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Europe (local)

This page lists all reports that for Europe only that do not involve other countries.
Click here for a list of all reports involving Europe.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Tours (continued)

Francis & Sheila' Virtual Alps
by Francis & Sheila

A great photo archive. Each page includes no more than 3 photos, on average, 25,000 bytes. We hope you enjoy them. There is a help page if you are having difficulty viewing the images. The photos are not of printable quality - if you wish to use any of these pictures in a hardcopy publication, please contact us and we will supply a high-resolution file.

See all 2 reports by Francis & Sheila

The Mountain Site
by Jan Jans

A huge collection of altitude profiles of cols and climbs.

Alpenpässe mit dem Fahrrad/Passes of the Alps by bicycle
by Rudolph Holger
language: de, en

Passes in Switzerland, in France and in Italy are described on this site. The most important information for cyclist in figures and texts, of course some pictures and partly historical backgrounds. In addition tips to accommodations, maps and (at the moment mainly german) links.

No one is alone... Splügenpass - Monte Spluga, from Rudolph Holger's site
Da Trento all'isola di Krk - 13 tappe e 880 km lungo i fiumi di Austria Slovenia e Croazia
by Dario Pedrotti
language: it

Il giro è molto bello e non eccessivamente faticoso. Si trovano delle ottime cartine fino a Maribor (Da Dobbiaco è tutta ciclabile, la Drauweg), un po' meno in Slovenia e Croazia, dove ciclabili praticamente non ce ne sono, ma ci sono parecchie strade secondarie senza traffico. In Slovenia agli uffici turistici si possono trovare cartine della zona decenti (noi ci siamo accontentati di quelle, ma consigliamo caldamente di procurarvi una carta almeno al 200.000, possibilmente con le curve di livello?) e un paio di pubblicazioni interessanti, anche in Italiano, su ``Slovenia in bicicletta'' e ``Le strade secondarie sono più accattivanti di quelle principali''. Aiutano molto. Non fate troppo affidamento sui cartelli segnaletici delle presunte piste ciclabili (``kolesarska pot'', in sloveno) che a volte mancano. Sulla strada che abbiamo scelto noi abbiamo incontrato traffico solo in alcuni punti che non avevano alternative, andando a ficcarci in strade impossibili solo un paio di volte, evitabili.

See all 3 reports by Dario Pedrotti

Border Hopping in the Pyrénées
by Neil Critchley
Europe: France, Spain, Andorra

The Coast-to-Coast Route covered 1000miles (1600km) beginning in Hendaye on the Atlantic Ocean and finishing in Collioure on the Mediterranean Sea.

See all 4 reports by Neil Critchley

Les pays baltes
by Jacqueline et Patrick Huard
language: fr

A family goes cyclo-camping and brings back valuable experience, great stories and beautiful pictures.

See all 8 reports by Jacqueline et Patrick Huard

Les pays baltes: Finland and Estonia
by Jacqueline et Patrick Huard
Europe: Estonia, Finland
language: fr

A family goes cyclo-camping and brings back valuable experience, great stories and beautiful pictures.

See all 8 reports by Jacqueline et Patrick Huard

by Charles Winter
Europe: Armenia

Translated from the original French version by Barbara Leonard.

Armenia, do you know it? Is Armenia a people or a religion? We forget about the strong sentimental or familial ties that unite us with this small, distant country (the size of Belgium) in the Caucasus, bordered by Europe and Asia. Who doesn't have, among friends and acquaintances, a good friend who is Armenian? Armenia is not well-known to western travelers, who lack sufficient information to discover this former Soviet republic whose population is 3 500 000. Armenia is a country of mountains, served on a high plateau, bristling with extinguished volcanoes, and circled on all sides by the powerful mountainous systems of Asia minor, Persia, and the Caucasus. It has its economic ``lung'', Erevan, the capital, whereas the rest of the country is a tangle of mountains higher than 3000 meters, notched with deep valleys. Who says ``mountains'' says ``passes'' (obviously), and the small area of the country allows us cross it from top to bottom. The program consists of 10 stages, the first week autonomously (totally by bicycle), and the second, climbing passes but travelling the long distances between them via auto; 14 passes, of which 12 are higher than 2000 meters.

The Monastery of Tatev
Cycling the Danube Bike Path
by Bob Lucky
Europe: Austria, Germany

These were our initial worries: the trip was too easy, it was too crowded, and the scenery would be monotonously the same for the length of the river.

As it turned out, there was some small truth in each of these worries, but none was nearly as bad as we had anticipated. [...] I had read that the Danube bike path is very crowded in the summer months, and that since all riders start from the same intermediary points (the same hotels) at about the same time, there are traffic jams on the path. As it turned out, this worry was greatly exaggerated. The path was reasonably crowded, particularly near the towns on the weekends, but there were other long stretches when we wouldn't see another cyclist for perhaps ten minutes. We did get in ``synch'' with certain other small groups that we would encounter from time to time, but we never saw any of our own tour group after the first morning. About once an hour we would be passed, or would pass, a ``peloton'' of perhaps 20 to 30 cyclists, and every fifteen minutes or so a solitary biker, looking like he was doing the Tour de France, would pass us at great speed. On balance, I wouldn't have called the path particularly crowded.

See all 5 reports by Bob Lucky

Melk Abbey
Cycling Central Europe
by Eric McCaughrin

This is the Pilsner tour, covering Germany, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The terrain is rolling hills and the routes traverse famous rivers and the towns and cities that formed along their banks.

See all 5 reports by Eric McCaughrin

La pista ciclabile dei Tauri lungo il Salzach
by Laura and Ivan
Europe: Austria
language: it

La pista ciclabile dei Tauri, dal nome della catena montuosa austriaca, si snoda lungo le valli dei fiumi Salzach e Inn partendo dalle cascate di Krimml, attraversando la città di Salisburgo fino a giungere a Passau (D), dove si congiunge con la pista del Danubio. L'itinerario di circa 400 km è stato da noi percorso in una settimana (AGOSTO 1999), dedicando un po' di tempo alla visita di cittadine e altri luoghi interessanti. Il materiale utilizzato per organizzare l'itinerario (in italiano) ci è stato fornito dall'Ente Austriaco per il Turismo.

Synchronicity is the Root of Coincidence
by Chuck Anderson
Europe: Austria

Nice pictures but not a lot about bicyles: ``On this summer sunday, after months of travel, I was riding my bicycle through lush, green, central Austrian farm country. The narrow unmarked country roads carried little traffic and provided enough space and quiet for me to stop whenever I wished to play my penny whistle or take pictures of poppy fields. As I was riding along, letting my mind wander across open fields, the steady spinning of my legs and feet, the rotating wheels and the rhythm of my own breath all fused together into a meditative gestalt - with me at the center.''

See all 5 reports by Chuck Anderson

Between Dolomites and Alpi Carniche: two days ride among great mountains
by Andrea M. Gingo Deganutti
Europe: Italy

Two days: Green meadows and scattered masi (wooden small houses for the storage of hay) is the characteristic landscape of Comelico valley; the road continues along the Piave river (mild climb) up to Salafossa mines (closed) and a tunnel puts us on the climb to Sappada. This reach of road is excavated on the rocky side of the valley which here is a very narrow gorge and there is the impressive sight of the Orrido Acquatona in which the river Piave flows on the bottom of the gorge (here very deep and narrow).

See all 2 reports by Andrea M. Gingo Deganutti

Fiets Vlaanderen
Europe: Belgium
language: nl

Fiets Vlaanderen is een initiatief van de Vlaamse Overheid, gericht aan recreatieve en woon-werkfietsers. De fiets die bijdraagt tot de leefbaarheid van onze samenleving, het milieu spaart en het mobiliteitsprobleem helpt oplossen staat centraal op deze site.

Two Wheels... 6000 Miles... Circumnavigating The Baltic Sea
by Michael Hanes

Cycle touring is an excellent way to see the world. It's fast enough to cover great distances, yet slow enough to take everything in. This years ride aims to raise money for UK registered charity Motivation.

Lofoten Islands in Norway, Moskenesoy
Via Claudia Augusta
language: en, de

from Donauworth in Germany through Austria to Ostiglia and Altino in Italy includes cycling information

An 8-Day Bike Trip on Corsica
by Otto Axel
Europe: France

Few words, many photos.

See all 2 reports by Otto Axel

Loire Valley
by Marco Guizzardi
Europe: France
language: en, it

Nicely illustrated. Italian versions.

See all 6 reports by Marco Guizzardi

by Marco Guizzardi
Europe: France
language: en, it

Nicely illustrated. Italian versions.

See all 6 reports by Marco Guizzardi

Internationale Hanze Fietsroute
by Michael Wannet
Europe: Germany, Holland
language: nl

Describes a 3000km route joining the cities of the Hanseatic League.

Der Rhein zwischen Koblenz und Bingen - Mit Kindern von Bonn nach Bingen
by Thomas Korten
Europe: Germany
language: de

Dass die Kinder mit dem Rad schon auf weiten Reisen waren, versteht sich von selbst. Aber dass sie ihr Rad dabei selbst bewegen müssen, ist neu. Von dieser allerersten mehrtägigen Tour mit eigenem Antrieb durch das ebenso einfach zu fahrende wie landschaftlich reizvolle Rheintal erzählt dieser Bericht.

Wir starten am späten Vormittag des Pfingstsamstags in Bonn. Das Wetter ist besser als die Vorhersage. Allein das Hochwasser am Rhein, das wir noch des öfteren auf dieser Tour durchfahren müssen, macht uns etwas Sorgen. Aber bis auf einige spektakuläre Flussdurchquerungen erleben wir keine Einschränkungen hinsichtlich der Reiseroute. Und das ist gut so, denn die Fahrt entlang der viel befahreren Bundesstraße 9 ist mit Kindern nicht gerade sehr angenehm.

See all 6 reports by Thomas Korten

Riding 'along' the Rhein
An der schönen blauen Donau
by Franco Comai
Europe: Germany
language: en, it

A tour in Germany along the Danube

See all 2 reports by Franco Comai

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship
Europe: UK

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship is a cycling organisation dedicated to the pursuit of cycling on bridleways, byways, drove roads and tracks. The RSF was formed in 1955 and now boasts over 1000 members nationwide with local groups scattered around the country.

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship have a limited selection of off-road routes. These include: Eastern Alps, Central Alps, Western Alps, Massif Central, Pyrenees, Picos de Europa. These routes are listed in greater detail with maps descriptions of the route including exact position of the start and finish of each route. These routes have been compiled over the forty or so years the RSF has been in existence. It is important to note that the these routes have been completed by RSF members mostly using camping equipment and standard touring bikes, not mountain bikes.

Cycle Odyssey home page
by John and Daniel Gould

On these pages we will show you the cycling pursuits of John and Daniel Gould (from Australia) and our friend Peter (from Japan).Our challenge will be to ride from London to Istanbul through 12 countries in 2 months while having a great time and seeing the sights. Peter should be there to Italy and then its just 2 unless anyone else wants to join us. For father and son John and Daniel the quest will also try to raise money for Odyssey House.

Core Rider - Als Fahrradbotschafter unterwegs in Europa - Die North Sea Cycle Route Opening Tour, Northern Arc
by Peter Spiegel
language: de

Wenn Ihnen in Norwegen jemand auf Ihre Frage nach Steigungen mit ``mostly flat'' antwortet, seien Sie gewarnt: flach hat in Norwegen eine andere Bedeutung als in den Elbmarschen. ``Meistens flach'' bedeutet in Norwegen: Steigungen unter Hundert Meter. Chris Heymans, einer der Organisatoren und Planer der North Sea Cycle Route, fuhr übrigens einige norwegische Strecken, auch solche mit ``stiff Uphills'', mit seinem Brompton-Faltrad (natürlich mit Gepäck). Es ist eben alles relativ. Relativ ist, europaweit gesehen, auch die Qualität der Radwanderwege. Eine in Deutschland unglaublich miese Qualität bedeutet im restlichen Europa das Gegenteil.

Sie sollten also, wenn Sie eine längere Strecke auf der North Sea Cycle Route fahren wollen, Ihre Vorstellungen von ``gut'' und ``schlecht'' in ``anders'' wechseln. Erfreuen Sie sich an dem ständigen Wechsel der Landschaften. Lernen Sie immer wieder interessante Menschen kennen und genießen Sie das Flair der Dörfer und Städte rund um die Nordsee. ``Jeder Tag ist wie Weihnachten, jeden Tag eine Überraschung''. Dieser Slogan passt am besten zur Northern Opening Tour durch Schleswig-Holstein, Dänemark, Schweden, Norwegen und Schottland.

In Vorupør werden die Fischerboote auf den Strand gezogen
Archivio salite d'Europa/European climbs
by Voronin
language: it, de, fr, en

Tabular data and altitude profiles of mountain passes all over Europe.

Ireland Diary
by Myra VanInwegen
Europe: UK

This has been a difficult trip, this touring in Ireland. Every day I've gone out on my bike, regardless of the weather. I've struggled against headwinds, winched up slopes that went on for miles. I've gotten wet a great deal, and gotten chilled quite a few times, only getting warm again by adding more layers and pedalling harder. I was really looking forward to this ferry ride back: a chance to relax and stay warm.

See all 2 reports by Myra VanInwegen

Farewell to the land of rainbows
The Bike Experience
Europe: Greece
language: en, nl

Three superb reports of cycling in Corfu, Rhodes and Kefalonia. Maps, and many beautiful pictures!

The bike-experience describes our experiences on our bicycle holidays. This way we want to promote short foreign bicycle holidays for the sporty biker. Using the routes, travel reports and practical information that you can find here, we lead you along the most beautiful places without losing sight of the relaxing aspect of a holiday.

You don't have to be an experienced road maniac and you don't even have to possess the necessary equipment to get to the finish of these trips, a sportive mind is sufficient. Bike-xp is constantly under development and over the next years we will expand our site with new discoveries.

Enjoying [in Rhodes]
Alpen Pass Photo Sketch
by T. Kitamura
language: jp

A photo album of mountain passes in the Alps

Op de fiets
by Luc Oteman
language: nl

Several cycling travel stories and detailed descriptions with profiles of 17 of the most beautiful climbs in 7 different European countries.

Biking in Iceland - Travelogue
by Axel Pichlmaier
Europe: Iceland

We wanted to do something off the beaten track. After having met in the US on a cycling trip, Steve and I had always planned to spend another cycling holiday together. Certainly not an organized one and Iceland was only one possible destination (where can you go to if you have only got two weeks?).

See all 2 reports by Axel Pichlmaier

Cycling the Northwest Coast of Ireland
by Klaus Offermann
Europe: Ireland

[...] we took the ferry to Rossaveal, which is at the southern coast of Connemara. Connemara is a mountain area with the well known Twelve Pins which are up to 2300 feet high. In spite of the mountains, cycling in this area is easy and a lot of fun. The roads are not very steep and usually between the mountains. Also, this area is sheltered from the wind by the mountains. Connemara is a must for all cyclists because of the beauty of the nature. If you use side roads you will encounter very quiet areas where you can cycle for miles and miles without crossing a town or village. [...] We set up our tent close to Lough Inagh where we found a beautiful spot with a little river that provided us with water for cooking and washing. Worthwile is also a little trip to Lough Fee, northeast of Lough Inagh. Connemara is also a highlight for photographers who should not forget to take plenty of filmrolls along.

Kerry e Cork
by Marco Guizzardi
Europe: Ireland
language: it

See all 6 reports by Marco Guizzardi

Galway e Connemara
by Marco Guizzardi
Europe: Ireland
language: it

See all 6 reports by Marco Guizzardi

Cycling Italy
by Eric McCaughrin
Europe: Italy

Includes Rome-Venice, Amalfi Coast (including a video clip), Genoa-Pisa-Florence, Aosta Valley.

Everything you have ever heard about bicycling in Italy is true. The weather, terrain, roads, and cities are all perfectly suited for bike touring.

See all 5 reports by Eric McCaughrin

Madonna del Ghisallo - Cycling Museum in Magreglio
by Marco Buffa
Europe: Italy

For those of you who're planning to go to Italy by bike and specifically to cross Lombardia region near Como's lake, you can't miss such a place: there are many types of reason that can get you to go there.

You know, this is an ascent that from both sides has the last part quite demanding although short: a good test to evaluate your ``grimpeur'' attitude. At the top look at right side of Como's Lake and at the two mountains named Grigne in front of you.

Even if you're not catholic, do enter the little church (free entrance) : it's also a cycling museum. It's up to you saying a prayer before starting the visit as a sign inside suggests. You'll find here the originals used by Bartali, Coppi, Merckx: looking at the Merckx one, see the gear he used ... There's also the bicycle Moser used in Mexico City in 1984 to improve hour record and last, sadly, the Fabio Casartelli's bicycle used in Tour 1995 (Fabio born not so far from here). Again there's a lot of original maillot (pink , yellow, rainbow) belonging to all time champions. Every year on december 24 there's a religious meeting celebrating great champions that are no more here in this world.

For three years ``Lombardia 's Tour'' has been choosen to be the last race of World Cup and even if its path has been changed, it always includes Ghisallo: take the opportunity to ride along a piece of one most popular Italian cyling races.

See all 14 reports by Marco Buffa

Lago di Como
Flaminia Minor: da Bologna a Firenze per l'antica strada consolare romana
Europe: Italy
language: it

La Flaminia Minor, ancora oggi oggetto di studio, fu costruita dalle truppe del console romano Gaio Flaminio nel 187 a.C., due anni dopo la fondazione di Bologna avvenuta nel 189 a.C. Questa strada aveva il ruolo importante di unire le aree a nord dell'appennino con quelle a sud, partendo da Claterna (odierna Maggio, frazione di Ozzano) fino ad arrivare ad Arezzo.

Valsugana - Viareggio via Viú
by Alberto Pedrotti
Europe: Italy
language: it

Alberto has ``read all the books'' and writes beautifully (alas, in Italian). This travel story from the Alps in the North-East, West across the Alps, and then South to the Mediterranean on the coast of Tuscany, is a must.

See all 6 reports by Alberto Pedrotti

Un raid indimenticabile
by Lorenzo Arena
Europe: Italy
language: it

A tour of the Alps - 2190 km and nearly 50km gain in 16 days.

Now accompanied by a biggish Photo Album.

Passo Tre Croci
Toscana, Umbria, Marche
by Marco Guizzardi
Europe: Italy
language: it

Firenze - Siena - Montepulciano - Assisi - Gubbio - Urbino - Rimini. Km.: 550 - Giorni: 6 - Periodo: Maggio.

See all 6 reports by Marco Guizzardi

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