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Austria (all)

This page lists all reports that for Austria including those that involve other countries too.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Loop in Austria and Czech Republic
by Ant, tour started August 2023, submitted 11 September 2023

Clockwise loop from Linz through Prague, Brno, and Vienna.

  • Just over 1,000 Km
  • Hilly
  • 12 stages
  • EV7, EV4, EV9, EV13, EV6 (Donauradweg), and sections of various other cycleways

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Anne's Wavhsumarsthon
by Iris Mueck, tour started April 2012, submitted 30 June 2023
Europe: Austria

Anne made a wonderful ride. See her award certificate. Ein fulminanter Zieleinlauf.

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All my trials
by Iris Mueck, tour started January 2003, submitted 27 March 2023

All my Rides

viele Jahre erfreuete ich mich an der Teilnahme an Radrennen (Touristikfahrten)

Ich hoffe Ihr erfreut Euch an diesem meinem Beitrag. Good luck to our followers!

Siehe Bilder!

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Always ready for another bicycle tour
Riding Stelvio on a Triplet
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2022, submitted 14 September 2022

A tour of Switzerland, Italy, and Austria on a triplet tandem (with support from an e-bike). As far as I know we're the first (and only) triplet to have done the climb on a triplet, with children under 11 (the children were 7 and 10 on the day of the climb).

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Approaching the Stelvio Summit
Vienna's critical mass 2019
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2019, submitted 20 October 2019
Europe: Austria

Participants: Heide, a very brave bicyclist; Iris, the tired bicyclist

Vienna's critical mass took place October 18th 2019. Assembly 17:00, Start 18:00. My ride, about 20 kilometers. As usual a high number of participants. Meanwhile the local police is good prepared and directs the riders safe throughout Vienna's roads. It reminds me on the city tours I have been riding in the US. Per example "Le tour de San Francisco". Iris, the tired bicyclist has got a hit from destiny: Parkinson disease. Riding under pain, but forgotten when with other riders and mood is good. You will not see to many Iris blogs in future. Good luck to our followers. Enjoy the pictures.

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Starting point
Tour Across Bavaria
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2019, submitted 8 August 2019

In June 2019, I took both my sons (4 and 7) on a triplet from Zurich to Salzburg. My wife came along on a rented e-bike. The trip covered 372 miles, much of it along the Bodensee-Konigsee bike route.

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Stein Am Rhein
Mountain touring with a 6 year old on a tandem
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2018, submitted 24 August 2018

From June 14th to July 3rd, Bowen, who at the time was 6 years old, and I traveled in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein on a tandem bicycle. We cycled 639 miles (1028km) and made 39,402 feet (12010m) of elevation gain. We had 5 train transfers, 1 taxi transfer, and 2 flat tires, with no days of riding in the rain.

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Piaw and Bowen climbing the Stelvio
Vltava Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started July 2018, submitted 2 August 2018

There is no time to stall...
A very stable blue sky weather invited us to check out for a new tour.
with the train to C. Budeovice
Following the Vltava upstream on bicycle trail Nr. 7
see details of my report
Hope you enjoy the pictures and details
Good luck to our followers!

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Trail Nr. 7
Old wine street Langenlois / Schiltern
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2017, submitted 26 October 2017
Europe: Austria

Queen weather in Austrias Waldviertel ("forest quarter"). - our Indian summer in the wine country, North/East of Vienna. An enjoyable ride.

Our tour started at Traismauer. Following the Danube trail west until Hollenburg. Crossing over at the bridge. Riding further West until Krems. The an uphill climb to Gneixendorf via "Bründelgraben". Riding on side roads to Langenlois. Lunch time at Langenlois! Continued riding on the "old wine street" (Bergstrasse Schiltern) towards Schiltern. And all the way back to Traismauer. Distance: just sweet 62 kilometers. here is my picture report. Good luck to our followers.

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Wine street logo
Bike & Hike the Ötscherland
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2017, submitted 23 October 2017
Europe: Austria

Long term weather forecast was promising. But nature is out of control...

Starting at misty roads South of St.Pölten heading for the sun at the Ötscherland area made our hearts sing. A three days tour. Mixed: biking, hiking, wellness. Mixed: race bikes and one e-bike. Mixed characters...

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Gösing - Natur - Mensch - Stille
Thaya circle tour - Thayarunde
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2017, submitted 28 September 2017

A very sunny and stable fall weather made us decide to do this tour The trail is only 111 kilometers. The interesting part is that one rides on former railroad tracks. The are in perfect condition (asphalt) and very good marked (except at Waidhofen an der Thaya). I have scanned in the road map to provide interested bicyclists sufficient information.

We just spent one day. Reason: Easy to Czech per train form Vienna and the, sorry to say, the Czech part of this trail is not interesting, nor have infrastructure, we expect. On the most Northern part of the trail, we have been riding the "Iron Curtain Trail". not really interesting, just a good sounding name and steep climbs. Most interesting the ride to Waidhofen an der Thaya (route South) and up to Waldkirchen and on the return the city of Raabs an der Thaya. We have been riding the tour clockwise, starting at Göpfritz an der Wild.

If you need more information please call the tourist-information at Zwettl / Lower Austria (phone +43 2822 54109) They will send you the map and a leaflet with sightseeing information and list of accommodations. hope you enjoy the picture report. Good luck to our followers.

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street sign Thayarunde
Wiener Neustädter Kanaltour
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2017, submitted 19 September 2017
Europe: Austria

This has been the end of our "Paradiesroute" tour. Our train ended at Wiener Neustadt, so it was an easy decission to add this easy going 45 kilomters. Ending in a winery. So good to review a tour with a glass of wine in hand... ;-) Moreover, we arrived "dry" - no rain at all.

By train to Wiener Neustadt. Starting at Wiener Neustadt Hauptbahnhof. Heading for Mödling and further to Brunn am Gebirge. On paved roads to Lichtenwörth, then gravel roads until Leobersdorf. Here the paved roads starts again. We followed the Channel "Wiener Neustädter Kanal" side road. Enjoy the picture report. Good luck to our followers!

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Road bike tour Pinggau to Rudersdorf
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2017, submitted 18 September 2017
Europe: Germany, Austria

First of all: the trail really exists... We thought it was a fake... All what is written in the Internet is not correct!

There are no e-bike charging stations along the route. Only at Rudersdorf we have seen one (and occupied by the local e-bike rental shop). One explanation we heard whilst our tour: the route is "young" and not everything is established...

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Road bike tour Lindau - Berchtesgaden
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2017, submitted 1 September 2017
Europe: Germany, Austria

The bicycle trail "Königsseeradweg" is very good marked. Again: expect many, many gravel roads. Expect Germany's best scenic Southern landscape (Allgäu - Bavaria). At the area Füssen / Schwangau it is very busy. Heavy traffic, too many tourists from all over the world. We have been calling at least 10 times to find a proper accommodation.

Assuming you do it without an e-bike, this tour is only for trained and experienced bicyclists, with good equipment. I have been riding with a triple gear in front and the rear sproket has been 28 teeth (should be 30!).

Good luck to our followers.

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Mur Radweg Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started July 2017, submitted 6 July 2017
Europe: Austria

There is no time to stall. we fade away too young, so much left ondone... Reason of the tour: I am still working on my white spots of my bicycling career... ;-)

Whenever you check the Internet you may read: "this tour is easy, as always flat, roads are paved all the way through, for familes, etc." Well, the tour comprises at least hundred poisoned stiffer rises (in German language "giftige Anstiege"). Most of them just 500 yards long, but... energy consuming.

we started a Tamsweg. Flat. Just before Murau the first gravel roads on forest roads (but compacted gravel, that's the good thing). And here we had our first stiffer rises... And they never ended. Just before Graz the last one...

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Tour de Mur
Lesachtal, Passo Paluzza, Passo Pramollo & More
by Iris Mueck, tour started May 2017, submitted 9 June 2017
Europe: Austria, Italy

Time to work on white biking spots. No time for stall...,

We fade away too young, so much left undone...

enjoy the pictures and the report. Good luck to our followers

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Welcome at Pontebba
Two Lonely Cyclists
by Erik Nomden, tour started August 2016, submitted 5 January 2017
Europe: Austria, Germany, Italy
language: en, nl

For the first time Margarita and I go will embark on bicycle journey together. It will be the first time for Margarita that she will do a bike trip of more than one day and it will be the first time that she will cycle on a fully loaded bicycle. We will first start to cycle along the Danube in Austria and then we will continue to follow the Danube in Germany or we might take in some foothills or mountains in the Alps.

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Margarita on the descent to Saalfelden, Austria
Tour of the Alps 2016
by Piaw Na, tour started July 2016, submitted 12 October 2016

From July 5th to July 26th, along with Arturo Crespo and Pengtoh Sim, I covered 1988km of riding with 35310m of climbing in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, and France. We had 2 flat tires, 1 minor mechanical on Arturo Crespo's bike, one major upgrade on Peng-Toh Sim's bike. We rode every day, with one rest day in Baden-Baden with relatively minor riding.

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Passo Gavia
Bicycle tour to Switzerland and Italy
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2016, submitted 27 June 2016

Time for a bicycle chillout... We are still riding our bicycles, working on climbs we missed to do before. So, we made the Albula summit at Switherland. With very scenic views to the Rhatische Bahn (railroad). Then the Majoija summit, with a wonderful downhill to the ancient Italian city of Chiavenna. Before Chiavenna, a shady bike trail leaded us right into the city. Extrem friendly people. Mostly speaking German. The call themself "Grenzgänger" - which means they are working in Switzerland...

And then... the Spluga summit. Another bicyclist warned us, saying "this is another liga". He was so right. But views, we never will forget. Enjoy the pictures and the rport. Good luck to our followers.

1st day: day distance round 70 kilometers; accommodation at Valbella starting at the Austrian railroad station Feldkirch. Heading for Switzerland which is just some miles apart. Riding along the Rhine river towards Landquart and Chur. We climbed up the Lenzerheide summit an found accomodation at Valbella

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Spluga summitt - downhill serpentines
Bike Zellerrain - Hike Oetscher
by Iris Mueck, tour started May 2014, submitted 30 May 2016
Europe: Austria

It's time to report a tour from our homeland Austria. Since my last report concerning the Puerto Rico tour, there was silence in my reports. I am not getting any younger, any more mobil. I ride with pain, hike like an Egyptian... :-) Youngsters hike that mountain like ants. Me? I am a sort of limping around.

Well, we made the bigger distance by train (Vienna to Mariazell). But then: biking... The Zellerrainstrasse is a sort of challange. Starting at the train station Mariazell, we have been riding down to the lake Erlaufsee. A wonderful and paved path lead us there. The Zellerrainstrasse stated right on the Westend of the lake. Winding up to a height of 1.121 meters. The old Zellerrain road has been a gravel road with a pitch level of 22 % Today, the road is paved and the pitch level round between 15+ % I have been on my last sprocket ring. Enjoy the pictures of my report. Good luck to our followers!

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Our 2015 fall bicycle tour round the Austrian foothills
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2014, submitted 28 October 2015
Europe: Austria

You may see we had wonderful biking weather in Austria. With doing a part by train saved our energy. We started with the local train ''Mariazellerbahn'' at St.Poelten (Austria) heading to the town Winterbach, which is already rather elevated (round 500 meters). After a short ride, we found an inviting restaurant. As it was noon, we decided to to stay for a beer. Riding further leaded to an elevation of 1.110 meters. We have seen the first snow of this year. A colorful fall day was our award of all the little climbing's. The overall distance of our tour was just sweet 110 kilometers. Long enough to ride the last kilometers in dark. And the night has felt on the setting sun. Some pictures are exciting some not ... Anyway, you may see colorful fall pictures from our short Austrian ''Indian summer''. Enjoy the pictures and my report. Good luck to our followers.

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Austrian Indian summer
Die Deutsche Alpenstrasse
by José Rössner, tour started August 2015, submitted 25 August 2015
language: en, de, nl

The German Alpine Road, from Lindau on Lake Constance to Berchtesgaden on Königsee

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On my way, Zugspitze. The highest mountain in Germany
Bicycle tour Passau to Vienna (2014)
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2014, submitted 25 September 2014
Europe: Austria

We did it again...: as nearly every year, we did the fall bicycle tour Passau (Germany) to Vienna (Austria). This time our Group has been complete. Raimund, vulgo the Chefe has joined us. He came with the train to Passau. We have carried one of our bicycles to Passau. After many complaints, he accepted this bicycle.

Our faith have been not so good this day, as Heide was in charge to carry Raimund's bicycle to Passau. Unfortunately she left it at Wels were we changed the train. The bicycle has been leaning for hours unwatched at the platform. At Passau: a big surprise: of course - no bicycle for Raimund. Telephone companies made a good business. Our first attempt to contact the German trains station officer was "we have no contact to the Austrian railroad company - everything is automated"... . Finally Heide found a guy at the ticketing counter who has private contact with a guy at Wels, were the bicycle actually was. Success! his guy checked, and the bicycle was still there. Unbelievable in this times we life. Heide went back with one of the next trains to Wels, picked up the bike and followed us to our accommodation.

Our tour continued smoothly the next days in extreme good weather condition. We have modified our tour a little in order to check for "new" accommodations. Enjoy the taken pictures and the report. Good luck to our followers.

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typical bicycle trail at the river Danube
Self-supported Tour of the Alps 2014
by Piaw Na, tour started July 2014, submitted 20 August 2014

This is the tour report for my 2014 Tour of the Alps. Hina Naseer and Arturo Crespo joined me for the trip, which took us through Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Lichtenstein. The trip was 1687.12 km (1048 miles) and 32969. 6m (108168 feet) of climb in 22 riding days, of which we had 3 days interrupted by weather and 1 day interrupted by a crash. We had 1 flat tire and1 mechanical due to a derailleur cable coming loose. My bike got lost in transit on the way to Zurich costing us a full day and a half of riding.

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Bike portage from Englestalp to Tannalp
Car supported Tour of the Alps 2011
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2011, submitted 19 August 2014

A supported tour of the alps through France, then a self-supported ride through Italy and Austria with a run into Germany to avoid rain.

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Col de la Lombarde
An easy going bicycle marathon at Stadtschleining (2014)
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2014, submitted 4 August 2014
Europe: Austria

The little city of Stadtschleining is located in the Southern area in the state of Burgenland.

The event committee organizes each and every year a bicycle event. Mostly 3 tours are offered. As we are in a situation of a lack of training, My spouse Heide and me have decided to participate on the most easy event which has been the "family tour". Distance 60 kilometers, total height 700 meters.

Enjoy the pictures and the self explaining report. Good luck to our followers!

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in velo veritas tour 2014
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2014, submitted 19 June 2014
Europe: Austria

It seems to be modern today, to organize very classic bike tours... The "In velo veritas" tour" is one of them.

As it wasn't so far from our place were we life, we decided to go. A wonderful day and a lot of people with good mood. This is what Organization said:

quote: Gefahren wird mit klassischen Rennrädern bis Baujahr 1987. Voraussetzung sind Riemenpedale und Rahmenschaltung. Offen Züge sind erwünscht! Nicht zugelassen sind Klick-Pedale und Brems-Schalthebel-Kombinationen. Zu den Rädern passendes Outfit wird geschätzt. unquote

Our Mercian tandem bike has been accepted. Because, there was a sort of dress code: the bike should have classic outfit (shifter on the frame, as in old days, pedals with straps..., etc.) We participated on the short tour - just easy 70 kilometers Enjoy the pictures and the report. Good luck to our followers.

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Tour signs
Spain Japan Spain by bicycle.
by Jesus San Agustin., tour started April 2005, submitted 10 May 2014

This is a page about the solo trip began april 22th,2005 from Spain to Japan crossing Russia. Life is an experience that everyone filled with a content , " rempli d'un contenu " says in France. It was hard and authentic.The two words summarizing the trip. Feel free to ask any questions.Thanks Jesus. @jsanag

Spain Japan Spain by bicycle crossing Russia.
by Michael Simmons, tour started June 2008, submitted 13 December 2013

I always dreamed of bicycling through Europe and climbing as many of the famous climbs of the Tour de France and Giro Italia as possible. My tour ended up being for almost 10 weeks, 3020 miles/4860 kilometers, and I pedaled through 10 countries. I loved the entire tour but 2 aspects stand out: 1)France stands out for my favorite cycling, for the amazing secondary road system and because I got to climb, the Tourmalet, Aubisque, Peyresourde, Aspin, Mont Ventoux, Alpe D'Huez, Lauteret; and 2) I visited the home villages of three of my grandparents in Slovenia and Croatia. Crossing Italy I opted for the Italian Riviera and Tuscany, but later wished I had pedaled across the Lakes Region and the Dolomites. And because of factors out of my control I had to cut my trip short so I skipped my plans of zig zagging across Switzerland. Enjoy my journal and the pictures.

Celebrating Arrival To Slovenia
Tasting Travels - Tasting the Cultures of the world by bike
by Annika & Roberto, tour started November 2011, submitted 1 December 2013
language: en, de, es

Blog entries and Articles about people, places and cultures.

Bicycle Travel as a Model to Cultivate Empathy.

We are currently travelling by bicycle and promoting this idea along the way. We would like to share the wonders of bike travel with the world and help other people to plan their own. We do this by writing about our experiences in our blog, posting articles about people, places and their culture in our website and giving live presentations in schools. We are moved by the strong believe that bike travel is an excellent way to cultivate empathy in our world, not only towards human beings but to other living species. We hope you have fun browsing through our site and we will be happy to hear from you. We look forward to receiving your questions and reading your comments. We are at your service.

Roberto and Annika cycling through Iran in August 2012
Verona - Budapest II^ parte
by Stefano Cieno, tour started August 2013, submitted 29 November 2013
language: it

Itinerario con partenza da Verona e ritorno a Verona con bici proprie e treno. Seconda parte con attraversamento Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava.

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Verona - Budapest
by Stefano Cieno, tour started August 2013, submitted 25 November 2013
Europe: Austria, Hungary, Italy

Il programma era ambizioso: partire da Verona in bici e in 10 giorni transitare per 5 stati e 3 capitali europee. Con un po' di fantasia e l'aiuto dei treni, l'abbiamo realizzato.

Le nostre tappe in bici:
10\08: Trieste - Capo d'Istria: km 36;
11\08: Maribor - Lenti: Km 98;
12\08: Lenti - lago Balaton: km 90;
13\08: Balaton - Syofok: Km 67;
14\08: Budapest
15\08: Budapest
16\08: Komaron- Gyor Km 52;
17\08: Gyor - Bratislava: Km 84;
18\08: Bratislava - Vienna: Km 76;
Spostamenti vari: Km 26.

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A journey from the Netherlands to Nepal
by Martin and Susanne, tour started February 2014, submitted 22 November 2013

We are embarking on a wonderful journey in February 2014. We will go through the most beautiful countries and meet the most joyful people. Follow us and share your ideas with us.

This is us on our way to the pyrenees, this was in the summer 2013 as a pre journey.
TransAlp Trip:Canadian Style
by Dave Pearce, tour started July 2013, submitted 20 November 2013

This trans alp cycling trip is our 5th in Europe and it is not too much different from the others except being twice as long.We are an older couple who doesn't mind a little bit of hard mountain touring with all of our gear and being sort of self sufficient as this is what we do when on long trips in Canada, canoeing, backpacking, cycle touring, when there are few facilities. All of our stays were in campsites except at the end and 98% of our meals were prepared or cooked. We usually do not rely on buses or trains and except for 150km, we carried all our gear.This was a 3800KM, 36,000m, 60 day trip that was even more spectacular than our other journeys.

The Alps are so grand and the infrastructure so good that cycle touring around and over the mountains is a lot of fun. Hope that readers can get a lot of good information from this trip report as we have received so much advice from the Trento Bike Pages in the past.

Dave and Pat Pearce

Pat looking over at the Grimselpass from the Furka
Sudtirol y Dolomitas
by EnBici, tour started August 2013, submitted 27 October 2013
Europe: Italy, Austria
language: es

Un viaje precioso por algunos de los carriles bici mas agradables de Europa

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Dolomitas a la salida de Bolzano
Ötz valley (Ötztaler) bicycle marathon (I had a dream) 2010': 228 km + 5300 m
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started August 2010, submitted 5 May 2013
Europe: Austria, Italy

In the year of 2010 I participated in the Ötz valley bicyclemarathon (228 km + 5300 m) which is one of the most prestigious bicycle marathon event in Europe. Its slogan is „I have a dream” and a lot of starters think this, me too. First I saw a report about it in the TV 17 years earlier and I hoped I would cycle it once in my life. I rode my touringbike and I carried a small videocamera with me to record the day for video.

The route starts in Austria, Tirol. Its 1st climb is Kühtai (2020 m) which ascent contains a stretch with 16% steepness. On the descent I reached 86 km/h speed. After Brennerpass the 3rd ascent was Jaufenpass / Passo Monte Giovo by pleasant sunny weather. As I reached Bad St Leonhard in time (before timelimit) I knew that the last hard climb, Passo Rombo / Timmelsjoch (250 m) would be a pleasure for me (I knew it too, had climbed earlier): enough time and unbelievable feeling on that wonderful road. I took a lot of photos and often used my videocamera and enjoyed the last climb very much, while I saw few cyclists struggling. I reached the finish with great emotions and memories: that was one of the most memorable day of my life. The travelogue contains a 28 minutes long video about the bicycle marathon.

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Ötztaler bicycle marathon: last pass: Passo Rombo
Munich to Venice
by David Cain, tour started August 2011, submitted 3 March 2013
Europe: Germany, Austria, Italy

A month of biking took us from Munich to Venice over the Alps. We did not bike up the Alps. Check the site to find out how we did get up. We went up the Inn river from Rosenheim through Innsbruck to Landeck. Once over the Alps through the Reschen Pass, we followed a beautifil Adige (Etsch in German) river. The Adige flows through Bolzano, Trento to Verona. Along the Po river it was a zig zag route to Venice.

Biking down the Adige River
A tour through Austria 2012
by José Rössner, tour started July 2012, submitted 14 October 2012
Europe: Austria
language: en, de, nl

I started my tour through Austria July 23rd till August 16th 2012 in Bremgarten CH. Via Liechtenstein and South-Tyrol I cycled eastward, around lake Neusiedlersee to Bratislava. The way back; up the Danube, Salzburg, Zell am See, Gerlos and Arlbergpass to Feldkirch and via the valley Toggenburg in Switzerland back home.

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residual clouds while climbing the Silvrettapass
Breclav to Vienna tour 2012 - the idea of 'the green band'
by Iris Mueck, tour started October 2012, submitted 4 October 2012
Europe: Austria

Do not miss this tour... Only 80 kilometers on hilly roads against the wind... We tried to find out, if there is a bike trail along the former 'iron curtain' boarder: 'the green band' Well, one says on their webpage clearly: 'the green band' is a good idea, which exists more virtual as practical...' That' s the way it is. We closed this missing link and enjoyed the tour! Breclav is a renewed, quite and biker friendly city! [...] Passed cities as Jedenspeigen, Durnkrut, Stillfried and Angern. Heide had many stops in order to collect a rucksack full of walnuts... We went on train at Ganserndorf in order to avoid to cross the city of Vienna at dawn time... Nevertheless, the tour was fun, even facing strong head winds. Enjoy the pictures and details of our tour. Good luck to our followers.

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March Thaya way sign
Alti Tauri-Tauernweg
by Beatrice Virga, tour started July 2012, submitted 2 October 2012
Europe: Austria, Greece, Germany
language: it

Da Verona a Nurnberg attraverso gli Alti Tauri e la Repubblica Ceca

"Ogni giorno racconto la favola mia, la racconto ogni giorno a chiunque tu sia." (Renato Zero) E' piacevole canticchiare durante le lunghe pedalate in solitaria. La mia favola ha inizio... Lascio la calda ed afosa Verona con un treno regionale sporco e scomodo per raggiungere Fortezza e prendere il trenino trentino pulito e comodo con destinazione S. Candido. Intorno alle ore 12,00 m'impedalo in direzione Matrei. Da qui in poi ci sarà sempre la temperatura fresca.

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