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Europe (all)

This page lists all reports that for Europe including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only Europe.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Cycling info pages (continued)

CycleCity guides"
Europe: UK

Find maps and guide books by title, town, and county.

Travel checklist
by Pall Gudjonsson

Packing list, equipment, panniers, tools.

The Lead Goat Veered Off
by Neil Anderson
Europe: Italy

This is a book ``[detailing] the unusual happenings of Neil [Anderson] and Sharon while cycle touring the small Mediterranean island of Sardinia''.

Links for Romania
by In Your Pocket essential city guides
Europe: Romania

Country info, facts, history, language, visas, weather, news, hotels and reservations, restaurants.

Europe: Sweden
language: se

``The biggest exercise race on bicycle in the world.''

  • Vätternrundan Bans the Future, an article to be found under the Bicycle News Agency
    16.000 cyclists each year take part in the 300 km Vättern Rundan in Sweden. But not HPV-cyclists. They have been banned. Officially for safety reasons. Only they have not caused any accidents.
  • Concerning the HPV ban, see also Bike Action
    Our message is straight and simple: If you want better conditions for cyclists, you gotta pitch in yourself. [...] Your action will make a difference.
Florence Bike Pages
by Giovanni Lopez Pegna
Europe: Italy

Has a map of bike paths inside Florence, a calendary of events in Florence and Tuscany, a list of bicycle shops, and will have descriptions of rides around Florence, and also... inside it!!!

Equipment and Packing List
by Minko Oh

Exhaustive packing list for bicycle touring.

See all 8 reports by Minko Oh

Europe: Lithuania
language: lt, en, de

Welcome to the homepage of the ``BaltiCCycle''! On our homepage you will find information on the international BaltiCCycle tours, on how to cycle the Baltics by yourself (Maps & tour guides), bicycle rent and bike trips by travel agencies.

Guide to Bicycle Touring in Europe -- An American perspective
by Bruce Hildenbrand

An extensive guide, packed with lots of useful information. This guide has been written in an effort to help prospective cyclists get the maximum out of their European cycling experience. It based on knowledge gleaned from my many European tours and those of others, most notably, Chris Wiscavage who never gave me an incorrect piece of advice.

See all 2 reports by Bruce Hildenbrand

Equipment List
by Bruce Hildenbrand

Taking a bicycle to Europe, renting bicycles, packing list, pre-tour maintenance, equipment, tips while on the road (maps, roads, paved climbs, when to go, cleaning, riding in the rain), hotels, food, weather, trains, and lots of good rules and observations.

See all 2 reports by Bruce Hildenbrand

Bicycling in Slovakia: Suggestions, ideas, experiences
by Györgyi Gábor
Europe: Slovakia

Between 1993 and 1999 5 times I went on 10-14 day long bicycletours in Slovakia and in the polish Tatra with packs behind me. On these tours I gathered ca. 5500 kms in the slovakian land. I compiled the following tips from these experiences: If bicyclers go on a bicycletour in Slovakia, it is very likely that they will visit the High Tatra. Because in each of the 5 occasions we didn?t missed the High Tatra, I will divide the slovakian routes into two parts, based on, if they are situated eastwards or westwards from the Tatra ? B?kk (hungarian mountain-range) line.

See all 26 reports by Györgyi Gábor

Organizations and clubs

Programma IBAS week end MTB Val Calamento Lagorai Malga Cere
by Marcello Stampacchia, , submitted 22 October 2013
Europe: Italy
language: it

Ancora pochi posti per il tour di 2 giorni in Val Calamento nell'ultimo fine settimana di ottobre. Itinerario in Val Calamento, una valle poco conosc iuta e poco frequentata dove gli impianti di risalita non esistono e i rifugi ospitano i veri escursionisti di una volta e, oggi, anche i bikers.

Boschi alpini che nel periodo prescelto si colorano di macchie rosse e gialle dei larici che cambiano colore. Sentieri, piste e single track tutti da god ere nei panorami di un luogo conosciuto da poche persone per valli e resti di fortificazioni della p rima Grande Guerra.

Vi proponiamo un week end con due notti presso la M alga Cere, un rifugio alpino gestito da una coppia di giovani amici di IBAS e Percorsi Etnici, Giulia e Gigi, che vi faranno sentire dei veri appassionati a casa vostra. La cucina di Giulia e G igi è biologica, una vera rarità nei rifugi d'alta montagna, e il menù proposto è tipico trentino. La stagione sta per andare via ma se siamo fortunat i coglieremo uno degli ultimi week end senza neve. In caso di nevicate precoci o maltempo previs to dal giovedì sera rimandiamo tutto a Primavera.

Il tour viene condotto da una guida locale che per l'occasione ci accompagnerà per tracce a noi sconosciute spiegandovi anche i luoghi più signifi cativi toccati.

See all 3 reports by Marcello Stampacchia

Non commercial club of foreign cyclists supporters in Russia
by club Velopiter, , submitted 14 February 2011
Europe: Russia

Our club helps to persons who decided to go by bike to Russia, because our country is very specific. You may ask us any questions you want from safety to road conditions and we try to answer you. Of course absolutely free. In general we answer in English but we also have German speaking and Finnish speaking persons.

Reykjavik bike tour
by Stefan Helgi Valsson, submitted 18 September 2009
Europe: Iceland

[A company offering a free Reykjavik city tour.]

A visit to Reykjavik is incomplete without travelling along the city's coastline by bike. We won't just show you the essential must-sees and the breath-taking sights of Iceland's capital; We tell you the stories that bring these places to life!

Our guides, love the city and its remarkable history. We understand that a good tour is more than just a history lesson. That's why we work to weave amusing Reykjavik anecdotes and stories into an unforgettable historical street performance destined to be a highlight of your visit!

From the city center to the greener parts of the city and picturesque views of the sea - you'll take in many of the most important sights on our popular easy-riding two-hour tour.

Tours are conducted in English, and German on demand.

Reykjavik iceland guided bike tour
Worldly cycling video-forum
by Blanche, , submitted 22 February 2009
Europe, Asia, America, Africa

Travelling the world on a bicycle / Wereldfietser

Travelling the world on a bicycle / Wereldfietser on Vimeo is an video-forum for all of you who enjoy to travel on a bicycle. Fully packed with luggage. Get inspired and add your films!

Joining is easy:

  • go suscribe at vimeo
  • go suscribe at the Travelling the world on a bicycle group
  • Load your video
  • On your video-page, go to the right, Add, Choose the group
  • Done!


See all 14 reports by Blanche

Groopy - Word Wide Cycling Community
, submitted 25 July 2008
Europe, Asia, Africa, America

Hey guys,

Imagine a site that not only offers you the chance to join other local cyclists on bike trips but also the opportunity to bike the trails with other cyclers while you're out of town or even out of the country - all for free!

Expose yourself to new trails and enjoy a new cycling experience with friends around the world. So next time you pack your bags for a trip away from home, or even near by, don't forget to grab your bike and check out this world wide cycling community site.

Come and join for free.

Sardinia Hike&Bike is the official network aimed at promoting Sardinia as a destination for Cycle tourism and Hiking.
by Simone Scalas, , submitted 6 October 2006
Europe: Italy
language: en, de, it

Sardinia Hike&Bike is the official network aimed at promoting Sardinia as a destination for biking and Hiking.

The companies members of the network are selected lodgings and tour guides, they offer accommodation and tours for travellers who want an active outdoor holiday.

If you prefer to create your own holiday, you can download for free from maps and road books of the most beautiful Sardinian trails, and find all information you need to organize your perfect trip.

mountainbiking in sardinia
Wien - Praha in bicicletta (Greenways)
by Andrea Tonegato,
language: it

See all 3 reports by Andrea Tonegato

Club des Cent Cols (Club of the One Hundred Mountain Passes)
Europe: France
language: fr

The Club des Cent Cols, founded in 1972, appeals to mountain cyclotouring aficionados. It had 2500 active members in 2003. One simple rule to become a member: To have crossed by bike at least 100 different mountain passes, 5 of which must have an altitude of 2000 metres or more. The Club publishes an annual magazine, organizes several fun and easy-going meets at the summit of famous (or less so) passes every year. Permanent tours are also offered to members, all based on the theme; One Hundred Passes in... (e.g. the Alps, the Pyrenees, Corsica, the Drôme, the Atlantic-Mediterranean watershed line, etc...)

The site also features some travelogues.

Club de Cent Cols
European Cyclists' Federation

The European Cyclists' Federation is a portal for European cyclist associations.


The official site of Eurobike, the Internet Cycling Club and mailing list. It has training resources, a Tech Area, mountain info, pass collection, and cycling links.

B.I.G - Passacol
by Daniel Gobert

1. PASSACOL: All the best cycling climbs for each region in Europe - the widest structured database - more than 30 countries - more than 400 regions - gradients - maps - descriptions.

2. B.I.G: The international Club for the strongest cycloclimbers, trying to climb the 1.000 best cycling tops in Europe in their whole life. Numeric datas for each of the 1.000 BIG's tops.

Dansk Cyklist Forbund
Europe: Denmark
language: dk
The Icelandic Mountainbike Club
Europe: Iceland

Advice on touring in Iceland, photo galleries, and a message board.

Deutsche Bahn (German Federal Railways)

Railways Timetables for the whole of Europe on an interactive basis, in German and in English.

View along train tracks
ARGUS - Arbeitsgemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Stadtverkehr
Europe: Austria
language: de
Prague-Vienna Greenways
by Friends of Czech Greenways

Walk, bike or ride along the undiscovered byways of Bohemia and Moravia and help preserve the natural and architectural heritage of the region. Visit Central Europe's greatest treasures: Prague and Vienna.

The Prague-Vienna Greenways is a network of 100-year-old hiking trails between Prague and Vienna. Travelers can walk or bike between historic towns and villages, visit romantic castles, medieval churches and monasteries, discover old Jewish sites and savor some of the most picturesque countryside in Europe.

The routes stretch 250 miles along the Dyje River Valley in Southern Moravia and the Vltava River Valley in Southern Bohemia, the settings of numerous folk and music festivals. The new wine trails connect Moravia with the Austrian wine region Weinviertel on the way to Vienna.

Europe: Belgium
language: fr

Page indépendante, non commerciale dédiée aux réalisations écologiques exemplaires harmonisant les relations de l'homme avec son environnement naturel, social et culturel.

Fietsersbond Vlaanderen
Europe: Belgium
language: nl

De Fietsersbond is er van overtuigd dat de fiets in het verkeer niet het probleem is maar de oplossing. Een eenvoudige oplossing voor een vlotte mobiliteit.

The Croatian Cycling Federation
Europe: Croatia
language: hr
Welcome to the Czech Republic
by the Czech Centres - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Travel, accomodations, news, business, leisure, study, work, information. No special bicycle section.

The Danish National Railways (Danske Statsbaner)
Europe: Denmark
language: dk
Official Bosnia and Herzegovina Tourism Site
Europe: Bosnia

Geographical data, nature, culture and history, destinations; cantons,; transportation, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and hundreds of photos. No specific bicycle touring information though."

Across the highland plateau of Prenj - the Bosnian Himalayas
Faroe Islands Tourist Guide
Europe: FaroeIslands
language: en, no, de

History, language, houses, birdwatching, angling, art and culture, summer festivals, practical info, maps, and bicycle rental.

Faroe Islands Tourist Board
Europe: FaroeIslands
language: fo
The Finnish Tourist Board
Europe: Finland
language: fi, se, en
AF3V - Association Française de développement des Véloroutes et Voies Vertes
by réseau en France
Europe: France
language: fr

>L'AF3V est un organisme à but non lucratif (association Loi 1901) créée le 20 décembre 1997. Elle regroupe les acteurs intéressés au développement des Véloroutes et Voies Vertes en France. L'AF3V est composée des grandes fédérations FFCT (Fédération de cyclotourisme) et FUBICY (Fédération des cyclistes urbains) et de nombreuses associations locales d'usagers porteuses de projets régionaux. Elle est soutenue par le Ministère de l'Aménagement du Territoire et de l'Environnement et le Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports. Elle tend à rassembler, au delà du monde cycliste, les institutions et organisations ayant intérêt au projet dans le secteur de l'aménagement du territoire, des loisirs, du tourisme, du transport et du développement durable.

Fédération des Usagers de la Bicyclette
Europe: France
language: fr

La FUBicy (Fédération Française des Usagers de la Bicyclette) regroupe la plupart des associations françaises dont l'objectif est de promouvoir l'usage de la bicyclette en tant que moyen de déplacement non polluant, non gaspilleur d'énergie, silencieux et générateur de bien être physique.

The French Federation of Bicycle's Users (FUBicy - Fédération Française des Usagers de la Bicyclette) federates the greater part of the french associations whose aim is to promote the use of bicycle as a mean of transport, which is pollution free, silent, which saves energy and generates physical well-being.

Discovering Germany by Bike
by German Tourist Board
Europe: Germany

Exploring Germany by bicycle, finding your favorite bicycle route, culture routes, mountain biking, family routes, European routes, city routes, planning your tour, bed & bike, brochures, bike & rail.

Breitensport Radtourenfahren
Europe: Germany
language: de

A thorough introduction to the subject of Radtourenfahren - call it recreational touring by bicycle. Includes calendars, addresses, general info, etc.

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