Marco Duiker and I embark on a small bike trip through the rustic heartland of Portugal. Rural Portugal has always been the place for the saudade, the ultimate sense of melancholy and loss, but now the youth has almost entirely left the countryside of Portugal, it is probably stronger than ever before. Marco and I will take the small backroads to see and to feel the saudade of nowadays Portugal.

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Marco on the way to Monsanto
Ecopista do Dão - Cycling on an abandoned railway line
by Peter Sales, submitted 14 April 2014
Europe: Portugal
language: en, nl, pt

Ecopista do Dão - Cycling in central Portugal along an abandoned railway line, 49 km.

The first part of this path runs along the banks of the river Dão. Every bend in the river is followed by a bend in the Ecopista, with stannic views.

Later on, the Ecopista leaves the river, but the landscape remains very beautiful, with views of mountains and valleys covered with oaks, cork oaks and chestnut trees, but also some vineyards, cultivated land and small villages.

The Ecopista do Dão, between Viseu and Santa Comba Dão
Portugal By Bike - 1982km
by Armand Iurea, tour started August 2013, submitted 29 January 2014
Europe: Portugal
language: fr

I achieved this journey in August 2013, by myself, with the aim of living new thrilling experiences. It also allowed me to train at cycling in order to prepare future long distance triathlons (IronMan, Embrunman, ...).

A wise man told me one day "You can't see all the wonderful things that exists on this vast planet in one lifetime but you can decide anytime to rest for a few moments and appreciate the present moment." I am listening at his advice, I am not trying to cycle the faster I can (whenever I am travelling); what purpose, I would be the only witness. I take my time, I stop whenever I see something that intrigates me. In the end, we've all always been explorers, aren't we? About my route, I had the choice of either starting with the North and finish at the South, or the opposite. After having compared the flight prices and established my approximate itinerary, I decided to start with Porto (North) and to finish at Faro (South). Halfway, I've let my bike at Lisbon and I went to relax for 2 days at Madeira, island of Portugal.

Rediscovering the Portuguese Coast
by Augusto Lemos, tour started 2007, submitted 31 March 2011
Europe: Portugal
language: pt

Trip made in 2007 from Oporto to Lagos: 663 kms cycling and discovering the Portuguese coast.

We have a fantastic climate, beautiful landscapes, tasty meals... If the Portuguese coast was provided with a bike path in its totality, it could become one of the best cycle-tourist itineraries of summer.

Anyway, I promise you: if you try it, you‚ll want to repeat it!

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Portugal: Lisboa to Porto
by Conrad Philipp, tour started October 2010, submitted 19 January 2011
Europe: Portugal
language: en, de, fr

We cycled from Lisboa to Porto! Great weather, nice beaches and intresting citys!

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south portuguese: from lissabon to the algarve
by Conrad Philipp, tour started May 2008, submitted 30 June 2008
Europe: Portugal
language: en, de, fr

Die zweite Tour 2008 führte mich von Lissabon, entlang der Steilküste im Westen bis in die Sierra de Monchique. Hier regnete es sehr stark, deswegen fuhr ich wieder zum Meer um schließlich den südwestlichsten Punkt von Europa zu besichtigen. Ein Felgenschaden musste am vorletzten Tag in Lagos repariert werden. Die Algarve im nördlich umfahrend erreichte ich nach 680 Kilomtern mein Ziel in Faro. Auf diesem Kurztrip wurde ich mehrmals zum Essen eingeladen und lernte den ursprünglichen Teil Portugal fernab der Touristenströme kennen.

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Capo Sardao: westcoast
Lisbon to Porto via Sintra
by Stephen Martin, tour started May 2006, submitted 17 October 2007
Europe: Portugal

The website includes maps and data on the route followed and photos of some of the people we met and the food we enjoyed, including Porto's famous speciality the Francesinha. This is the ideal food for cycle tourers.

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by Michael Fiebach, tour started 2003, submitted 15 February 2006
Europe: Portugal
language: en, de

Lisbon's trams are something special - You meet the nicest people in the pouring rain - A ride to the Foia Summit - Islam plays a big historical role here - From the Rainy Coast to the Algarve Coast - Cabo de Sao Vicente - the High Algarve versus the Low Algarve- Was that a mountain lake or a large puddle ? - the Moorish castle next to the Catholic Church.

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Lisbon's trams are something special
by Andy Meyer, tour started May 1999
Europe: Portugal

Our last day of riding, from Alcobaca to Obidos, was a dream come true for touring. We rode to the Atlantic coast, where cliffs drop hundreds of feet to a rocky shore. Old windmills line the cliffs. Intense colors, wind whistling through the windmills, spectacular views, and a small winding road made for a memorable day.

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On the Atlantic Coast, by and © Andy Meyer
A Bike Tour in Portugal
by Ute Dasburg and Markus Sauer, tour started September 1994
Europe: Portugal

A brief description of a bike tour which we undertook in Portugal in September '94. We started from Faro at the Algarve coast, proceeded via Sagres to Lisbon and terminated our journey in Coimbra in middle Portugal. [...] The overall distance was about 800 km. We took (including rests) three and a half week with 16 days of cycling. As a whole, the trip was one of the most magnificent and wonderful holidays we ever had ! If you plan to do something similar, do it as soon as you can!

Cycling info pages

Mountain Biking in Portugal
by Nuno Nunes,
Europe: Portugal

Riding here is excellent because there are so many wild places to do it... He have got mountains, most of which are natural parks (and mtb is considered an ecological activity, bikes are treated as pedestrians when it comes to restricted trails, roads, tolls, etc.); we have a (very big) beautiful coast line; we have the planes of Alentejo (big spaces, almost all plain and mostly uninhabited) and many other places...

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