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Tour de Estonia
by Petr Makalous, tour started 2014, submitted 25 October 2015
Europe: Estonia
language: cz

Tenkrát na východì....

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Baltic Blast
by Jack Thomas, tour started July 2014, submitted 16 July 2014
Europe: Estonia

A short, five-day credit card tour through western Estonia from 5-9 July, 2014 staying at hostels and other reasonably-priced lodging mostly found at It includes the cities of Tallinn, Paldiski, Haapsalu, Kuressaare, Muhu and Pärnu.

canola fields of Saarema Island
Tour of Estonia
by Vicens Borrell, tour started June 2011, submitted 16 October 2012
Europe: Estonia

This is the Tour to Estonia counterclockwise starting and ending in Tallinn. You will visit the islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa and national parks Soomaa and Lahemaa. We follow part of National Bike Routes number 1, 5 and 4.

In 10 days you will do the almost complete round tour to this beautiful baltic country that is Estonia. 900 km through bike paths, green paths, non paved roads, quiet secondary roads and few main roads, but with not so much traffic. The trip is very flat, but a bit windy sometimes.

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Biking in one of the beautiful roads with few traffic of Estonia
Reisekurzbericht St. Petersburg - Düsseldorf
by Horst Schuldenzucker e Bruno Holtschneider, tour started June 2011, submitted 28 October 2011
language: de

Im Internet stießen wir dann auf den Europaradweg R 1 der von Boulogne sur Mer in Frankreich über Belgien, Niederlande, Deutschland, Polen, Russland (Kaliningrader Gebiet), Litauen, Lettland, Estland nach St. Petersburg verläuft. Unser erster Teil sollte von St. Petersburg nach Düsseldorf gehen. Den Rest ab Boulogne sur Mer nach Düsseldorf wollen wir 2012 in Angriff nehmen.

about my cycle tour from Tallinn to Odessa summer 2011
by johannes Mattisson, tour started June 2011, submitted 26 May 2011
language: en, se

About my cycling through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine to Odessa June 2011. I will write about my cycle experiences. Won't talk politica, economy and other boring things.

This page is all about meeting people from different places and to experience local food and culture.

solo world bike trip
by peter skelly, tour started August 2007, submitted 25 May 2011

A solo,unsupported bicycle trip around the world.

The route is always open to change, the intention is to finish one day.

To explore new cultures, music, food, art, enjoy this wonderful blue planet and learn what I can.

Estonia: da Koguva al confine Lettone
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2010, submitted 10 November 2010
Europe: Estonia
language: it

Da Koguva a Parnu 120 km. Il tratto di 10 chilometri che da Koguva raggiunge il traghetto a Kuivastu è l'unica strada praticabile. Anche Ostseekusten Baltikum prevede questo tratto pur se con traffico. Il traffico si intensifica negli orari in cui il traghetto arriva o parte. In quei pochi minuti di sosta in cui vengono scaricati e imbarcati i veicoli, questi partono formando temporaneo traffico. Pochi minuti dopo la strada ritorna deserta. Per qualche tratto una linea sull'asfalto divide la circolazione auto dalle bici, ma comunque non sussiste pericolo.

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Isole dell'Estonia-Hiiumaa, Saaremaa, Muhu
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2010, submitted 20 October 2010
Europe: Estonia
language: it

Seconda parte del ciclotour da Tallin a Riga Dal traghetto si avvicina una terra senza nessuna costruzione, solo verde di alberi, alti slanciati, fitti, regolari: Hiumaa l'isola incontaminata. Una scoperta che mette serenità e paura nello stesso tempo. Solo tu, la bicicletta e il bosco. La strada senza traffico che porta verso Kardla, capitale dell'isola, transita prima da Puhalepa, dove la chiesetta del XIII sec. mostra il singolare pulpito in pietra, poi dal paesino di Surremoisa, dove una villa sembra quasi un castello. Si percorre la ciclabile denominata Eurovelo 1. I 30 km che dividono ancora da Kardla (arrivo di questa prima giornata iniziata con il trasporto in bus delle bici fino al traghetto ad Haapsalu) sono tutti in mezzo ad una foresta di abeti e larici. La ciclabile è una stretta linea laterale a fianco della carreggiata. La pioggia che scende da quando il traghetto ha raggiunto l'isola, favorisce l'andatura sostenuta facendo passare quasi inosservato l'intatto paesaggio di questo tragitto. Nota di colore ! sono i variopinti sacchetti di nylon a protezione dei nostri calzari.

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By bike through north-eastern Europe
by Juuk Slager, tour started May 2009, submitted 18 August 2010

I made a trip by bicycle, starting in Gdansk (Poland), and then through Kaliningrad (Russia), Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, many days in Estonia, Russia (with a stay of 2 weeks in St-Petersburg). My bike needed some maintenance and repair, and I needed to learn some more Russian.

From there I cycled along the coast to Vyborg (still Russia) and took a ferry to Finland. From east to west through Finland, and as a final the really nice Aland-islands. By ferry to Stockholm, a few days in Stockholm. By train from Stockholm to Goteborg, and then the last part by bike from Goteborg to Kopenhagen. By train back to the Netherlands.

Many experiences in altogether 103 days of cycling. Main accommodation in hotels, guesthouses, B&B's and at many people's homes (thanks to Hospitality Club). A lot of practical information for people who think about cycling in these countries. I can really recommend you to cycle there.

Estonia: Cicloescursione di Tallin e dintorni
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2010, submitted 30 July 2010
Europe: Estonia
language: it

Prima parte del ciclotour da Tallin a Riga

Se viaggiare in bici è il vostro mezzo ideale per fare turismo, mettete in programma l'opportunità di scoprire questi Paesi.

La facilità del percorso, quasi sempre pianeggiante, faciliterà il vostro procedere e non sarà scevro di bellezze da scoprire, di cultura da approfondire, di amabili persone da conoscere.

Fernando Da Re

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Cycling Gypsies: A Bicycle Odyssey with Dogs
by Fin & Zoa, tour started July 2008, submitted 14 November 2009

We don't just have our house on our bikes, we also have our two dogs, Jack and Paco, along for the ride. That's 60kg of furry luggage and another 50-60kg of non-furry luggage between the two of us! Needless to say we don't go fast but we do go everywhere, refusing to let our extra load stop us from tackling hills with grades of up to 18%. We have been on the road with our two dogs since July 2008. So far we have covered 17,000 kms and 18 countries in continental Europe.

Island Hopping in Arctic Norway
europa tour
by Claudia and Thomas, tour started April 2008, submitted 10 December 2008
language: en, fr est le site de l'association ``Vélo pour nous, vélo pour vous'', qui à pour but de promouvoir la pratique du vélo.

Entre autres, il raconte les voyages en vélo de ses adhèrents, et pas seulement...

Une grande partie est dédié au voyage de Claudia et Thomas autour d'Europe. Leur but est de faire un inventaire de la culture du vélo en Europe. Des jolis photos et un impressionant carnet de bord vous attend à les découvrir...

Marriage in Tallinn and separation in Riga.
by Terje Melheim, tour started July 2008, submitted 7 December 2008
Europe: Estonia, Latvia

After having attended a marriage party in Tallinn my wife and I cycled on to Riga, where we split up. In spite of the flat landscape in Estonia and Latvia the cycle tour was not uneventful.

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Sophos tour around the world
by Romain POISSON, tour started June 2008, submitted 27 September 2008
language: en, fr

Vagabondages autour du monde d'un apprenti voyageur.

Un ou deux ans de voyage au programme pour découvrir l'Europe du Nord, l'Asie et l'Afrique du Nord différemment.

Prochaine étape : la traversée de la Russie en hiver

Vagrancy around the world by a apprentice traveller.

One or two years to discover in a different way north Europe, Asia and north Africa.

Next step : from St Petersburg to Vladivostok during winter time

Shot in the Lofoten Islands (Norway) while i was waiting for a very small ferry (2 passengers) - I stayed over there for 24 hours :)
International Cycle Traveling, solo and self contained
by Peter Davis, tour started 2008, submitted 31 March 2008

I'm at one of those grave intellectual impasses that have been known to bring even greater minds than my own to a standstill. I have an orphan sock. Trivia, you say. Ha! I think not.

The cause of this problem is surely the work of that Slovakian KGB Agent, foolishly disguised as a laundress in Svolen. She stole it, I'm sure. Probably for a DNA sample to impress her superiors in Bratislava. They've been following my every move since the kustoms agent in Warsaw asked me the purpose of my visit to Poland. When I answered ``vacation'' the disbelief on his face gave him away. What, doesn't anyone go to Poland on vacation?

But back to the real problem, the orphan sock. The purists among cycle tourists would say, ``Throw it away, it's excess baggage. And while you're at it, cut three inches off that over-long toothbrush handle.'' But the Calvinist in me says, ``Save it. It's a good sock, nearly new.'' I've already reduced the weight of my baggage by losing its mate. Maybe I'll lose another and be back to even and lighter still.

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Gerloss Pass, Austria 2006
Via Balticum: Tallin to Klaipeda via Riga
by Stephen Martin of the Hannover Bike Boys, tour started June 2003, submitted 30 October 2007

This tour was from started in Tallinn and finished on the coast of Lithuania at Klaipeda. Much of the route was in the ``via Balticum''. Excellent cycling conditions and much to see, enjoy and experience. The Daily Log and Useful Links page includes photos and links. Route maps are included.

via Balticum
Comm'on Life in Eurasia: 2 years of challenge and cultural discovery
by ELena Chernyshova and Gael de Crevoisier, tour started August 2006, submitted 18 July 2007
language: fr, ru, en

We are performing a 2 years (theoretically) trip around Eurasia. During the trip, we are performing a photo documentation for ICOMOS, an expert organization of UNESCO about cultural heritage. The database created will be available on the website.

We wish with this project to perform some challenging cycling, linking with useful actions.

Our website relates our diary and we are putting plenty of photos and comments (and lots of other fields are going to come, such as advices, technical data...).

Elena on bike, -12C Kazakstan, December 2006
Amsterdam to Vladivostok: A bicycle ride across Eurasia
by Mike Vermeulen, tour started March 2007, submitted 9 February 2007

A trip planned in 2007 to cycle across Eurasia. Follow along as Mike discovers Russia by bicycle. Departure from Amsterdam at end of March. Plan is to ride the first month to St Petersburg and then for five months cycling across Russia including the new section of road across Siberia.

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A Trip in the Baltic Countries from Tallinn to Gdansk
by Janos Kertesz, tour started June 2004, submitted 26 March 2006
language: de

So viele Nachrichten von der erweiterten EU lassen uns nicht kalt. Unsere Neugier treibt uns - wir buchen die Fähre von Rostock nach Tallinn und starten auf eine Baltikum-Radreise mit offenem Ende. Vieles ist neu und abenteuerlich, die Russisch- und Polnischsprachkenntnissen von meinem Mann - ein Rest aus seiner Schulzeit - erweisen sich als sehr nützlich. Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius und Danzig liegen auf unserem Weg, sowie unzählige spannende Erlebnisse.

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Sääre Tirp, Peninsula on the island Hiiumaa, Estonia
Five continents on the bike 2001-2006
by rolmaatjes, tour started August 2001, submitted 8 October 2005
language: nl

In 2001 vanuit Nederland vertrokken en nu okt 2005 meer dan 65.000 km en al meer dan 40 landen doorgefietst.

Op de achtergrond het beroemde operagebouw in Sydney
Nederland Azie op die fiets
by Jurgen en Saskia, tour started September 2001
language: nl

Ja, hebben jullie het al gezien, we zijn meer dan 4 jaar onderweg. Wat een tijd en toch.... we genieten er nog elke dag van. Nu zijn we in Jujuy, noord Argentinië. Via Chili gaan we binnenkort naar Bolivia, waar we een tijdlang niet zullen kunnen internetten. We zullen op grote hoogte gaan fietsen, hoogtes waar we nog niet eerder waren. Of dat prettig is.. jullie zullen het later lezen.

Three weeks through the Baltic Region
by Hans Jürgen Stang, tour started May 2000

Of the 65,000 km+/- surface of Latvia about 39 % is covered by forest. Besides there are over 3,000 lakes and 12,000 waterways. Our journey to Saldus gave us a first impression of the beauty of Latvia's landscape: many forests, numerous waterways and occasional little lakes. Estonia has about 1,5 million inhabitants. 450,000 live in the capital Tallinn. Estonia also has dense forests and many open fields. There are not many hills but in return many moraines and far reaching moors as well as extended sandy beaches in many parts of the country. This vastness which we have felt and experienced for a few days had a calming effect on us and besides made us feel a new form of open-mindedness towards the people there and viceversa.

I was challenged by a 23 km long chalk and gravelled road before I crossed the border at Subate to Lithuania. Once again there were hardly any road signs. To my surprise the topography started to get quite hilly and the wind started to blow too. I made a break at a lake with wonderful yellow blooming water lilies. I offered some nuts to two passing locals. Shortly afterwards they invited me to stay the night. But as it was very early I politely refused and continued. Just a few kilometres further along I noticed some deer in the meadows.

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Around the Baltic Sea
by Erik Straarup, tour started June 1998

26 days from 26-6 to 21-7-1998 - Distance 4830 km. - Average speed 21,3 km.t.

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7500 km im Velosattel - Fahrradtour ans Nordkap
by Thomas Kiser (tomK), tour started 1997
language: de

Mit dem Fahrrad von Bern ans Nordkap und über Finnland bis in die Baltischen Staaten. Mit vollbepacktem Drahtesel vier Monate unterwegs. Dabei ergeben sich interessante Begegnungen und eindrückliche Naturerlebnisse. Regentage, Fahrradpannen und andere Tiefpunkte sind schnell wieder vergessen. Einige Eindrücke (nicht nur) aus dem hohen Norden.

Around the Baltic Sea
by Catherine McCammon, tour started June 1996

I cycled around the Baltic Sea from mid-June to mid-July 1996, starting in Stockholm and going clockwise, finishing in Stockholm a month later. It was a great trip!

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by Peter Alteheld, tour started July 1994
language: de

The report of a 37 days (from July 21, 1994 to August 26, 1994), 4240km tour of the Baltic See along the route: Hamburg - Schleswig/Holstein - Denmark (Border-Frederikshavn) - Norway (Moss-Ostby) - Sweden (Sorsjoern-Grisslehamn) - Aland-Island (Eckeroe-Mariehamn) - Finland (Naantali-Helsinki) - Estonia (Tallinn-Valga) - Latvia (Valka-Bauska) - Lithuania (Salociai-Lazdijai) - Poland (Sejny-Kostrzyn) - Brandenburg - Berlin - Magdeburg - Hannover - Paderborn.

See all 2 reports by Peter Alteheld

by Peter Alteheld, tour started July 1994
language: de

I cycled around the Baltic Sea from mid-June to mid-July 1996, starting in Stockholm and going clockwise, finishing in Stockholm a month later. It was a great trip!

The report of a 37 days (from July 21, 1994 to August 26, 1994), 4240km tour of the Baltic See along the route: Hamburg - Schleswig/Holstein - Denmark (Border-Frederikshavn) - Norway (Moss-Ostby) - Sweden (Sorsjoern-Grisslehamn) - Aland-Island (Eckeroe-Mariehamn) - Finland (Naantali-Helsinki) - Estonia (Tallinn-Valga) - Latvia (Valka-Bauska) - Lithuania (Salociai-Lazdijai) - Poland (Sejny-Kostrzyn) - Brandenburg - Berlin - Magdeburg - Hannover - Paderborn

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Les pays baltes à vélo
by Jacqueline et Patrick Huard, tour started 1994
language: fr

A family goes cyclo-camping and brings back valuable experience, great stories and beautiful pictures:

See all 8 reports by Jacqueline et Patrick Huard

Les pays baltes
by Jacqueline et Patrick Huard
language: fr

A family goes cyclo-camping and brings back valuable experience, great stories and beautiful pictures.

See all 8 reports by Jacqueline et Patrick Huard

Les pays baltes: Finland and Estonia
by Jacqueline et Patrick Huard
Europe: Estonia, Finland
language: fr

A family goes cyclo-camping and brings back valuable experience, great stories and beautiful pictures.

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Two Wheels... 6000 Miles... Circumnavigating The Baltic Sea
by Michael Hanes

Cycle touring is an excellent way to see the world. It's fast enough to cover great distances, yet slow enough to take everything in. This years ride aims to raise money for UK registered charity Motivation.

Lofoten Islands in Norway, Moskenesoy


by Dietmar Jaeger
language: de

An enormous collection of bicycle tours all over the world.
Eine enorme Sammlung von Fahrradtouren in der ganzen Welt.

Cycling info pages

Introduction of KTL
by Eric Feng, , submitted 6 July 2012
language: en, cn

KTL Project:On April 22, 2012 (Earth Day), I will depart from Kunming the hometown of Zheng He on a journey which will take him to Prince Henry's hometown of Lisbon, the theme being promoting environmental protection, developing sustainable resources, as well as human and nature. I will cross China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal, totally 11 countries and 19000 kilometers of travel route, the approximate travel duration is about 220 days. Eric's itinerary is as follows:

P.R. China Stay 89 days - Cycling 7243 km
Kazakhstan Stay 24 days - Cycling 2241 km
Russia Stay 29 days - Cycling 2817 km
Estonia Stay 3 days - Cycling 414 km
Latvia Stay 5 days - Cycling 210 km
Lithuania Stay 4 days - Cycling 269 km
Poland Stay 10 days - Cycling 737 km
Germany Stay 18 days - Cycling 1425 km
France Stay 16 days - Cycling 1353 km
Spain Stay 17 days - Cycling 1630 km
Portugal Stay 7 days - Cycling 439 km

[Access the postings with the Archive dropdown on the page. Some postings are in English, others in Chinese. -ed]

Bicycles - World's Most Efficient Means of Transport
by Hostelio, , submitted 2 September 2009

Man on a bicycle can go three or four times faster than the pedestrian, but uses five times less energy in the process. He carries one gram of his weight over a kilometer of flat road at an expense of only 0.15 calories. The bicycle is the perfect transducer to match man's metabolic energy to the impedance of locomotion. Equipped with this tool, man outstrips the efficiency of not only all machines but all other animals as well. [...]

Bicycles are not only thermodynamically efficient, they are also cheap. With his much lower salary, the Chinese acquires his durable bicycle in a fraction of the working hours an American devotes to the purchase of his obsolescent car. The cost of public utilities needed to facilitate bicycle traffic versus the price of an infrastructure tailored to high speeds is proportionately even less than the price differential of the vehicles used in the two systems. In the bicycle system, engineered roads are necessary only at certain points of dense traffic, and people who live far from the surfaced path are not thereby automatically isolated as they would be if they depended on cars or trains. The bicycle has extended man's radius without shunting him onto roads he cannot walk. Where he cannot ride his bike, he can usually push it.

The bicycle also uses little space. Eighteen bikes can be parked in the place of one car, thirty of them can move along in the space devoured by a single automobile. It takes three lanes of a given size to move 40,000 people across a bridge in one hour by using automated trains, four to move them on buses, twelve to move them in their cars, and only two lanes for them to pedal across on bicycles. Of all these vehicles, only the bicycle really allows people to go from door to door without walking. The cyclist can reach new destinations of his choice without his tool creating new locations from which he is barred. [...]

The Twizi hostel directory - the cheapest places to stay on the planet
by Patrick Sexton, , submitted 6 January 2007

[The author travels around the world and reviews hostels, and has built up a large hostel directory.]

What are hostels?

The quickest answer I can give to you is that hostels are budget accommodations where you share a room with other travelers. To be more specific though and to give you a better idea of what to expect I will say that a hostel room is like a hotel room but instead of being just one bed there are a couple (or a few) bunk beds. There are also (gasp!) other people. People you do not know! These other people are travelers who are most likely very much like you in the sense that they are exploring and traveling and doing it as absolutely cheaply as possible. Hostels have been around a long long time. There are over 20,000 of them around the world. Hostels are very much a part of the culture of Europe, and are starting to be known in the USA as well. Hostels are a cheaper way of staying in a city where you do not live.

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