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Italy (all)

This page lists all reports that for Italy including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only Italy.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Catania: Riding up to Aetna
tour started October 2003, submitted 24 September 2023
Europe: Italy

We started this tour after a very mild fall. We are two bicyclists Heide & Iris Flying in to the city of Catania Riding up to Aetna and further to Messina. We have even riding in Calabria. The Aspromonte mountain. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Good luck to our followers.

Tour of the Swiss Alps
by Nigel White, tour started July 2023, submitted 5 September 2023

A lightweight, hotel to hotel tour of Switzerland, returning to Geneva via the Stelvio, Garda and the Italian Lake District

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On the climb to Grosse Scheidegg
All my trials
by Iris Mueck, tour started January 2003, submitted 27 March 2023

All my Rides

viele Jahre erfreuete ich mich an der Teilnahme an Radrennen (Touristikfahrten)

Ich hoffe Ihr erfreut Euch an diesem meinem Beitrag. Good luck to our followers!

Siehe Bilder!

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Always ready for another bicycle tour
Riding Stelvio on a Triplet
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2022, submitted 14 September 2022

A tour of Switzerland, Italy, and Austria on a triplet tandem (with support from an e-bike). As far as I know we're the first (and only) triplet to have done the climb on a triplet, with children under 11 (the children were 7 and 10 on the day of the climb).

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Approaching the Stelvio Summit
Napoli-Termoli, 850 km in bicicletta cost to cost. Ciclomaretona 2019
by Andrea Canta e Bruno Riva. , tour started July 2019, submitted 2 December 2019
Europe: Italy
language: it

Resoconto finale completo ed esclusivo della Ciclomaretona 2019. Napoli-Termoli in bicicletta. 850 km dal Tirreno all’Adriatico toccando lo Ionio. Coast to coast, da ovest ad est, dal mar Tirreno al mar Adriatico, toccando anche lo Ionio. Appassionati di natura, di vacanze on the road e bicicletta.

Final and complete report of the Ciclomaretona 2019. Naples-Termoli by bicycle. 850 km from the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic, touching the Ionian Sea. Coast to coast, from west to east, from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Adriatic Sea, also touching the Ionian Sea. Nature lovers, on the road holidays and cycling.

Alla partenza del viaggio
Da Montevago a Messina in bicicletta per solidarietà a "Inbiciperadamo"
by Francesca Ferraro, tour started July 2019, submitted 2 December 2019
Europe: Italy
language: it

Il diario di viaggio che ci entusiasma per la passione e l’impeto che ci trasmette per sostenere un progetto. Grazie ai lettori.

Italian Lakes
by Richard Evans, tour started July 2017, submitted 26 June 2019

This was a mixed bag in all senses. Lakes, mountains, sunshine and rain. A beautiful trip, crossing from Italy to Switzerland and back again. Recommended.

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Lake Como
Bahnwegtour to Grado - 2018
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2018, submitted 25 September 2018
Europe: Italy

A wonderful repeat tour among friends. In sunny weather conditions. As there is no time to stall.
we traveled by train to Tarvisio Boscoverde train station. The bike trail (Bahnweg) is right at the station. It leaded us on good marked roads down to Grado. At Grado we spent onw rest day with a swim at the Adriatic sea. Our return way has been different: To Udine by bicycle, further by train to Pontebba and then Passo Pramollo (Nassfeld) Riding down the bike trail "R3" (Gailtalradweg) down to Arnoldstein, whereas we caught the train.
Enjoy the pictures and my short report. Good luck to our followers.

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trail direction sign
Stelvio Cycling Day 2018
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2018, submitted 6 September 2018
Europe: Italy

We participated the Stelvio cycling day 2018. Road is closed for motor traffic from 8:00 to 16:00 hours
As there is no time to stall. we traveled by train to Landeck (Tirol / Austria). By Bus to Nauders / Austria With the bicycle down to Prad / Italy. Prad is the starting point for the participants. But, old and weak as I am we have been gaining height and distance (about 10 Kilometers) and went up to Trafoi, whereas our accommodation was located.
We accommodated at the Albergo Tuckett, Family Raffeiner. A rather old traditional hotel, but modernized and a wonderful owner lady who is known for her cooking in the whole area of Trafoi. Riding up from Trafoi in very wet and cold condition up to Franzenshoehe (about 2000 meters). Then the road has been closed due to bad weather. See pictures with snow.
Heide walked up the remaining 6 kilometers and as taken the pictures, Before you start to watch the pictures, get yourself a cup of hot tea... Enjoy the pictures and my short report. Good luck to our followers.

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Stelvio overview
Mountain touring with a 6 year old on a tandem
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2018, submitted 24 August 2018

From June 14th to July 3rd, Bowen, who at the time was 6 years old, and I traveled in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein on a tandem bicycle. We cycled 639 miles (1028km) and made 39,402 feet (12010m) of elevation gain. We had 5 train transfers, 1 taxi transfer, and 2 flat tires, with no days of riding in the rain.

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Piaw and Bowen climbing the Stelvio
Da Spoleto a l'Aquila - seconda parte
by Marco Parrini, tour started June 2016, submitted 1 August 2017
Europe: Italy
language: it

Continue the journey in the heart of Italy by bicycle in the company of the cycling instructor Marco Parrini. He was fortunate enough to visit places and countries that a few months later were hit by a large-scale seismic event.

Continua il viaggio nel cuore dell'Italia in bicicletta in compagnia del cicloviaggiatore Marco Parrini. Egli ha avuto la fortuna di visitare i luoghi e i paesi che alcuni mesi dopo furono colpiti da un evento sismico di grande portata.

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Da Spoleto a l'Aquila - prima parte
by Marco Parrini, tour started June 2016, submitted 1 August 2017
Europe: Italy
language: it

Un viaggio nel cuore dell'Italia. Marco Parrini visita i luoghi e i paesi che alcuni mesi dopo furono colpiti da un evento sismico di grande portata.

A trip to the heart of Italy. Marco Parrini visits places and countries that a few months later were hit by a large-scale seismic event.

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Road bike tour along the "Alpe Adria Bike trail" - VFG-1
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2017, submitted 18 June 2017
Europe: Italy

There is no time to stall. We fade away to soon, so much left undone...

see webpage for more information:

Enjoy my blog and the pictures. Good luck to our followers!

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trail logo
Lesachtal, Passo Paluzza, Passo Pramollo & More
by Iris Mueck, tour started May 2017, submitted 9 June 2017
Europe: Austria, Italy

Time to work on white biking spots. No time for stall...,

We fade away too young, so much left undone...

enjoy the pictures and the report. Good luck to our followers

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Welcome at Pontebba
Puglia, dalla Valle d'Itria al mare
by Stefania Pastore, tour started 2014, submitted 10 March 2017
Europe: Italy
language: it

140 km in bicicletta con una delle associazioni più giovani e attive nel cicloturismo in Puglia.

140 km cycling with one of the youngest and most active associations in cycling in Puglia. Enjoy a good trip.

Two Lonely Cyclists
by Erik Nomden, tour started August 2016, submitted 5 January 2017
language: en, nl

For the first time Margarita and I go will embark on bicycle journey together. It will be the first time for Margarita that she will do a bike trip of more than one day and it will be the first time that she will cycle on a fully loaded bicycle. We will first start to cycle along the Danube in Austria and then we will continue to follow the Danube in Germany or we might take in some foothills or mountains in the Alps.

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Margarita on the descent to Saalfelden, Austria
Tour of the Alps 2016
by Piaw Na, tour started July 2016, submitted 12 October 2016

From July 5th to July 26th, along with Arturo Crespo and Pengtoh Sim, I covered 1988km of riding with 35310m of climbing in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, and France. We had 2 flat tires, 1 minor mechanical on Arturo Crespo's bike, one major upgrade on Peng-Toh Sim's bike. We rode every day, with one rest day in Baden-Baden with relatively minor riding.

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Passo Gavia
Stelvio bike day 2016
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2014, submitted 31 August 2016
Europe: Italy

We traveled by train and bus to Nauders (Austria), which is located right at the border between Austria and Italy. Nauders is rather high elevated. A lot of people know the passo Rescia. That's the place. We found best weather conditions (Kaiserwetter!) A real warm day - round 35 grad Centergrade. Phuuu...

On the day of the Stelvio ride, my lack of training put me much behind all the others. The good thing: there are so many riders, one can never be the last... Participants from all over the world. We have seen riders from New Zealand, USA, etc. This is what the say on the original Stelvio webpage: 8.415 cyclists went up to the Stelvio Pass from the South-Tyrolian side of Italy and 2.986 went up from the Lombardia last Saturday the 27th August 2016. ALL IN ALL 11.401 CYCLISTS HAVE REACHED THE STELVIO PASS!

see: (copy the link into your browser) 48 breath-taking bends and 1,869 metres of altitude by bike ... 
This all happens on 27. September 2016, when the legendary mountain pass road to the Stilfser Joch is blocked for normal traffic. Lowest point (START): Prad am Stilfserjoch (910 metres) Highest point (FINISH): Stilfser Joch Pass (2,758 metres) Distance Prad Stilfser Joch: 24.96 km Difference in altitude Prad Stilfser Joch: 1,848 metres Maximum ascent: 15% Average ascent: 9 11% On that day, the road belongs only to cyclists! It's not a race, but being there is everything!

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Bicycle tour to Switzerland and Italy
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2016, submitted 27 June 2016

Time for a bicycle chillout... We are still riding our bicycles, working on climbs we missed to do before. So, we made the Albula summit at Switherland. With very scenic views to the Rhatische Bahn (railroad). Then the Majoija summit, with a wonderful downhill to the ancient Italian city of Chiavenna. Before Chiavenna, a shady bike trail leaded us right into the city. Extrem friendly people. Mostly speaking German. The call themself "Grenzgänger" - which means they are working in Switzerland...

And then... the Spluga summit. Another bicyclist warned us, saying "this is another liga". He was so right. But views, we never will forget. Enjoy the pictures and the rport. Good luck to our followers.

1st day: day distance round 70 kilometers; accommodation at Valbella starting at the Austrian railroad station Feldkirch. Heading for Switzerland which is just some miles apart. Riding along the Rhine river towards Landquart and Chur. We climbed up the Lenzerheide summit an found accomodation at Valbella

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Spluga summitt - downhill serpentines
Via Francigena (Martigny CH to Rome IT)
by Raphaël Clerici, tour started June 2015, submitted 24 February 2016
language: fr

Voyage de 13 jours entre Martigny (Suisse) et Rome (Italie) sur la Via Francigena, itinéraire de pèlerinage balisé suivant le parcours effectué en l'an 990 par Sigéric, archevêque de Canterbury. VTT recommandé en raison de nombreux passages hors goudron.

A 13-day journey between Martigny (CH) and Rome(IT) on Via Francigena, a signposted pilgrimage route following the route wandered in year 990 by Sigeric, archbishop of Canterbury. MTB highly recommended, due to numerous off-road sections. In French.

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Wonderful and motivating Brenta - Ortles Brevet with Passo dello Stelvio, Gavia ..(363 km + 8088 m)
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started August 2015, submitted 13 December 2015
Europe: Italy

Brevetto Brenta-Ortles is a wonderful challenge in North Italy with beautiful ascents, lakes, landscape and motivating climbs. The route (officially 363 km + 8088 m) starts towards the Lago di Molveno with breathtaking mountains in the background, then through the Val di Non and Merano. The ride’s two most challenging climbs are the legendary passo dello Stelvio (2760 m) and Passo di Gavia (2621 m), but it is followed by Passo del Tonale, Passo Campo Carlo Magn next to the Brenta Dolomites and at last a short, but romantic ascent to Stenico. To cycle this roundtrip the participants has max. 34 hours to be a „finisher” of this challenge. I did this in August and was amazed by the nature, mountains, and otherwise it was adventurous too, becaue few hours before cycling up to Passo dello Stelvio a heavy strom caused landslides on the descent to Bormio and few times I had climb onto and down from the rocks to reach Bormio and then finish the challenge. It was a wonderful, memorable ride and I can suggest to others !

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Lago di Molveno, Italy
Puglia, da Foggia a Lecce
by Gisella Parente, tour started August 2015, submitted 14 October 2015
Europe: Italy
language: it

Itinerario in Puglia sulla via Francigena. Una immersione nella natura dove il mare abbraccia ulivi e villaggi senza tempo.

Itinerary in Apulia (Italy) on the Via Francigena. An immersion in nature where the sea embraces olive trees and timeless villages.

Self-supported Tour of the Alps 2014
by Piaw Na, tour started July 2014, submitted 20 August 2014

This is the tour report for my 2014 Tour of the Alps. Hina Naseer and Arturo Crespo joined me for the trip, which took us through Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Lichtenstein. The trip was 1687.12 km (1048 miles) and 32969. 6m (108168 feet) of climb in 22 riding days, of which we had 3 days interrupted by weather and 1 day interrupted by a crash. We had 1 flat tire and1 mechanical due to a derailleur cable coming loose. My bike got lost in transit on the way to Zurich costing us a full day and a half of riding.

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Bike portage from Englestalp to Tannalp
Car supported Tour of the Alps 2011
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2011, submitted 19 August 2014

A supported tour of the alps through France, then a self-supported ride through Italy and Austria with a run into Germany to avoid rain.

See all 16 reports by Piaw Na

Col de la Lombarde
Spain Japan Spain by bicycle.
by Jesus San Agustin., tour started April 2005, submitted 10 May 2014

This is a page about the solo trip began april 22th,2005 from Spain to Japan crossing Russia. Life is an experience that everyone filled with a content , " rempli d'un contenu " says in France. It was hard and authentic.The two words summarizing the trip. Feel free to ask any questions.Thanks Jesus. @jsanag

Spain Japan Spain by bicycle crossing Russia.
Anello Terre del Custoza
by Fabio Boeti, tour started 2014, submitted 25 April 2014
Europe: Italy
language: it

Si tratta di un anello che può essere percorso in entrambi i sensi di marcia e che permette di esplorare tutto il territorio transitando all'interno dei centri dei 5 capoluoghi comunali. Il percorso di circa 65 Km, in provincia di Verona

Biking in the Dolomite Alps
by vasobrerodes (Marc Sabaté & Laia Rosàs), tour started July 2011, submitted 22 January 2014
Europe: Italy
language: catalan

Recorregut de 9 dies per l'Alto Adige i el Trentino.

Descens del Passo Sella
by Michael Simmons, tour started June 2008, submitted 13 December 2013

I always dreamed of bicycling through Europe and climbing as many of the famous climbs of the Tour de France and Giro Italia as possible. My tour ended up being for almost 10 weeks, 3020 miles/4860 kilometers, and I pedaled through 10 countries. I loved the entire tour but 2 aspects stand out: 1)France stands out for my favorite cycling, for the amazing secondary road system and because I got to climb, the Tourmalet, Aubisque, Peyresourde, Aspin, Mont Ventoux, Alpe D'Huez, Lauteret; and 2) I visited the home villages of three of my grandparents in Slovenia and Croatia. Crossing Italy I opted for the Italian Riviera and Tuscany, but later wished I had pedaled across the Lakes Region and the Dolomites. And because of factors out of my control I had to cut my trip short so I skipped my plans of zig zagging across Switzerland. Enjoy my journal and the pictures.

Celebrating Arrival To Slovenia
Verona - Budapest II^ parte
by Stefano Cieno, tour started August 2013, submitted 29 November 2013
language: it

Itinerario con partenza da Verona e ritorno a Verona con bici proprie e treno. Seconda parte con attraversamento Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava.

See all 4 reports by Stefano Cieno

Verona - Budapest
by Stefano Cieno, tour started August 2013, submitted 25 November 2013

Il programma era ambizioso: partire da Verona in bici e in 10 giorni transitare per 5 stati e 3 capitali europee. Con un po' di fantasia e l'aiuto dei treni, l'abbiamo realizzato.

Le nostre tappe in bici:
10\08: Trieste - Capo d'Istria: km 36;
11\08: Maribor - Lenti: Km 98;
12\08: Lenti - lago Balaton: km 90;
13\08: Balaton - Syofok: Km 67;
14\08: Budapest
15\08: Budapest
16\08: Komaron- Gyor Km 52;
17\08: Gyor - Bratislava: Km 84;
18\08: Bratislava - Vienna: Km 76;
Spostamenti vari: Km 26.

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A journey from the Netherlands to Nepal
by Martin and Susanne, tour started February 2014, submitted 22 November 2013

We are embarking on a wonderful journey in February 2014. We will go through the most beautiful countries and meet the most joyful people. Follow us and share your ideas with us.

This is us on our way to the pyrenees, this was in the summer 2013 as a pre journey.
TransAlp Trip:Canadian Style
by Dave Pearce, tour started July 2013, submitted 20 November 2013

This trans alp cycling trip is our 5th in Europe and it is not too much different from the others except being twice as long.We are an older couple who doesn't mind a little bit of hard mountain touring with all of our gear and being sort of self sufficient as this is what we do when on long trips in Canada, canoeing, backpacking, cycle touring, when there are few facilities. All of our stays were in campsites except at the end and 98% of our meals were prepared or cooked. We usually do not rely on buses or trains and except for 150km, we carried all our gear.This was a 3800KM, 36,000m, 60 day trip that was even more spectacular than our other journeys.

The Alps are so grand and the infrastructure so good that cycle touring around and over the mountains is a lot of fun. Hope that readers can get a lot of good information from this trip report as we have received so much advice from the Trento Bike Pages in the past.

Dave and Pat Pearce

Pat looking over at the Grimselpass from the Furka
Da Londra a Verona III^ parte
by Beatrice Virga, tour started July 2013, submitted 14 November 2013
language: it

Sorvolo Verona ma che bella città! Il castello, l'Arena, la piazza con il mercato. Però non capisco, le strade sono strette, più di quelle delle colline e dei monti, ma circolano tanti SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). La maggior parte dei guidatori non ha proprio nulla di sportivo, non ha rispetto per ciclisti né per pedoni, pretende sempre di sorpassare, strombazza e s'impazientisce. Ed io ero convinto che a Verona usassero soltanto le Giuliette dell'Alfa Romeo con i cuoricini attaccati al parafango posteriore!

Overflight Verona ... but what a beautiful city! The castle, the Arena, the square with the market. But I do not understand, the roads are narrow, more than those of the hills and mountains, but many circulating SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). Most of the drivers has nothing of sports, has no respect for cyclists nor pedestrians, always wants to overtake, trumpets and s'impazientisce. And I was convinced that they used only in Verona Juliets Alfa Romeo with hearts attached to the rear fender!

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Da Londra a Verona - seconda parte
by Beatrice Virga, tour started August 2013, submitted 2 November 2013
language: it

Continua il viaggio di Bea accompagnata dal gabbiano Aaron.

Bea, testa dura, insiste a cercare le rarissime fontane in ferro per dissetarsi. La loro apertura a becco rispondono con un triste "sdeng" o molto spesso hanno acqua non potabile.

Leggi tutto...

See all 8 reports by Beatrice Virga

Sudtirol y Dolomitas
by EnBici, tour started August 2013, submitted 27 October 2013
Europe: Italy, Austria
language: es

Un viaje precioso por algunos de los carriles bici mas agradables de Europa

See all 5 reports by EnBici

Dolomitas a la salida de Bolzano
Da Londra a Verona, con un gabbiano per amico
by Beatrice Virga, tour started August 2013, submitted 15 October 2013
language: it

Aaron, il gabbiano di Folkestone, è un viaggiatore molto curioso. Passa il tempo, appollaiato su un palo o in volo, ad osservare gli esseri umani al punto di riuscire a leggerne i pensieri. "Una donna italiana con la nostra chiave inglese in mano" si chiese, "che cerca di assemblare una bicicletta bianca, rossa e blu, qui all'aeroporto, voglio proprio vedere cosa combina". Segue....

See all 8 reports by Beatrice Virga

Jeffs Bike Tour: Mediterranean Zig Zag
by Jeffrey Bernards, tour started April 2013, submitted 14 October 2013

I´m biking all the Mediterranean countries over a period of nine months. I spend about one month in each country. I have used the train or bus to help move the show down the road. I´m currently in Albania. I´m mostly camping, though hostels and hotels are always great too.

Passo Fedaia circle tour 2013
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2013, submitted 20 September 2013
Europe: Italy

The day before has been the Sella Ronda Bike Day, at South Tirol. And, as I have been in this area for this, I extended my tour to the following passes: Valparolo, Falzarego, Fedaia, Pordoij and Campolongo. Fedaia pass is close to the Marmolada massive. Start and finish has been at Corvara, a city in the middle of the Sella massive. This is more a picture page, as a tour description... Enjoy the pictures of my tour! Good luck to my followers!

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Passo Falzarego downhill
Valle d'Aosta, in bici tra storia miti e leggende
by Beatrice Virga, tour started June 2013, submitted 9 September 2013
Europe: Italy
language: it

"Non fidatevi di quello che si dice in giro sulla freddezza dei valdostani: roba vecchia che non tiene conto del recente riscaldamento del pianeta!"

Il racconto di viaggio di una amnate delle salite. Una settimana tra le vette più famose d'Italia.

See all 8 reports by Beatrice Virga

Greg and Kate Bike in Italy: Rome to Florence
by Greg Shannan, tour started 2006, submitted 14 July 2013
Europe: Italy

Descriptions of our cycling holidays in Europe for our friends. We are an old couple (a Canadian and an American) that travel by bike using hotels. This is a description of the places as much as the biking, but also relays our experience as cycling tourists in Europe.

So this year we decided to ride in Italy. We wanted to see Rome and Florence and possibly further. In the end we didn't get much further.

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